Tori Spelling & Family At Malibu Country Mart


Tori, 36, and Dean were snapped at the Malibu Country Mart with Liam, 2, and Stella, 1, over the weekend.

Tori and her mother,Candy, are fighting once again! 

In an open letter to Tori posted on, Candy, 63, lashes out at Tori for making her children “reality show props.”

Tori had invited her estranged mother to her daughter Stella’s first birthday, but Candy didn’t show. (She said she didn’t want her first meeting with her granddaughter to be caught on camera.)

Addressed to “MIDDLE-AGED REALITY SHOW STARS (LIKE MY DAUGHTER),” the letter reads: “A big party wasn’t how I envisioned meeting my granddaughter for the first time; but, hey, this is Hollywood, and my grandchildren have become reality show props, too.

“At the time I emailed ‘yes,’ I didn’t realize I was being set up for a two-[part episode], even though it was clear I was being invited to be part of a segment for my daughter’s reality show,” she writes. “I decided my first meeting with my granddaughter should be on home video, not primetime cable; so I e-mailed that I would not be attending.”

Candy goes on to relay lessons she’s learned from late husband, legendary producer Aaron Spelling, as advice to other reality stars.

“My husband taught me that the plots have to be fresh and updated. The same old whining gets tired after a while,” Candy writes. “Enough complaining about what may or may not have happened during first grade or YMCA camp, or what vegetable you were forced to endure, especially when you are privileged enough to be on TV and get paid for it… Life isn’t just a show. Make your own season finale without creating conflicts you will regret later.”

Wow…it seems sad that these two can’t figure out a way to reconcile! 

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  1. Anne says

    Had Aaron Spelling not been so sick and weak, he would have left Tori a fair portion of his estate. I believe Candy manipulated the will to favor her and her son. If true, then she deserves to have no contact with Tori as all children should have been treated equally. I think Tori recognized that and it hurt her emotionally, whereas, Candy blames Tori.

  2. Dana says

    I think that it is immature of Candy for calling Tori “middle aged” and for even writing an open letter. If she really wanted to see her grandchildren she would have made it happen. I think Candy is selfish for letting her feud with Tori get in the way of her relationship with them. Tori obviously wants her to have a relationship with her children so seems to me that Candy is the one shutting the door to them.

  3. oriana says

    Where is her brother? Why isn’t he ever at the birthday parties or whatever with them? He has just disappeared.

    And yes, without a doubt Liam is spoiled, Monkey did hit her in the face, throwing yet another of his many tantrums. Tori obviously doesn’t set any limits with him! And before any of you get your feathers ruffled, Monkey is what she calls him.

    There is Mama for her, Monkey for Liam, Bug for Stella, and what is it for Dean? I know what it should be but won’t say it!

  4. Anne says

    I really like this family but Dean should start showing more backbone and stop being so subservient to Tori. She would never dump him and yes she does bring in most of the money but Dean is a good husband and father and Tori recognizes that. I wish Stella would smile more as she hardly ever does. I think also that Liam is spoiled too much as daddy is always carrying him. Did Liam not slap Tori once awhile back??

  5. oriana says

    Thank you Tia Honey! I don’t know if you kept up with Dean before he met Tori, but was he a major Star in Canada? I hear him constantly making comments about Sex with her on the show, and I am sorry ladies, I don’t see a Hot Piece of Ass as he called her!

    #21, what does my son have anything to do with this? He isn’t a movie star, celeb or TV celebrity show actor. I don’t agree that Tori is middle age, I have never thought her as pretty but certainly not middle age. Jealous, of Dean? Please! I don’t think he could support himself, much less the lifestyle he is enjoying now. As for my son, he works every day and pays his own bills.

