Britney & Jayden Enjoy Some Time By The Pool


Britney, 27, and son Jayden were snapped enjoying some time by their hotel pool in LA on Sunday. Britney was wearing a green bikini, diamond earrings and a diamond solitaire on her engagement finger accompanied by a fun manicure with pink tips. Jayden’s curly locks have been replaced by a sporty buzz cut! 

Jayden will celebrate his third birthday on September 12th!

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  1. Anne says

    The boys have buzz cuts because Britney botched their bleached hair and patches of brown are visible. Bleaching kids hair at that age is so dumb and stupid. The rag magazine explained what she did.

  2. oriana says

    #22, that was a mean spirited remark. I think they look cute with their buzz cuts, I think it is hot, it is Summer, she just wanted them to get a new cut. She is the one with all those weaves, that needs to do something with her hair! She should get it cut short, I think she would look cute.

  3. Cindyo says

    #28 autumn – Yes, I do notice it now that you point it out. It almost looks like a removed tattoo, if so, good thing to remove! lol

  4. autumn says

    Does anyone else notice the arrow( darker shade of brown) pointing down, right above her bikini bottoms? Dead center, right above the top of the suit….I know Im not hallucinating.

  5. Army says

    #15 what do you mean by Jayden now looks like any other boy? do you mean any other poor boy or any other non-celebrity son…..are you saying brit’s son should not look like any other human being (boys) on the face of the earth? if you dont have any nice thing to say about that innocent sweet boy….then keep yo useless comments to yourself

  6. Nicole says

    #18- wow- so original-haven’t heard that one before! Did that take you all day to come up with that?

  7. Cindyo says

    Well, Christina is by far a better singer, no doubt about that. Britney actually has a bad singing voice IMO but I love her songs anyway…

  8. uk film critic says

    Overated singer for the past 15 years, Christina on the other hand beats her hands down.

  9. razzidalle says

    Maybe they got lice and had to shave their heads… also – didn’t she get a tummy tuck with her c-sections?

  10. Dnice says

    Pillow – Um am I the only looking at all the pics? If you look at all of the pics there is a picture of Sean Preston wearing Orange swimtrunks, a blue hat and carrying an orange tugboat. 2nd row, last pic. Sorry that is Sean. For you guys to imply that she is favoring one son over the other is ridiculous. For all you know there are several more pics of with Sean included that just weren’t posted.

  11. pillow says

    Dnice that is not sean, that is Jayden, and yeah I do think she is favoring sean since most of the time if not all she is carrying him.

    It does not prove a point but do raises thoughts.

  12. ShinyHappyPeople says

    I guess I’m in the minority here but I really dislike the buzz cut. Jayden looked so cute before with his longish blonde hair, I wish she would have just trimmed it. Now he looks just like any other boy.

  13. Cindyo says

    Hard to get over the outrageous things she did! It wasn’t that long ago either AND people are saying positive things for a change, why do you want to wreck that Kayleigh? I think she looks amazing and I also am happy to see she has changed her life around. Not everyone can do that. Good for her! 🙂

  14. Kayleigh says

    Oh for god’s sake…Britney has been ‘normal’ for a long time now….people need to get over it. I also saw Britney in concert back in June and she was amazing, such a good show 😀

  15. Tia :) says

    Aww soo cute! Britt looks fantastic!! I LOVE her bikini! I also adore Jayden’s necklace…”JJ” so cute!

  16. says

    im so glad that brit changed her life around for her two little boys she is back on top

    jayden and preston are cute with thier short hair i like boys with short hair

    and britney looks amazing

  17. Dnice says

    I could care less about the paci in his mouth. I’m just happy to see Britney back in control of her life and spending time with her boys. Jayden looks cute with his haircut.

  18. anonymous says

    Isn’t that kid at least 3 years old now? That pacifier should have been gone 2 years ago! And pink no less.

    Oh boy…..

  19. denise says

    i´m so very glad that britney has pulled through and seems to be in a good place in her life. she looks beautiful.

    i like jayden´s new do, but it makes him look so much older. sigh. he looks a lot more like sean preston now.

  20. mooon says

    awwww jayden is sooo cute. Love the new haircut & Britney looks amazing 🙂
    glad to see her being “normal”

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