Angie Everhart Welcomes A Son


Actress-model Angie Everhart has welcomed her first child, a son.

Angie’s manager, Sheryl Abrams, told Life & Style magazine that Kayden Bobby Everhart was born late on Friday night, July 24th, and that “both mom and baby are doing very well.” Kayden weighed 8 pounds, 4.9 ounces and was 21 inches long.

She added: “Kayden is so awesome.”

The identity of Kayden’s father has remained a mystery. Angie, 39, has insisted the parents are not a couple and that she plans on raising her son alone.




  1. oriana says

    I saw her on Howard Stern a few years ago, Pam Anderson was on and called her a B@t@h, she was very sweet to Pam and it was uncalled for. I think she will be a good mother and I wish the best to her.

  2. carleigh says

    No Nicole…I can tell when there is sarcasm being used. The last part of my comment was complete and total sarcasm you twit. Now, you can grow up and get a brain.

  3. Nicole says

    No, someone of your low intelligence level can’t tell when one is being sarcastic. You really need to grow up.

  4. carleigh says not defensive at all, just surprised you have such a low reading comprehension level and cannot seem to grasp the meaning of my original post. Since it is on record, might I recommend you go back and slowly read over what I put in my post???

    Oh and bwt…prior to your quoting what I said, this is the portion of my post preceeding…..

    While I agree it is better to have a father-figure in the life of a child, if the relationship doesn’t work then it’s best to let it go and focus on raising the child.

    Perhaps you need to take some reading comprehension classes before trying to teach your 16 month old child anything about the subject. Best of luck to you both.

    If you require sex education and biology refresher info might I suggest google, becasue I literally believe it would take all night long to explain it to someone of your intelligence level.

  5. Nicole says

    #11- Defensive are we? Ha ha. This is what you said: “I’d rather be alone and raise my child than to be with someone I fought with.” What part of my response do you not get? Why would someone have a child with a man that they fight with all of the time? That was my point. I would love to have you explain biology and sex ed to me. That would make my night and I’d also get a laugh out of it- you know, considering that I have a 16 month old and I don’t know how my plumbing works.

  6. carleigh says

    #8, Nicole…I don’t believe I said to go out and deliberately get pregnant and have a child with someone you fight with all the time. What I did try to articulate in my post was that while it IS great to have a father-figure in the picture when you have a child ( I never disagreed)..if the circumstances do not permit or the relationship does NOT work out there are worse things in the world. There are single mothers who raise loving, well-adjusted children every single day.

    I don’t think any one of us “asked” to be brought into this world, we are the result of genetics and don’t ask for anything…or do I need to explain biology and sex ed to you?? That is not rocket science dear.

  7. Cindyo says

    Where does it say Angie always fought with the father of this child? No where, people are arguing over simple speculation. I doubt many women get pregnant with the idea of raising it alone, it just happens that way sometimes. The child will be fine.

  8. Bella says


  9. Nicole says

    #3- why would you even have a child with someone that you always fight with? Just a thought there…is it just me or does it not take a rocket scientist to figure that one out? Then to top it off- a child who didn’t ask to be brought into this world is now being raised by a single mother.

  10. Niloofar says

    Carleigh, you’re right….but when you CAN have a perfect man in your life to raise your child with him and with much love why don’t you? I know some women who raise their child alone and of course they did it great, but they HAD to do it, cause their husband had died or they were divorced…if Angie didn’t want to live with his boyfriend why they decided to have a child?? why Angie didn’t have sex with someone who she loves?? yes maybe she is one of those countless number of women who raise their child great, but why don’t you think about those children’s own feelings?? why Kayden should be deprived of a good dad??

  11. Lauren says

    Best Wishes to Angie and her new son! While, single parenthood is difficult & it would be easier to share the responsibilities with a partner, it’s more detrimental to try & force a relationship to work where clearly it’s not working. It’s not healthy for the child to grow up with their parents fighting.

  12. carleigh says

    Niloofar….your views are a bit unprogressive my dear. A lady does not need a man in her life in order to raise a happy, healthy child. There are countless numbers of women who do it everyday.

    While I agree it is better to have a father-figure in the life of a child, if the relationship doesn’t work then it’s best to let it go and focus on raising the child.

    I’d rather be alone and raise my child than to be with someone I fought with. It is better to have a life of peace adn happiness than to just try to force a relationship to work that just doesn’t.

    I wish Angie and her new baby all the happiness and joy in the world. Healthy happy babies are all we can ask for, the rest is up ot God.

  13. Niloofar says

    In my book, that’s too bad, when you have a father but you don’t know who is he! I wonder when Kayden grows up and ask about his father, what will Angie answer? I think Angie should find a partner to raise his son, It’s better.

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