Tom Cruise Joins Katie & Suri In Australia


Tom Cruise joins Katie Holmes and Suri on set down-under
Date of Picture: 08/14/2009
See the set: SPL119603
Caption: Actor Tom Cruise joins his wife Katie Holmes and daughter Suri Cruise on set while filming the remake of the 1973 TV film ‘Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark’ in Melbourne, Australia.

Tom Cruise was snapped joining Katie and Suri on the set of  ‘Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark’ in Australia today.

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  1. Anne says

    She married Tom because she was in love with him. Lighten up on her please. She is not a great actress by all means but she still wants her own identity and is trying her best to show that.

  2. Analise says

    The Cruise cult out for another photo shoot and their kid yet again not dressed properly. Surprise, surprise.

  3. lady gugu says

    I wonder why she’s in hollywood she doesn’t even have talent not beautiful either and so boring!
    she’s really a copycat! Kitkat Katie!


  4. LISA HARRIS says

    AND SHE KATIE IS THE ONLY STAR IN IT!!! so far we have
    yet to see who plays her dad and step mom who she comes down
    to Australia to visit..finding out the house is haunted..

    It is also nice to see Suri is dressed in mismatched clothing ..
    not your normal dress and sandals..especially if it is winter
    down there..

  5. Amanda says

    I am actually shocked they are still together. I don’t see them having any more kids together. It looks like Katie is more focused on her career. I miss her long hair though. She really is beautiful. Why is it everyone thinks she should dress up all the time? Nothing wrong with being comfortable. Posh is so over rated and ugly.

  6. Dnice says

    Katie never had good style. She married Tom and was thrust into this super spotlight and so people started sending her clothes. If she has to do it on her own you will end up with what you see above. Kinda like Sarah Jessica Parker…has no style whatsoever but became a style icon through the success of Sex and the City. Suri is adorable. She is getting so big. Katie looks beat.

  7. says

    who cares if suri is up late who cares if shes barefoot who cares if shes wearing dresses who cares if shes still on the bottle who cares if her mother has no sense of fashion

    the only thing we get to see this cutie grow up

  8. oriana says

    Seems like she has been down there a long time filming this movie, and does anyone go see her movies? I don’t recall a big turnout for them, but maybe I am wrong. I do like this family but I think she is kind of a weak person.

  9. Sarita says

    I thought everyone was always crazy about Tom being controling but it does seem strange that in all the photos of Katie and Suri when Tom wasn’t there they looked great and Suri was in coat and pants and sneakers.

  10. Jax says

    It must be Tom that insists on Suri wearing designer dresses all the time. Katie had her in play clothes while he was gone. Now he’s back and Suri is back in inappropriate duds again. Poor child. She is not a paper doll for Tom to play dress up with.

  11. denise says

    suri is getting so big, she is just so adorable.

    i still can´t stand tom, but i understand that she is getting carried around most of the time. my kids would not be happy with a bunch of paps around, yelling their name and such. so, i think i would carry them as well.

    as for the clothes of suri, ugh. when will this child every be dressed appropriately?

  12. oasis says

    i like that suri is wearing “normal” kids clothes more now, even if they dont match at least she can run around and play in them….also agree that they carry her too much but its quite clear from pictures that she’s shy and doesnt like the media attention so maybe all the flashing cameras freak her out too much so they hold her to comfort her? i dunno, just hypothesising here…

  13. Jennie says

    I see Tom’s wearing his high healed running shoes again. I can’t believe Katie is going to be designing clothes, she’s such a lousy dresser.

  14. Nicole says

    Who cares if they carry her? Who cares if she has a pacifier? Who cares if she sleeps in between her parents? who cares if she has Mcdonald’s once in awhile? Who cares if she was formula fed instead of breast fed? Who cares? Who cares? Who cares? People do what’s right for them-period. Others need to take are of their own kids and get off of their “I can do no wrong” high horse.

  15. prawn says

    It’s been mentioned before. They carry her around for security reasons. At least it’s them and not the nanny 2 paces behind. It’s also possibly because they constantly have her up at night, so she’s probably knackered!
    Agree about lack of stylist. For someone so rich she doesn’t dress well. She’s very unimaginative. Sh looks like a model for a tall girl’s shop, a bit nerdy.

  16. kinny says

    Katie needs a stylist. She just doesn’t do a good job on her own (or with the influence of Vicki Beckham).

  17. Naomi says

    It’s winter in Australia, which I know is not really cold, but everyone in the photo is wearing sweaters and jackets, except for poor Suri who is in a silky sleeveless dress.

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