An Expectant Heidi Klum At The Park With Leni & Henry


An expectant Heidi Klum, 36, was snapped at Coldwater Canyon Park in Beverly Hills with Leni, 5, and Henry, 3, on Monday.

Heidi, who is expecting a daughter with husband Seal, says she is embracing her changing physique. 

“I tend to be rounder with girls. The love handles are peaking in the back!” she recently said.

“You get used to all the changes of your body. It’s not like I’m going, “Oh my God!’ I’m used to that part of it. You feel like a Buddha!” she added.

Heidi also shared that she has never felt happier.

“My mood is the same this time as with all the other pregnancies,” she told In Touch magazine. “I always feel great! I never really change.”

She also said that she isn’t worried about getting back in shape following her daughter’s birth. She certainly has no reason to worry considering that she graced the Victoria’s Secret catwalk a mere two months after giving birth to Henry!

She affirmed: “I know my body will go back again.” 

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  1. bay gurl says

    yeah boy!i hope she takes better are with her baby girls hair “Cuz nappy it will be! no doub about that cause with seal as the papi) woooooooo lol

  2. Anna says

    Why don’t put shorts on Leni? In a public park with paps all over the place. I would have made another choice.

  3. Anne says

    Heidi walks the runway looking absolutely gorgeous but in this picture, she looks messy with stringy unkempt hair and a horribly ugly outfit. No excuse not to look pretty while pregnant these days.

  4. Anne says

    The boys need a haircut and some conditioner. Seal is black so the boys and the girl will be quite dark…..

  5. NIKKI says

    Well wishes to her and her husband, but I hope she will get a hairdresser for this new daughter because it looks like she just let the boys get up and go.

  6. Dnice says

    Can’t wait to see the female version of Heidi and Seal. Henry’s gotten some good sun this summer, lol.

  7. Dana says

    Heidi’s and Seals babies are so cute. She is such a great Mommy and Seal loves his family to death you can see what great parents they are. They are the Hottest couple and most normal couple in Hollywood.
    Seal grew up in foster care and didn’t have a family, now he has made a beautiful family of his own.

  8. midge says

    Heidi thinks she has love handles. God love her for thinking that. She is awesome and gorgeous, and I love that she seems to be such a great mom.

  9. Amanda says

    Wow, surely Heidi didn’t cheat on hus Seal….Henry is so dark you won’t believe he actually came from Heidi’s body!
    But the paparazzi should leave Heidi alone already

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