  6. SuziPII says

    Daze, I found her “middle-aged” comment to be strange as well, because she is implying that she, herself , is ancient! lol…

    I believe that Candy should meet the grandchildren in private but she should also keep her feelings private as well. If she really wants a relationship with her daughter she would keep her mouth shut to the media. Just because she is Tori’s mother doesn’t give her the right to criticize something she herself has had a hand in… years ago, before reality tv came about, Candy did not hesitate to use her own children as “props” when there was an Hollywood event going on. In the 70’s and 80’s it was easier to stay out of the limelight, but I seem to remember Spelling family photo ops in the press. So, who is she to judge…

  7. Daze says

    I am with Candy on the meeting on air thing. However, if she is calling her daughter “middle-aged” what does that make her? Intensly elderly? Sorry, but 30’s is NOT middle-aged, especially in today’s times. I would consider Candy middle-aged. Tori is no where near 50, which is middle-aged.

  8. PASTY says

    I can’t stand it.. I hate looking at this fake family and looking at these kids.. Tori needs to go away and not be seen for the next 6 months and get real with her family. YUCK YUCK her show is painful to watch and her husband is jello.

  9. Karen Browning says

    I think if Candy truely wanted to fix things with her daughter and build a relationship, then she would be sending these letters directly to Tori, not posting them on TMZ for the whole world to read. Who knows what happened in her childhood, and if it was something other than a happy dream life, why would her mother come out and admit to something that is going to make her look bad? Speaking from a lot of experience, abusive people always put on a sweet face in front of other people, but no one ever realizes what goes on behind the scenes.

    (I’m not saying she was abused either, I just couldn’t come up with another word that would work in that sentence. Plus, abuse comes in more than one form, and doesn’t always have to be severe.)

  10. Cindyo says

    She’s got the worse boobs ever…but that’s besides the point.

    I like Tori, yeah she’s a little immature but she doesn’t deserve a horrible mother like that! Like Me, that’s who said, what kind of mother trashes their daughter. I cannot think of any situation where that is ok!

  11. Me, that's who says

    Candy is prob a real Witch but Tori needs to stop whining. And Dean makes me want to puke, Mama this and Mama that! It is obvious Tori is the Boss in that house, she is the one paying for it and everything else. NO one would watch that show just to look at him, the major Wimp!

    Jealous much!???! Because it sure sound like it! Take a bitter pill, the major wimp is your son! Be honest, don’t take your frustrations out on dean, because he loves calling his wife mama, and because tori is the boss of the house, maybe that is what she want, and they seem happy..unlike you!

  12. Me, that's who says

    I do not agree with candy at all! What kind of mother trashes their daughter? If she truly loved her daugher instead of looking at her like she competiti0n, then maybe they can have a good relationship, but until then! NO way! I wouldn’t want my children around someone as miserable as her! I like this show, and I love how dean is so attentive of tori! WAY TO GO! Keep love alive!

  13. oriana says

    Candy is prob a real Witch but Tori needs to stop whining. And Dean makes me want to puke, Mama this and Mama that! It is obvious Tori is the Boss in that house, she is the one paying for it and everything else. NO one would watch that show just to look at him, the major Wimp! She is too skinny but looks cute in her clothes, as long as she feels healthy is what counts. I wonder how much Patsy, the Nanny, gets for her role on the show?

  14. Carol says

    Whatever Tori weighs is her business. Who cares, it’s her body and the thinner you are the better you look on camera.

  15. Carol says

    Kids are cute, but these 2 are nothing outstanding. I think Liam has a cuter look then Stella. Stella never looks happy and she looks a lot like her dad.

  16. Sandra says

    Oh anyone know what kind of stroller Dean is pushing Stella in???

    Tam- Tori’s weight is just fine, it is nice of you to be so concerned though.

  17. Sandra says

    I couldn’t agree with you more carleigh, very well stated!

    I love Tori’s show! I am addicted to it! I feel bad for Tori and the kids. Candy is such a B____!

  18. Carol says

    One more thing to say, is Tori being vendictive because her dad left most of his money to his wife. And is Candy having to answer her daughter in public because her daughter has a show and books speaking badly of her mother. I think the bottom line in all of this is the money Tori did get and the fact that she married a man who really does not work much and appears to rather be a Mr. Mom and scuba dive and ride motercyles. Tori wanted this guy, broke up his and her marriage and got him and the kids, so now she should shut up about her mother, do her show and whatever else she does and enjoy her family. Tori’s big problem is she needs to grow up.

  19. Cindyo says

    I find there something wrong with the fact that she still hadn’t met her granddaughter who is a whole year old!

