Pierce Brosnan & Family In Malibu


Pierce Brosnan, 56, and wife Keely Shaye, 45, were snapped heading out to the movies in Malibu on Sunday with their sons; Dylan, 12, and Paris, 8.

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  1. says

    Hey, you know what I like. Seeing big name celebs with average partners. This speaks to Pierce’s character as a person. Let’s face it, she is a bit on the average looking side. Kinda chubby for hollywood partners. This is not meant to be mean. I think this is great and to point out a good person.

  2. Lila~*~ says

    You know, there are so many actresses who would hide in the house if they gained weight. It’s refreshing and admirable to see her strutting proudly down the street with her family- knowing she’s going to be photographed and commented on. Good for her.

  3. Jennie says

    Okay, she’s not a size zero and that’s great but she is quite heavy. Does anyone know what her medical condition is?

  4. anonymous says

    The two youngest are kids he has with Keeley. His oldest ones are with his former wife who passed away.

  5. concerned mom says

    I love that this seems like a happy relaxed family. In a cutthroat business where everyone is so obsessed with looks and size 0 which to me is silly-Kelly is beautiful.. I certainly think she is far more interesting than dried up size 0 prune Victoria Beckham.

  6. Amber says

    If that is what real American women look like then we are in trouble. That is way overweight, granted, she has a health condition, but, if she didn’t she would definitely need to lose weight. Not just for cosmetic reasons but for health reasons. Being fat is not just a cosmetic issue. She is not just a little overweight either, she is probably considered obese medically from what I can see in the picture. A BMi of over 30 is considered obsese.

  7. susanna uk says

    Lovely family, Pierce has always been a totally devoted family man. l know his cousin and he is the most devoted man.

  8. Dnice says

    You people are ridiculous and so super sensitive. I said I always thought she’d bounce back because I know she used to model and I am aware of her medical condition. She has been overweight for alot of years now. Is she overweight um yeah obviously. It is what it is. Pierce is still hitting it so who cares. And yes sorry to me she looks older than 45 not because she’s fat but because she looks older than 45.

  9. me again says

    nice picture. Dylan looks like his mom and Paris looks like his dad.
    Looks like the only one having the need to comment on her weight issues are the people on here. How pathetic you all are.

  10. anonymous says

    I hadn’t seen her in awhile but she is quite heavy. I just assumed that the weight was from her pregnancies.

    I didn’t realize she had a medical condidtion that requires steroids. That would definitely explain the weight gain. Hope she is doing alright.

  11. Joanne says

    Keeley looks like a real woman, not some fake skinny mannequin. It’s great to see a real-looking celebrity. And love is much more than just focusing on looks.

  12. Lola says

    Leave her alone, she has a healthy condition. Pierce is right up there with Patric Swayze. Cool and Hot. I love him. He is too deep to love some of those hollywood types who are too artificial.

  13. oriana says

    I think she is very pretty. They are in love and have a happy stable family. She was much slimmer when they married, guess she was dieting then. I have seen her in a bathing suit and it is not a pretty sight, but it doesn’t bother him in the least. With him being James Bond he has to maintain his looks, I do think she may have a medical condition that makes her so big. I am not being critical, but it is true, being overweight is not healthy for anyone.

  14. Angelica says

    Why is weight always a topic? This is a beautiful family who are enjoying their day out. Who are we or anyone to judge how his wife looks!! She is an everyday real woman who I would love to look like. Please grow up and look at her as a human being. To those who are critical of her appearance why don’t you post a pic of yourself and let us judge you? Lets see how you feel about our comments!!!!

  15. Morvicaud says

    You don’t need to be skinny to look decent! This is fat and I’m sick of people thinking that fat is normal!
    She still looks good though…

  16. Tam says

    WHAT the hell…. she isn’t the only one in the world who is CHUBBY…. move on from that topic.. she looks fine.. she isnt starving herself because her husband is famous… she is admireable

  17. KayG says

    I admire Pierce for not ‘dumping’ his wife just because she’s not stick thin. He’s a charming decent guy!

  18. cb says

    #4 I dont know why u think its cute that he loves his “chubb” wife.. love is love. my boyfriend loves me and im not the skinniest either he loves me for me. is there somethign wrong with “chubby” women being with skinnier men? im not trying to be rude in anyway i promise. im just confused my the whole wording. i cant see why its cute. to me its just another picture of a couple. and ha very happy couple at that.

  19. mslewis says

    Keely has some sort of chronic medical problem and she takes steroids to control it. Steroids make people gain weight. I think her husband is happy with the way she looks because at least her health problems are under control. I think she is still beautiful and I’m sure Pierce does also. Of course, shallow people will always have something nasty to say!!!

    Their boys are quite handsome.

  20. kinny says

    Pierce is fantastic! He is one of those men, like Sean Connery that get bewtter with age. He was the perfect James Bond.
    I also remember Keeley from her days hosting America’s Most Wanted (?). I thought she was so pretty.

  21. Tabitha says

    I think it’s great that he still loves his wife, but I also think it would be an added boost to their marriage if she worked at getting in better shape. As much as it SHOULDN’T matter, men are still visual creatures, and whatever you can do to make your husband more interested in you that isn’t over the top, I believe in doing it.

    I’m not implying she needs to, at 45, try to get to the size she was in her 20s, but I think dropping even 20 or 30 pounds (unless there is some medical hindrance) would be a good move on her part.

  22. Dnice says

    I love Pierce too. The Thomas Crown Affair is one of my faves. Keely used to be so small..I always thought she would bounce back….she looks much older than 45.


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