Looks Like Baby Joy For Boris Becker & Wife!


Boris Becker, 41, and an expectant-looking Lilly Kerssenberg, 30, were snapped on a boat in St. Tropez today.

Though there has not been much mention of Lilly being pregnant, it certainly looks like she is! Boris and Lilly were married last month. Boris has three children from previous relationships.

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  1. says

    Hartline is my least favorite of the three, by far.As for dropping Lloyd for Rice, I am not the biggest fan of either, honestly. I would lean Lloyd, based on upside, but he is unpredictable (though he also will definitely be scooped up).

  2. says

    En hyötyisi henkilökohtaisesti mitään buffaamalla Fit-lehteä, resepti on sinne ostettu ja ajattelin huudella teillekin että sieltä löytyy jos kiinnostaa. Anteeksi jos pahoitin mielesi postauksella, harmi jos näin kävi. Mahdollisesti resepti löytyy jossain vaiheessa tältäkin tontilta.

  3. Nol says

    Yep he has Noah and Elias (very handsome boys) with his Ex-Wife and Anna, who was concieved in that famous coat closet while his wife was pregnant, with that Russian Model. Can’t stand him, but Lilly is a nice lady, so congrats.

  4. Lilly says

    The couple confirmed it today. Hopefully the new baby will look like his sons and not like his daughter, cause the poor thing is Boris Mini-Me 😉

  5. ? says

    i agree with Nicole – put your shirt back on. His wife has a better body pregnant than he does. He’s all flabby. He sounds like a loser.

  6. mslewis says

    Boris actually has two boys from a previous marriage not just a relationship. He has a little girl from a relationship with a waitress he banged in a coat closet at a nightclub in London after he lost at Wimbledon. The girl was around 4 years old before he started spending time with her, though he did pay her mother several million. I didn’t know he had married again. Looks like he has a “type” of women!! They are all biracial. He is kind of unattractive but he does make pretty babies!!


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