Roger Federer Introduces His Twin Daughters On Facebook!


Swiss tennis player Roger Federer, 28, and his wife Mirka welcomed twin daughters on July 23rd and he has posted the first public photo of Myla Rose and Charlene Rive on Facebook. The cute photo was accompanied by the following message from Roger:

“As promised, here is a family picture that my dad took. He thinks he’s becoming a professional photographer. It was very funny as both girls had the hiccups while we were trying to take a decent picture. The girls and mom are doing great. Thanks for all your warm wishes.”


  1. GrammaJ says

    You and your wife = respect, love & devotion. Do you know how many relationships you have had an umbelieveable effect on? thank you

    So, my dad & I are watching your US Open Final Match and [ just so you know; my dad is 83, legally blind and as long as his chair is within 1-1/2′ from the tv, all is right in the world ] and I say to dad “man, I hope Federer isn’t underestimating DelPotro” And your STAUNCH supporter, my dad, says…..ah, but you wait….Rog knows what he is doing. It’s actually really kinda of neat.
    Mr. Federer, dad sat there to the end of the game. Asking me continually questions merely because he is legally blind and he couldn’t tell you two apart. Updating him on most moves and then he’s freaking out that something was horribly wrong when you had so many errors.
    So here, at the end of the day, Does delportro have an incredibly beautiful, supportive wife waiting?. Does DelPortro have two incredibly beautiful infant daughters, that are waiting their fathers’ hold & scent….giving them comfort. NO. You two have it all.

  2. Faith, Hope, and Love says

    They are really cute! Does anyone know if they are identical? They appear to be but I didn’t know if it was announced or not.


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