The Brangelina Bunch At McDonald's


The whole Brangelina bunch were snapped at a McDonald’s in Burbank, CA on Sunday.

Just like their July 26th trip, Angelina sat shotgun in their Chevrolet Suburban SUV as Brad placed their order at the Hollywood-area restaurant. Their kids — Maddox, 7, Pax, 5, Zahara, 4, Shiloh, 3, and twins Knox and Vivienne, 1 — all sat in the backseat.

“They were laughing and their kids were here,” a source told Us magazine.

Brad had been away from his family for a few days earlier last week as he promoted his new Quentin Tarantino flick Inglorious Basterds.

At the July 28th Berlin premiere, Brad joked, “I’m a dad now, my partying ends at 6 p.m.”

While he was away, Angelina looked after the little ones, taking Shiloh and Zahara on a toy shopping spree.

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  1. Christine says

    Food for thought-there are no green, hybrid Chevy Suburbans. One thing about my hometown that gets me. The celebrities encourage us all to save the planet by being green and never driving etc. and they fly 50 times a year and drive SUVs. When you have so much wealth you have time to spout these platitudes but not have to live by them…just a bit irked by that.

  2. laila says

    Brad was also seen drinking all night with his buddies… happy… not so sure about that. Wish them the best que cera cera what will be will be.

  3. tonee says

    iam happy for’s just sad that everytime angie’s pregnant, it turns out in the news that she and brad are fighting and apparently says that they are still together.. i hope that they will stop fighting..

  4. oriana says

    Hello to you Carleigh my Dear Friend, hope things are going good for you. A little cool here tonight. Going to watch Burn Notice, got hooked on that show!

  5. carleigh says

    Amanda…go smoke another one..Brad is NOT going to go back to Jennifer, how go you know he is “calling” her??? Are you his cell phone provider? Personal telephone number dialer or something like that??? WOW, what a make-believe world you must live in.

    Brad, Angelina and family are happy and so the kids like McDonald’s, most do it’s normal. They try to make life as normal as they can, considering who they are…leave them alone.

    Hi to Nikki, Oriana and Tia….have a nice evening ladies.

  6. Amanda says

    hey, Nicki and Omateur…are you guys crying for Angie? am not living in a dream world….you just watch and learn sonner than later…this couple is finished in like yesterday…when brad gets into a little fight with Angie…he runs like a little puppy to jen’s celphone number…what does that tel you? Angie thru herself at brad if you ask me…mr & mrs smith….i wish it never happened..othrwz brad wud stil be with Jen……..send in you comments

  7. deeds says

    I wouldn’t want any harm to befall on any child. Believe it are not there are children that live in this world that are raised by only 1 parent, I visited my dad often, I turned out great. I think i’m a shining example of a child from a “broken home”. My dad died of cancer when I was young. If he were alive today he would be thrilled by all of my accomplishments. Maybe he did abuse me. He never fed me Cheetos or Mickey D’s.
    Before AJ & BJ were together they made the decision that they wanted to be movie stars and what would lie in the road ahead. I don’t feel any sympathy for entertainers that whine about the pap’s. Lately the only place the couple can be caught together is fast food joints.

  8. b says

    With all that money they can’t resist feeding their children McCrap? They need to watch Supersize Me, Fast Food Nation and that episode on Jamie Oliver’s School Lunches series where he demonstrated for schoolchildren what McNuggets are made of. Yeeeccchhh.

  9. oriana says

    I think it is pitiful when a family, can’t go thru the drive thru window without getting a camera stuck in their face! I really wish they would be left alone. I think possibly they may have had some snags, as any normal family does, but they seem to be very together and happy to me. I was never a big fan of Jennifer and she irritates me. I do think Angie is totally controlling, she has stated before she had control issues, and I have always thought Brad was a big Wimp, but he is a good father, and he obviously adores Angie, so I wish them well and these children need both their parents, together! Too bad there aren’t more happy families in the world like this one is!

    A special Hello to Tia and sweet Nicki!

  10. Nicki says

    Amanda~I was wondering why you feel that way. Could you tell us why you feel 6 children would feel better if thier, THIER, Daddy maybe only visited them on weekends.
    Because of ragmags, people believe what is printed.
    It is sad to think that a ragmag can’t get a pic of this couple leaving thier house, but can catch them at M”D”s………..But can also print a “fight ” they had at thier home.” (HEHE…they have already told you…..”not in “thier” ragmags, but in print elsewhere) We make a story, whatever sells thier mag, out of whatever pic we get.
    Ask Liev how it was on the set shooting “Salt”. I think he said Brad brought the kids by often. They all had fun. He also said Sasha (his oldest son) could pass forShilohs brother. I have to say I think Sasha is absouletly adorable, and I agree with his Dad!

  11. onatear says

    Amanda…and ALL of you who are living in the dream world that Brad would go back to Jennifer. PULEEEZ. That is so over. Get a look at their faces, here…they are happy together. HAPPY with each other, and their family. If you only want to bash them, go to another blog/site.

  12. Amanda says

    I love Angie but people please dont scold me when I say I prefer to see brad back to Jen….Not that am jealous..but well that’s what I feel inside

  13. Whatever says

    Hey, we are all judges here – some of us just try to hide it with their holy-than-thou attitude, like yours #11t – as an example.

  14. Whatever says

    #9 Traveler – Think you have enough to say…? Anyway, none of that changes the fact that she is a control freak and he is a whimp.

  15. traveler says


    Angelina Jolie hasn’t done any work since Salt wrapped about 2 months ago. And Pitt didn’t work at all while Salt was filming. That’s a lot of time with their kids. More time than most parents’ in this country spend with their children. Angelina was seen out with Maddox recently as well as with Shiloh and Zahara. The entire family was seen out walking not to long ago (no pictures were taken though) and this is the second time in the last few weeks that they’ve all gone out for Mickey D’s. The only pictures I’ve seen of Angelina Jolie in the last couple of months, she’s been with her kids. And I can only assume that when she’s not out with the kids, she’s home with them.

    As for Brad, he went to Europe for a few days for a premiere, but has been with the kids for a majority of the time that Jolie was filming. I think these kids are extremely lucky. I never got to see that much of my dad when I was growing up. For several months as a child, my father lived in a different state because his job took him there and my mom and us kids had to stay behind and try and sell the house. None of the Jolie-Pitt kids have ever had to go months without seeing one of their parents. The kids are very much loved and healthy. They seem very happy. I’m glad there are at least some kids in this world that get to spend so much time with both of their parents.

  16. bambamswife7 says

    Wow! They are finally with their kids. Give them a really big fanfare. They’re both off doing so many movies all the time. This just shows how idiodic our world is today_ when people could like 2 things like this. Please no more pictures of pitt and anjolie. I won’t even dignify the two by capitalizing their names. I was cleaning out my nightstand last night and found the TV guide issue with the end of Friends on the cover. How sad. Jen was inside with pitt. They stated what they all wanted to do after friends ended and Jen wanted to start a family. And look what pitt chose_ a __ore. I have no respect for him now, and I used to like him.

  17. morvicaud says

    I’m so sick of hearing these two are fighting and leaving each other … they are a couple with kids … well OK! Lots of them but still … I like them a lot no matter what and they will stay together for ever! Love them all! <3

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