Cindy Crawford & Daughter Out For Dinner In Malibu


Cindy Crawford, 43, and daughter Kaia, 7, were snapped out for dinner at Tra Di Noi in Malibu on Tuesday.

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  1. misha says

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  5. misha says

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  6. Misha says

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  7. Patty says

    I just hope the mom is not influencing her to be thin, thin, thin. She could put on a couple pounds, mom too.

  8. mm says

    #23- Presley looks like a hippy. He has NEVER had a hair cut period. Lump him in with Kate Hudson’s son and Celine Dion’s daughter, er son.

  9. mm says

    Are they getting divorced? I haven’t seen any photos of her and Rande in a long time.

    Her daughter is really tall! She will be even taller and more stunning than her mom.

  10. Cindyo says

    Hey, that’s no problem…and Julie, she looks just like her mom don’t you think?! hahaha just kidding.

  11. michel says

    Her name is Niva I give cake, the number one is Papacino. They call them the little man, they do all there work during the night, it is the Peter Pan network. They are very brave and religious and they have an unusual intelligence…

  12. Julie says

    No problem. I apologize for coming across as harsh to you and other posters. I was really just amused with the repeated use of the same observation in post after post, and was trying to point it out with what i meant to be some dry humor. However, that seems to have been misinterpreted as rude sarcasm. Then, I soppose I reacted defensively. It just struck me as funny how many times the exact same thought was mentioned in a row. The first five or six posts down, felt like such dejavu moments! I didn’t intend to come across as picking on anyone or their thoughts.

  13. Cindyo says

    No, I did not know your thoughts, I only know the impression you gave. It’s hard/impossible to interpret tone which is why we must be careful in our comments if we don’t want to be misunderstood. That is if you care, which you seem to. Sorry I read you wrong.

  14. Julie says

    No, actually I’m not saying it to be mean. I’m saying it because the comment is overstated. You’re entitled to your opinion, but you don’t actually know me nor do you know my thoughts when I posted.

  15. Cindyo says

    Julie – people are saying it to be nice and you are being mean about it – that makes you rude in my books. Just my opinion and I am entitled to it.

  16. Niloofar says

    I was just wondering what #2 & #3 want to say exactly??
    Kaia is so gorgeous and yeah she will be a model 🙂

  17. Julie says

    and before someone exclaims that the comments were not actually exactly the same…the messages in them were. she looks like her mom…duh, because she is her daughter. its not exactly fascinating…not enough so that it needs to be stated in every single post really.

    and, i already know that now everyone on here is going to say “oh what a mini version of her mother!!!” just to spite me, but whatever. i just think there are other things to say about the photo.

    for instance, the little girl has on a rather darling outfit, and such long legs, but there are no comments outside of this one to address any of that. She does look like her mom, but certainly theres more to the photo than that.

  18. Julie says

    #16 Cindyo…why am I rude? because i have stated that the exact same comment has been posted over and over again? it has been. that’s a fact, not even a judgement.

  19. Julie says

    How many people are going to comment that she is a miniature version of her mother. LOL…enough people have said it, we get it!

  20. sue says

    STUNNING! What a beauty! She is going to be TALL! Look at that face. She will be a model, no doubt about that!

  21. Amanda says

    Is Kaia really 7? she’s much taller for her age but that’s definately an advantage coz she’s so pretty. Psss…Psss… what are #2 and 3 on about?

  22. Dnice says

    Moderator, what is going on with these wierd directory posts? Take them out. Kaya is a beautiful girl and looks just like mama.

  23. Chelle says

    Cindy is such a classy lady and her daughter is beautiful. This is an enjoyable picture–now, for those who may disagree–each of us is entitled to our opinion, right?

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