Cat Cora & Wife Welcome A Son


Iron Chef star Cat Cora, 42, and her wife Jennifer have welcomed their fourth son, Nash Lemuel Cora.

“Cat gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on July 19th at 4:41pmPST,” her rep reported.

“He weighed in at 7lb 5oz and measured 20 inches.”

According to the couple, Nash’s name was inspired by two things. It means “the adventurer” which they think is fitting as he has traveled so many miles with Cat over the last few months; and he shares a name with the poet, Ogden Nash and John Forbes Nash, the Nobel Prize-winning scientist who’s life was the inspiration for the Russell Crowe movie A Beautiful Mind.

Lemuel is Cat’s maternal grandfather’s name and it is Hebrew for “Gift from God.”

Not only does Nash join big brothers Zoran, Caje and Thatcher, but he’ll soon have another brother, since Jennifer is also expecting a boy. (Nash, Zoran, Caje and Thatcher all have the same sperm donor…I do not know if the boy that Jennifer is expecting shares that same donor as well)

Wow…Jennifer just welcomed their son, Thatcher, in April!


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  1. Cindyo says

    People who are against gay lifestyles ARE closed minded, simple fact. You prove it.

  2. nicksti says

    No nicksti, you didn’t not say gays will wipe out society but your ignorant comment “The more gays that emerge in society the more this will be a problem with no easy solution.” most definitely strongly implies it. How can you deny that?

    Cindy you are drawing your own false conclusions. “this” is referring to the gays raising kids situation (I made 2, and by your definition, bad analogies about people raising kids in the same “this” post). How could the word “this” refer to people? If you are referring to my last part about science or God do you not understand what I am admitting to? If there is a gay gene then everyone that was anti-gay was wrong because then being gay will be by design and not a lifestyle choice. But if God comes down with fire and brimstone then that is the answer to that. I openly admit I do not have the answer and either science or God will have it for me. But you are too busy name-calling and dodging certain points and focusing on weaker point. By the way, prostitution was around since the beginning of time, so was murder and neither are socially accepted. So it seems that I am not the only one who can spit out rediculous points, so can you.

    “There are larger issues in this world than simply trying to string up every gay or lesbian couple that wants to raise a family. It is their right just as much as ours….after all we are all human beings, not some freaks of nature ,but HUMAN BEINGS!”

    You know as well as I do that you have to address all issues, not just ones that we deem large or small. And the legal system is trying to debate what are the rights of a gay person. I agree that gay people are indeed human beings but by bringing a child into the equation it is no longer only about 2 consenting gay adults. Being gay is considered a lifestyle choice, controversial, and not widely socially accepted. So one can make a point that by choosing to be gay right now in many states will make certain things like adoption, and marriage unavailable to you. Jennifer will be unable to make certain legal decisions when it comes to the child of her “wife” and that is just the way things are now. This is bound to change when the population of gays increase and hence the power of their voices.

    It hurts when you are faced with prejudism and I can empathize. But to call someone that does not approve of a gay lifestyle choice close-minded is being defensive and close-minded.

  3. Cindyo says

    No nicksti, you didn’t not say gays will wipe out society but your ignorant comment “The more gays that emerge in society the more this will be a problem with no easy solution.” most definitely strongly implies it. How can you deny that?

    There is nothing wrong with saying someone has “closed-minded” opinions. I think you do, for one. That is coming from me, who has “open-minded” opinions. Anyone is welcome to criticize my open-mind if they want, as I have been criticizing those with a closed one.

    Homosexuality has been around since the begining of time but is only recently become accepted. I think that is why people are having such a hard time with it. Just because someone can’t reproduce naturally does not mean they do not have the right. Should a heterosexual with reproduction problems not be allowed to have fertility help since they can’t naturally get pregnant? It’s all the same to me.

    In my opinion, nicksti, you are a close minded person who had the most ridiculous points ever. Hard to take you seriously.

  4. jay says

    This is disgusting, and I am not sorry to say that.
    It is another attempt, by a small portion of society and a large portion of the media, of the normalization of homosexuality.
    Why do we have to be subjected to this? Why do we think to not have a father or mother in a homosexual relationship is ok, but then people in urban neghborhoods are criticized for lack of father figures in a lot of inner city kids lifes?
    Now lets see how many gays or lessbians come out and call me small minded or a biggot in order to persecute me and other who feel the same.

  5. Cindyo says

    I never said it was up to me to draw the line. I am just saying my opinion…it wasn’t hard to find a way to disagree with you either nicksti.

