Kelly Ripa & Family In NYC


Kelly Ripa, 38, was snapped picking up daughter Lola Grace, 8, and son Joaquin, 6, from the school bus drop point in NYC.

Splash News Online


  1. Jenn says

    Yeah, she often brags about how she fits into Lola’s clothing. Lola, being 8. How f’ed up is that? Yeah, Lola isn’t going to grow up with body issues or anything. Not to mention, Kelly always tells stories about what a little bitch Lola is. I’ve never heard her tell a positive story about Lola.
    No wonder the kid always looks miserable.

  2. sara says

    Her daughter looks weird next to Kelly, only because Kelly is so tiny and her daughter looks big boned next to her. Also Kelly looks maybe only 15 years older than her daughter 🙂

  3. Faith, Hope, and Love says

    My goodness they are getting big! I remember when both of them were born… oh it makes me feel old! They are so cute and Kelly seems like a great mom.

  4. sharrie says

    he son looks just like her while the oldest boy looks like his dad. Lola looks a bit like both.They are an attractive family!

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