Brad Pitt On Giving Up Pot For His Children


Brad Pitt played a pot smoker in 1993’s True Romance and admits life imitated art for him until just recently.

“I certainly had my day,” Brad, 45, told HBO’s Bill Maher in an interview Friday after the Real Time host called the actor’s role “one of the best stoner performances.”

Bill Maher — who was grilling the actor on his upcoming flick Inglourious Basterds — also recounted a New Year’s Eve party at which he says he witnessed Brad rolling “the most perfect” joints he had ever seen. Brad’s playful response? “I’m an artist.”

Brad revealed that he kicked the habit for his six children – Maddox, 7, Pax, 5, Zahara, 4, Shiloh, 3, and twins Knox and Vivienne, 1.

“I’m a dad now. You want to be alert and my eyes used to glaze over when I did that,” he told Bill Maher.

Brad recently told Parade magazine his smoking got in the way of work.

“I liked to smoke a bit of grass at the time, and I became very sheltered. Then I got bored,” he told the magazine. “I was turning into a damn doughnut, really. So I moved as far away from that as I could. I was done.”

Good for him!



  1. deeds says

    Warm, do you think by accepting Christ but turning your back to his teachings he would want you in his kingdom? Next time before you tell people they are going to hell you should look up the book of Matthew chapter 7 verse 1.

  2. oriana says

    Nicki, tried to call you back after we got cut off and it went straight to your voice mail. Hopefully we can catch up again tomorrow.

    I am older than anyone on here my Dear, and sometimes I feel even older than I am! No worries! Please tell Niloofar I have not forgotten her and would love to hear from her on my private email, by all means, give it to her!

    I can only imagine the fun times Brad had with his “indulgence days” and I am sure he puts the kids welfare first. I think there is a difference from being “out of your head” and enjoying a few puffs now and then.

    I am very saddened to hear of Ted passing and I hope he can rest in peace, my prayers go out to his family.

  3. Nicki says

    oriana, I just tried to call you. I left another message.
    I will say that my BFF from NH, her hubby is handicapped (from an accident avoiding a moose on the road) and he will take a few hits every night and it does help his bowel movemets so he doesn’t need help (supp..) but has never smoked pot before this (or at least the last 20 plus years). I am just saying, sometimes it helps, (in moderation, I don’t think it’s that bad). Way better than cigarettes, but JMHO.
    Do you remember when the goverment was passing out LSD like it was a cure for…..I’m not sure what they claimed, but they used it and tested it on people.(because it was suppose to help…………..something, not sure, but they were pushing it.
    Batteriy is dieing on my laptop, so got to go.
    I miss you and look forward to talking to you sweetie.XOXO

  4. oriana says

    Hi Deeds, yes, Michael donated over $300 million dollars, more than any other entertainer EVER! He is in the Guinness book of World Records. Thank You Michael and may you rest in Peace!

    I do agree with #15, and have read the description of that Heavenly City with the Gates of Pearl and streets of Gold, I believe it to be true and I had rather believe and be right, than not believe and be wrong. Lazarus was a Begger and when he died, the Angels came and carried him away, more than many rich men can have hopes if not accepting Jesus.

    I don’t understand why doctors say that pot helps with sick people when they also say, it kills brain cells? I am confused!

  5. Cindyo says

    No problem, ShinyHappyPeople. I almost always agree with you and do enjoy reading your comments. 🙂

  6. deeds says

    Recently I read in an article about MJ, that he donated more money to children causes than any other entertainer. That really opened my eyes. B&A never give a dime without letting the media know. I’m sure the children they donate their money to can use it. If B&A are the great “artists” they think they are then they wouldn’t need all the photo ops. They may run from the paps, they’re probably running to the photo studio or talk show. They have no defense for thier behavior. There are “artists” that can out act them, won more awards than them, and donate more money than they do. While not running to let the media know so the media can shove it our faces every time we turn around. If they are that concerned about underpriveledged children I hope they are aware of the example they are leaving to thier own children.

  7. ShinyHappyPeople says

    I can see myself in 7-11, I’ll take a pack of Columbian Light. LOL
    JK I don’t smoke anything, but did my share of partying in my younger days.
    I think you’re right Carol, legalizing pot just might be the solution to our national debt. But we’d have to grow it here in the US and not import it from Columbia.
    Hey Cindyo – thanks for the back-up! 🙂

  8. Carol says

    I think pot should be legal and I am not even a smoker of it. I had a few joints in back in the day but I think it is a better way to get high then other drugs including booze. If we make it legal we can put a lot of drug dealers out of busihess. Tax it like booze and cigs and we would be out of debt in a blink of the eye. Also it really does help people who are in chronic pain or getting Chemo. Brad was overdoing it, everything in moderation is my motto.