  20. Joanne says

    My sister-in-law and her mother have not spoken to each other in almost 10 years because of supposed slights that my SIL feels she suffered in the past. I see a lot of the same dynamic going on between Candy and Tori that I do between my SIL and MIL. Each one says they are willing to be friends if the other person does something differently, but when one reaches out to the other, the bad feelings still remain. I don’t think Candy and Tori will ever make up. It’s too bad for Stella and Liam–they are missing out on a relationship with their grandmother. It’s bad enough when a family doesn’t get along in private, but to battle in public is even worse. It wil be interesting to see how Liam and Stella feel when they are older.

  21. Dnice says

    I can agree with both sides. First of all, not sure why it’s taken a full year for you to meet your granddaughter Candy, but I agree – it should be an intimate private moment between family and I can understand why she would not want to be a part of it. Second – Aaron Spelling didn’t leave nearly as much money to Tori as he could have and probably very well should have. She has a family and she and Dean are doing what they can to make sure their family is provided for. If she wants to do reality then it’s her perogative and maybe she should just leave Candy out of it. 3rd. This feud needs to stop…do they not see all the people who are dying? Families that would give anything to be with loved ones they lost again? They need to cherish one another and stop this nonsense.

  22. Lurker says

    I can see Granny’s side of this.
    TO ME, it’s always felt like Tori and Dean are shoving their entire lives down people’s throats anyway. Their whole relationship left a bad taste in my mouth from the start and I have never had the desire to watch their show (s).

    But I do also think it’s sad that she and her mother’s fights always become so public. And to me, they’re all to blame for that. Honestly why is any of it our business??

    I just hope the kids will turn out well in the end despite their family!

  23. Lauren says

    Tori & Dean have a beautiful family. Liam & Stella are getting so big! I agree that this bickering between Tori & Candy needs to end. It’s not doing anyone any good if they keep taking swipes at each other through the press. They either need to talk privately & try to work through their issues or they need to sever ties. It’s very sad how since Aaron died that Candy & Tori are fighting with each other. Life’s short. Don’t spend it fighting with each other!

  24. carleigh says

    Stella is getting prettier everytime I see her. Liam is such a lil man, can’t believe how big and cute is getting…great family!

    As for Tori’s mother, it is a classic battle of she-said-she said. Tori has never ever come out and said what happened other than she and her mother don’t see eye to eye on how she was raised. What I see Tori doing is making a life and name for herself and doing what she has to do to support herself and her children, I don’t fault her for that. Her father was one of the most creative producers to ever step foot in Hollywood and made some very memorable TV shows, Tori has had to reinvent herself to get away from her past which she has done.

    Her mother needs to stop being so vindictive, one minute she’s playing the victim and the next she is blogging and b****ing about her daughter. Leave it be and let it die, stop running your mouth and be the bigger person, just for the sake of your grandchildren. If you can’t say anything nice about someone (especially your own daughter) than just stay mute.

    Candy Spelling has acted in a self-promoting way and tries to get people to be sympathetic to her and she fails miserably each time.

    I don’t feel sorry for Candy, but I do for Tori..if she is being this vindictive and manipulative in the press I cannot imagine how she acted towards Tori when she was growing up….it’s very sad.

  25. midge says

    Sadly, I have to agree with Candy on this. These children do seem to be used as props for the benefit of their parents.

  26. ? says

    I think these kids are cute but I agree with Carol. Tori needs to get over this BS and extend the olive branch. You only have one mother and she’s already lost her dad. It’s time to end it and let her kids get to know their grandmother.

  27. Carol says

    I watch this show and I do enjoy it but I think Candy is right in that Torri needs to get over all this crap that she is constantly rehashing over and over again. Move on. I really don’t think it is that big a deal to her, but it make good reality TV and it sells her books. Why can’t she just call Candy and say I would love to come visit you with Stella and Liam. Instead she has to do it for the TV show in front of millions. Sorry Torri but your Mom is right. You need to get over this poor me stuff and admit that you had a grand childhood, and you where not abused or starved or explioded in any way. It is time for you to Grow Up.

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