Sarah Chalke Expecting Her First Child


Scrubs star Sarah Chalke is pregnant.

She and her fiance, entertainment lawyer Jamie Afifi, are expecting their first child this winter, her rep told Us magazine.

Sarah, 32, and Jamie got engaged in 2006 while vacationing in Hawaii.

Best Wishes!


  • Caroline

    I think they are gorgeous together.
    They are both good looking and they will have a beautiful
    I love her, she is so funny, she was in a movie not too long
    ago on Lifetime, she is so refreshing as an actress.
    not the stereotype Hollywood actress.
    Just two beautiful people sharing their life together.

  • Kayleigh

    Hahaha! I must admit, they aren’t attractive people!

  • Dnice

    Kayleigh made me laugh too! I didn’t want to be mean but I have never found Sarah Chalke attractive. I love her on Scrubs but just never really thought she was that cute. Me and a guy friend actually had a really heated discussion about this with him telling me I was being too hard on her and that she wasn’t THAT bad, lol. Congrats to her all the same.

  • Tabitha

    Kayleigh … your comment made me laugh :-)

    You could be right, or the kid will pull the best genetic material from both and come out gorgeous.

    You just never know with kids and DNA…it’s all a random roll of the dice. Attractive people like Bruce Willis and Demi Moore DID make that hideous creature named Rumer, afterall…ugh!

    You just never know :-)

  • Kayleigh

    What a weird looking child that will be!

  • Tabby Cat

    I had no idea she was that “old”. I thought she was in her early to mid 20s.

  • All Women Stalker

    Congrats to them! :)