An Expectant Nicole Richie At Launch Party For Her Maternity Collection


An expectant Nicole Richie, 27, was snapped at a launch party for her “Nicole” maternity collection for A Pea in the Pod in Beverly Hills on Thursday.

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  1. Julie says

    oh and by the way…you are STILL CONTINUING TO be a hypocrite as you call us “ridiculous”, “stupid” and “obnoxious”…..who’s being vicious now, huh Laila?

  2. Julie says

    Laila….you also stated you don’t have time to come on to this website anymore…so why are you here again?….or is this another one of your odd little hoaxs?

  3. laila says

    you guys are obnoxious and you can’t even tell when someone is joking …..obviously I made a bad remark to show you all how stupid you sound…

  4. Shay says

    Who cares whether she is married or not?? Marriage is not for everyone, you are not REQUIRED to be married before having a child with someone you love. For goodness sake.

    Nicole is fab, I love her now. She seems to have grown so much and little Harlow is adorable!

    I agree with pp’s – poor outfit choice (as it’s obviously not allowing for her gorgeous little bump) and more so because she’s wearing this to her own maternity line launch! 🙂 ha but w/e Nicole is sweet

  5. Dnice says

    I think the dress is ok, but I am not liking her ratty extensions. I never like her hair though it always looks thin and unhealthy to me. But I commend her for the changes she’s made in her life. I can’t wait to see the new baby. Harlow is just the cutest!

  6. Wow! says

    I don’t think the problem is the tight dress and the pregnant belly (today most of the pregnant women love to show off their bumps), I think the problem is the dress as a whole. It doesn’t suit her very much and looks like instead of tight is too small. Usually she is very good in picking her clothes, but I think she should get rid of that dress 😀

  7. Jaxon says

    #4 says: Does she have any shame?

    What exactly does she have to be ashamed of? Carrying a baby to full term? Being proud of her belly and carrying it for all to see? Do you live in the dark ages? You’re the one who should be ashamed for your mean, judgmental attitude.

    I personally would not wear something that tight when pregnant but I’ll defend her right to wear what she feels comfortable in without being condemned by small minded people.

  8. Julie says

    Laila, it is silly how you talk about how bad it is that people come on here and make catty/vicious remarks…

    yet YOU YOURSELF are calling her stomach lumpy!!!! That’s basically the definition of hypocricy right there.

  9. laila says

    she is adorable and a very sweet girl It’s been a pleasure to watch her grow up and become a responsible young lady. Wishing her the best.
    once again this website is sickening with all the catty remarks and obnoxious comments. Glad I don’t have time anymore to come in here. You ladies are viscious.

  10. Julie says

    people please! She looks great. i dont think her outfit is innapropriate at all. Pregnancy is not something to be hidden, and its a little tight but not revealing or over the top.

  11. fee says

    When I saw this pic, my first thought was that of the baby saying “hello out there!” tee-hee.

    I think pregnancy looks good on her.

  12. Niloofar says

    Hi Cindyo- actually all mothers are good, she’s a mother too, and yeah she’s better that before, but still I can’t stand her! 🙂 specially her tight clothes! 🙂

  13. nicole says

    I agree with #4’s common too
    The black dress is too tight,although she is a fashionable person
    but when u having BABY,you have to change some habit
    aren’t you ?

  14. joueala says

    i think its still a girl…i also dont like seeing preggy women wearing tight clothes…not good to look at

  15. Lauren says

    Nicole looks so beautiful & happy. She seems at peace & content with herself since becoming a mother. Can’t wait to see her newest addition. (:

  16. Tia :) says

    I always wear cute tight shirts when im pregnant! As long as my belly isnt all hanging out im ok…Why would she try to hide something so wonderful?!? this isnt the 1900’s!

    She looks wonderful!!

  17. Cindyo says

    I think she’s beautiful. I don’t especially like the tight clothes on pregnant women either but I still love her!
    Niloo – why can’t you stand her? She made a lot of changes for the better. : )

  18. scarlet says

    That is a gross pic. She looks like she shallow a watermellon.. I don’t think it is necessary to wear such tight clothes like that. Does she have any shame?

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