Kelis Welcomes A Son


Kelis welcomed a son on Tuesday around 9 p.m. in New York City, a rep for the 29-year-old singer told Us magazine.

Knight Jones, the singer’s first child, weighed 7.8 lbs. The rep added, “The beautiful baby boy and his mother are doing wonderful.”

Kelis had been in labor since 2 a.m. Monday and had a natural birth, with her mother and sister by her side in the room.

The baby’s father is rapper Nas, with whom she split while seven months pregnant. The two are currently embroiled in a bitter divorce, as Nas has asked a court to deny Kelis any spousal support that she has requested.

Both sides are also seeking joint custody of the child.


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  1. sara says

    I thought these two were great and would be fabulous parents but good for her, his sorry ass shouldn’t cheat!!
    I feel so bad for her, I’m sure she has great f&f around her though 🙂
    good luck to Kelis & Knight

  2. Dnice says

    This is a sad situation. Kelis and Nas have been this awesome couple and 7 months into the pregnancy Kelis accuses Nas of infidelity and files for divorce. I heard she didn’t even allow him into the delivery room. I really hope they can reconcile it seems like such a shame. She’s getting $44,000 a month in child support…Crazy!

  3. LOLA says

    oh my god! that’s so sad, they were together all this time and now that they’re parents together, they’re getting divoreced?? so sad!! i hope they can come to a happy medium where they can both be in the life of their son.

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