  6. carleigh says

    So carleigh, where do we as a society draw the line? What do we use to make our laws that govern us?

    Cindy it is not up to you or I to determine where the line is drawn, we are not law makers, politicians, congressman, etc.

    The constitution of the US does not state anywhere that we are anything other than people….which lesbians and gays are as well. This is the point many forget…and think of them as a label or collective.

    Would you be okay with devil worshippers raising children into and making them participate in that lifestyle?

    There are children being raised with those who propogate hate and bigotry…so it would not surprise me if there were families raising children to practice Satanism

    I personally feel it’s wrong but living in a country with freedom of speech and religion means that no matter how I feel….bottom line it doesn’t matter much at all.

    Would you be okay with a woman and her boyfriend having sexing in the same room as the children because they live in a one bedroom apartment?

    That question is just stupid and I refuse to be baited into an obvious no-brainer.

    Prostitution is legal in certain parts of Nevada, are you okay with that?

    To each their own and if they don’t have any self respect why should I waste my time caring what the hookers of the world do??? Makes no difference in the course of my life and it does’t prevent me from waking up in the morning, why should I even worry about that?

    There are larger issues in this world than simply trying to string up every gay or lesbian couple that wants to raise a family. It is their right just as much as ours….after all we are all human beings, not some freaks of nature ,but HUMAN BEINGS!

  7. nicksti says

    I am not saying worshipping the Satan is the same thing as being homosexual; you are reading the post in a manner that makes it easiest for you to disagree with. I am arguing a point about the manner in which you raise your child.

    So what is wrong with worshipping the Devil? Is it not in the constitution that we all have freedom of religion? It is okay to be a Muslim, Hindu, Christian, etc worshipping the Devil is obviously wrong right? Why? Well because the Devil is bad, right? That is exactly the same line people go down when we are referring to homosexuals. It does not have to be Devil worshipping but any religion deemed “cult-like”.

    The point remains that people toss around the term “close-minded” when people do not agree with their opinion.

    And did I say that homosexuals were going to wipe out civilization? No, I did not. Biologically, being gay contributes nothing to the propagation of our species. That is a fact until we can asexually reproduce. So to recap in very simple terms:

    1. Humanity survives by having kids. We cannot naturally reproduce in a homosexual relationship so being gay goes against our biology and survival as a species.

    2. Since kids are the product of a union between a man and a woman, bringing a child into the world under the guise of homosexual union appears to be wrong.

    I am not here to tell you homosexuals are wrong, sinners, and should burn in hell. But let us not pretend that being gay is what was intended by nature.

  8. Niloofar says

    Cindyo, it just SEEMS to be like that! and that is just because of the WRONG news against Iran!
    I think ya should completely IGNORE HONEY, she seems that she just wants to draw attention!!
    anyway it’s 12:05 pm right now and I’m gonna sleep, I should go to school at 6:00 am tomarrow!! good night buddy =)

  9. Cindyo says

    Niloo – I thought you might be offended that I implied you are brainwashed. 🙂 I am surprised there are many gay people in Iran when it sure seems to be that it is highly frowned upon. Yes, Maryam really was against gay. I think it’s ok to not agree, but to that extreme, No. I am from Ottawa, Ontario…and I am really old compared to you. I am 39 yrs old. My son is older than you. hahaha You are very nice and I am glad to be friends with you here.

    Honey – ah, yeah, you already said that….in case you don’t get it by now – I don’t care.

  10. Niloofar says

    Cindyo,dear be sure that homosexuality is not against the law here at all, why should it be? this sentence is kinda funny! I know so many people who are gay, one of my close friends who is one yr younger that me is a hot lesbian…
    and about Mary, well that was her opinion, and of course I became surprised when I read ” it would have been better a male…” surely she’s really AGAINST homosexulaity!! and why should I be offended by that? you just asked a normal question :)))))
    about Googoosh, she’s so pretty specially when she was young, but she’s not a good singer! lol
    by the way, I’m sure we’ll be good friends here, and enjoy this site together, please call me Niloo:)
    and can I ask that how old are you and which city do you live?? :)))

  11. Cindyo says

    Well, Niloofar. You are very right, your country does not have a good reputation. Not as bad as Iraq though. you sure homosexuality is not against the law there? I used to work with a woman from Iran, Maryam, who was so very nice…however one time when discussing a book we had both read she said that she felt it would have been better a male character die than have sex with a man. She did not say it was against the law in her country but from her attitude it may as well have been. I am afraid it is not your fault how you feel, almost like being brainwashed. Please don’t be offended by that. Iran is beautiful with some very beautiful people, inside and out. I just watched a move about Googoosh. So cool…!
    Take care.

