Helena Bonham Carter & Son In Malibu


Helena Bonham Carter, 43, was snapped out shopping with her son, Billy Ray, 5, in Malibu on Sunday. Billy’s father is director Tim Burton. Billy Ray’s godfather is Johnny Depp!

Helena’s character in the new Harry Potter movie was unbelievably creepy!

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  1. Sara says

    Wow, it’s kinda weird, seeing her dressed in white. *g*
    That little boy is just adorable, and I love seeing her in movies. She’s really the ultimate creepy woman.

  2. morvicaud says

    She must be the most interesting person I’ve seen on that blog! She’s like the creepy side og Angelina that Angelina will never be able to be!

  3. Lyndsay says

    DAMN. Billy looks EXACTLY like Tim!
    They are the BEST looking couple EVER.
    I love Helena. She is just lovely and brilliant!
    You should see my room it’s covered in Helena stuff

  4. Charlotte says

    Film Critic, they lived in 2 houses next door to each other and built a hall to connect them. So, technically, they live in the same house. They are engaged and have to children, Billy and Nell.

  5. Chelle says

    they live together, but in separate quarters or wings of the same home–both parents are incredible–would love to see a documentary of them–creepy is so much her forte–love her for it–but would like to see the mom side to her as well

  6. uk film critic says

    Supose if they live in seperate houses because they cant live together, no chance of them getting married then! Maybe i’m confused here, 2 children? they must like each other at least.

  7. Lauren says

    Yeah, creepy roles are her forte. She does a good job in the Harry Potter movies! Wow….Billy Ray looks exactly like his father!

  8. Charlotte says

    I’m so glad you posted a picture of them. It’s been so long. I <3 her and her whole family. They are so gorgeous.

  9. jmee says

    LOOOOVe her in the Harry Potter roles. You know she had a wonderful time with it. These are the only movies i enjoyed of hers. I’ll have to check more out.

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