Roger Federer & Wife Welcome Twin Daughters


Tennis star Roger Federer and wife Mirka are the proud parents of twin girls, he announced on his website early Friday.

The couple welcomed Charlene Riva and Myla Rose on Thursday night in Switzerland.

“This is the greatest day of our lives,” Roger, 27, said in a statement. “Mirka, Myla and Charlene are all healthy and doing very well.”

The No. 1 ranked player in the world met Mirka nine years ago but the couple didn’t get married until April. The couple announced the pregnancy in March.




  1. eyesofpearls says

    Federer is a clever man – he chose the right woman who loves him and supports him. He doesn’t need some blond, silicone breasted Baywatch gold digger….he is European – he knows the true values of a woman. METOO – what a pathetic morone of a person you are!

  2. sonalimishra says

    i am also a twin.
    i hav a twin brother.
    rogerer federer is my fav.
    so he also got twin children as gift from GOD.

  3. says

    What’s with all this ugly/pretty talk. No one can say for
    sure what is the standard way to look. And have you
    ever seen the average model without makeup. These
    are two, classy people who know HOW TO REALLY live
    and love and don’t have time for any of that vapid foolishness. This is the real reason most people
    cannot find love and are not happy. Go for the person.
    It works.
    And P.S. Roger and his wife don’t care what anyone thinks
    about them.

  4. METOO says

    Hey Joey – don’t take it too seriously – just funning with ya! I didn’t take it seriously when you called me a simple-minded fool – because I know you didn’t mean it!

  5. METOO says

    By the way you talk Joey – I am surprised you put that sentence together correctly…I think you being short has really messed up your mind….get over it – there is nothing you can do, unless you get stilts for shoes!

  6. denise says

    sheesh, you people are mean.

    i have to admit, this is a rather bad picture of her.
    but come on she was 8 months pregnant with twins. it´s hard to look radiant at that time.

    she might not be model beautiful pre-pregnancy, but she is far from ugly.

    also, the poor woman spent 4.5 hours sitting in the sun while nearly 9 months pregnant, supporting her husband during the final.
    now that is a true testimant to commitment.

    and more importantly she (and he for that matter) are very sweet people, who are not stuck up at all.

    congrats to them on their lovely daughters. and all the best for the future of their family.

  7. Wow! says

    I agree with Sarah.

    It’s actually refreshing to see such a big name like Federer with his wife/girlfriend looking like a regular woman (and together after 9 years!). I really think she is really sweet and she just gained weight with that twin pregnancy, which is by the way something totally normal and even healthy when it’s not extreme weight gain. Sometimes I get tired of this celebrities that have to look skinny all the time before, during and right after the pregnancy. She has this natural touch and I think he is probably happier with a real woman like she is! 😀

  8. LOLA says

    yeah any of you try being 8 or 9 months pregnant, and all the weight, and water retantion that comes with it!! it’s not easy!!

  9. Niloofar says

    Amy, you’re right…but I’ve seen her pics before her pregnancy, you know she wasn’t attractive at that time too…anyway as I told love is important, undoubtedly she looks so pretty in his eyes 🙂

  10. Amy says

    I have one word for you all- RUDE!!!…..let’s see a picture of you all pregnant….now that would be a good laugh!!!

  11. just quit it, you guys says

    the girl was a swiss pro tennis player before getting injured.

    and come on, she may be on the chunky side pre-pregnancy .. but hello! she is carrying TWO human beings in this picture! cut her some slack.

  12. Kayleigh says

    He bought her off Ebay, bidding started at 99p…..however only one young men Mr Roger Federer couldn’t refrain from bidding and here she is! 99p….me says thats a bargain!

  13. sue says

    I totally agree! That is why I was so surprised! So many athletes go for the models and such; it is a nice change.

  14. Niloofar says

    I agree with Sue, she’s not attractive at all…actually the importance is that they’re in love,and that’s enough 🙂

  15. sarah says

    actually – you’re right, she’s not a supermodel or anything close. but she’s pretty sweet-looking. And attractive. I’m so happy, for some reason I thought he was going to have a son, didn’t know they were having twins, but wow! twin girls is WAY better. Myla is a pretty name – charlene is ok. I bet they;re gorgeous

  16. sue says

    And yes I know that she is pregs in that pic, but still……she does not look like the other wives……


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