  9. uk film critic says

    Excuse me! if he is waiting for the laws to change before he marries again-HELLO….. did’nt stop him marrying Jen!! l think its Angelina that is faltering and l woud’nt believe a word he says. Not smoking……..?!!!

  10. Cindyo says

    PS. Pot smoking is not a big deal as long as it’s not abused, like everything else. (ie. alcohol, food, sex, gambling….except smoking cigarettes, that’s bad. lol)

  11. Cindyo says

    ShinyHappyPeople is correct in all ways. Warm, you are very rigid like most fanatically relig.ous people and that’s not a good thing.

  12. ShinyHappyPeople says

    #16 your religion is something that you have faith in, but it is not fact and you have no concrete proof of it. Just the same as Muslims, Jews & Buddhists feel passionate about their religions.
    Nobody knows what happens after we die, except for the dead… so just because you think something is the truth doesn’t mean that it really is the truth. It doesn’t matter how many times you say it.

  13. warm says

    You can do the best things in the world, be kind to everyone, but if you do not accept Christ, you don’t have salvation and all your good works don’t matter one bit as far as getting to Heaven. I know this is not a politically correct view, like spirituality, etc, but it is the truth. And for everyone who doesn’t know if there is a Hell or not, there is and it’s not somewhere you want to be.

  14. ShinyHappyPeople says

    Before anyone asks about all the periods, my last post was moderated and I am not sure which word was the offensive one.
    Traveler #11, I agree with your statement 100%

  15. ShinyHappyPeople says

    #10 warm
    Do you really think someone’s relig.ious views will determine whether or not they “burn in hell”? (If hell even exists).
    It doesn’t matter if you are cath.olic, mus.lim, ath.eist, jew.ish, bud.dhist… it is how you live your life and how you treat others in this world that will decide what happens to you in the afterlife.
    That is my opinion as an open minded lib.eral.

  16. oriana says

    I saw Quentin on Jimmy Kimmel, he was talking about going to France and sitting up with Brad drinking all night, 6 bottles of wine empty on the table the next morning when they woke up, and a “certain smoking apparatus” showed up on the table during the night when he and Brad were drinking their wine, discussing the movie. No Way has Brad refrained, maybe not as much as he used too, but he still dabbles from time to time.

    I personally find it as damaging as cigarettes are.

    As for Angie being a “High Class Lady”, Please! Even the one that wrote that can’t possibly believe it! Too funny!

  17. traveler says

    Religion is a waste of time. It’s a man-made philosophy that causes bitterness and violence. I avoid it at all costs. Being spiritual is more my cup of tea, but to each their own.

  18. warm says

    It has nothing to do with smoking pot, I am sure that most of us did that when we were younger. It’s his views on religion that I am talking about.

  19. ali says

    I think it’s refreshing that he talks so openly about it….smoking pot does not make someone bad, smoking pot instead of taking care of your responsibilties is a different story. Brad and Angelina not only take care of their own, but go out constantly and try to help others….who cares what they do behind closed doors!?! Let’s also remember that any person in a relationship will change from the person they were on their own (the evolution and growth Dnice mentioned) guess what- actually happens! Our past should not always dictate our future.

  20. Dnice says

    So I guess if your a bad person you should stay that way forever? We all do dumb stuff when we are younger…It’s called evolution and growth. People dont stay the same forever. Thank god.

  21. Amanda says

    I am sorry but I don’t see Angelina as a high class lady. I mean look at her pass. She used to make out with her brother in public and carry blood around her neck. Granted she has her good points and I believe she loves her children but she still is majorly lacking in class that Jennifer has. I don’t think they get married because they dont want the nasty divorce later on. Face it nither of them has a great track record when it comes to relationships. Those kids are so lucky. As far as smoking pot, I think its safer than drinking. The only difference is its illegal.

  22. susanna uk says

    If he wanted to smoke it he could have done it away from his family, me thinks more Angelina influence which is good. Dont really understand his reason for not getting married though-Wants rights for all sexes to get married in the usa before they do, again l think its Angelina who has the last word. l dont blame her at all, why rock the boat!

  23. traveler says


    That’s a little harsh don’t you think? How is pot smoking any worse than cigarette smoking, drinking alcohol, or drinking caffeinated beverages? They’re all drugs.

    My husband smoked weed in his youth also. Eventually, he grew up and decided that he’d rather go live life than just sit around and light up. That doesn’t make him a bad person. Pot is a lot less harmful than alcohol, but if Brad (or my husband) had said that he was a bit of a partier in his youth and drank a little to much, most people would just laugh and chalk it up to a youthful experience that was eventually outgrown.

  24. Dnice says

    I remember Brad being an avid pot smoker. I remember thinking that him and Jennifer (whose a cigarette smoker) must sit around and just get lit every night off doobies and fags. It probably was boring. I think Angelina’s worldly adventures and knowledge opened him up to a whole new world of what being an adult can be and what it can offer. Good for him. Love that family.

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