Model Jourdan Dunn Expecting Her First Child


(In the above pic Jourdan was snapped at London Fashion Week 2009 in February)

Model Jourdan Dunn, 19, who was crowned Model Of The Year at the British Fashion Awards in 2008, is expecting her first child.

The Vogue cover girl is five-and-a-half months pregnant. Jourdan told “I’m really looking forward to the future and having my baby.”

Jourdan, who was last year still living at home with mother Dee and two younger brothers, added: “I’m lucky – I’m feeling really well. I’m healthy and happy!”

The British model is said to be sporting a perfect tiny bump and “could not be more excited about impending motherhood.”

The model and her boyfriend are eagerly anticipating the baby’s arrival in December.

A spokesperson for her agency, Storm said: “Jourdan is delighted and really excited. She’s had lots of lovely personal messages of support from all her friends in the fashion industry and it’s great news. We wish her all the best.”

Following the birth of her child, Jourdan plans to return to work as a model.

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  1. sue says

    I am sorry that people judge you for it. And I am not all advocating abortion (even though I am pro-choice). And I give you tons of credit for taking responsibility and loving and taking great care of your child. I imagine it was not easy at such a young age. But, my point is not meant for the women who already had babies young or are pregnant, I am talking about girls who are that age and the need for them to be cautious and smart. Sure, you can be a wonderful mother at 18, 20….but there is not reason at all to be one at those ages. You do miss out on things. You are just a kid yourself. It is not a wise situation to yourself into. With things like birth control, abstinence, etc, there are plenty of options for women not to get pregnant so young. I don’t think that anybody is for an 18-year-old having a baby. But with that said, I am sure you are a wonderful mother and I give you much credit.

  2. SbK says

    Is it any wonder, Sue, that I am so defensive, when there are people in the world who judge me for it?? Yes, at 18, I was perhaps younger than a lot of other people who have children, but, does this mean that I should have had an abortion? I know that having a child is a massive responsibility, and it is not something that I would take at all lightly.
    So what if I didn’t date a string of men and go out every weekend getting drunk like 18 year olds ‘should’.

  3. sue says

    No, it does not make you a “bad” parent if you have a child at 18, but it is a waste of your youth. No question about that. Stop being so defensive if you had a kid at a young age. Kids (and an 18-year-old is still a kid) should not be having kids. The responsibility of a child is HUGE, and should not be taken on until much later than 18. An 18 year old should be dating, going out, etc….it is not 1867 anymore where we die by 30. We live until 80, no reason to have a child at 18.

  4. Leigh says

    She is not anorexic i am the same size as her and 15 and i eat i think a little to much shes young her metabolism is fast, that outfit is cute and shes not young at least shes out of the house

  5. SbK says

    I was 18 when I fell pregnant, does that make me a bad mother? My daughter is the best thing that has ever happened to me and do you know what? If I had to live my life all over again, I wouldn’t change a single thing.

  6. Amy says

    To those of you complaining that she is “too young”. Age does not define you as a parent. Look at the 30 and 40 year olds that can’t even take care of a child. Dont judge her because of a number!

  7. Dnice says

    She probably should have tried to live on her own a bit longer before making this choice, but Im sure she’ll be fine. She has the means and the enthusiasm…It’s not like she’s some down and out 15 year old.

  8. Cindyo says

    I agree with you Sue, too young. At least she will have money, that helps.
    BTW. I think those black tights look awful with that dress.

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