  12. Niloofar says

    Hi Cindyo, now I THINK I agree with you about ” we shall agree to disagree!” and I was RIGHT about that you sound really NICE 🙂
    I’ve been in Canada,when I was 6 yr, my uncle is leaving in Vancouver.
    and about my country, I’m from a country that MAY you THINK you know about it but actually you don’t know! of course it’s not your fault it’s because of some bad and FAULT ads against my country! I’m from a country which its history goes back along way for more that 4 thousands years ago! I’m Iranian and I’m living in the capital city,Tehran :))))) hope you won’t become surprised =)

  13. Cindyo says

    * comparing.

    Also, do you think with all the gays emerging it’s going to wipe out heterasexuals? Get real, you dont’ even make sense.

  14. Cindyo says

    #58. Nicksti – those are very bad comparisons and a horrible way to make your point! My goodness, camparing homosexuals to devil-worshippers – the taste of ice cream to demonstrate closed-mindedness. Really now, think about what you are saying.

  15. Nicksti says

    So carleigh, where do we as a society draw the line? What do we use to make our laws that govern us?

    Would you be okay with devil worshippers raising children into and making them participate in that lifestyle?

    Would you be okay with a woman and her boyfriend having sexing in the same room as the children because they live in a one bedroom apartment?

    Prostitution is legal in certain parts of Nevada, are you okay with that?

    Anyone can accuse the next person about being “close-minded” to a situation. If I like the tase strawberry ice cream but not vanilla I am not “close-minded” I just do not like how vanilla tastes. Some people think lesbians having kids is wrong because of religious, moral, or even biological reasons. But they do have reasons.

    The more gays that emerge in society the more this will be a problem with no easy solution. Hopefully science (homosexual gene), or God (fire and brimstone) solves it for us.

  16. Dnice says

    My god is it 2009? Because I could have sworn I stepped into the stone ages after reading this blog…Open your mind people…Gay couples and families are not going anywhere and they have every right to do so.

  17. Cindyo says

    Exactly Carleigh, I agree. My mother raised me and my brother’s alone and they are both fine upstanding citizen. Both are married and are wonderful fathers. One is a police officer and the other is a computer programmer…all as a result of being raised by one mother and no father.

    Niloofar – I enjoy this site and others opinions as well. I didn’t mean to be rude either or insult your country. It’s just that are still so many that prohibit homosexuality and your comments made me think you were from one, not that that would have been your fault. I think you sound nice too and no, for sure not, is age a reason not to come here. I was wrong about that. So we shall agree to disagree? 🙂 May I ask what country you are from? I am from Canada – we allow anything – it’s all about peace here.

    Honey – how have people gone too far? By having strong opinions? What’s yours?

  18. carleigh says

    #50 Joanne, how can a boy learn how to be a man???? What kind of question is that? My mother raised my brother alone after his father skipped out when he was 7 months old and he is a fine young man.

    He is an executive chef, very responsibl, good hearted and kind. He got engaged to her first love and they are getting married next year.

    He learned what he needed to know about being a “man” from the qualities he was raised with which were self-respect, love and honesty. Had his father stuck around he might not have turned out quite so well.

    We live in such an unconventional world that we cannot afford to be so judgmental and close-minded towards others. My point being two women, one woman, one man, one grandparent, one guardian….it doesn’t matter who raises a child so much as HOW they are raised that determines how they are going to turn out later in life.

  19. nicksti says


    I am not suggesting that at all but I can see how my post could be confusing.

    There is no guarantee that any household will be a healthy, loving one whether it be a same sex or single one.

    It is my opinion that you may create problems with a child’s socialization and perceptions by raising him/her in a same sex household. I do not have proof and I suspect that since this is a relatively new situation there is not enough data to study.

    The whole homosexual situation is touchy. Gays are constantly under attack and all they want is to be treated equally. But I think we can agree that being homosexual is not by design biologically.

  20. Joanne says

    How can a boy raised without a father learn how to be a father himself? How can he learn how to treat a woman and be a good boyfriend/husband/partner when he grows up? If a boy is raised by an abusive or deadbeat dad, he is going to have problems later on in life. I believe a boy raised solely by women is also is a rough situation. Yes, love is important and yes, love from two moms is valuable, and I’m not putting that situation down. But a boy needs a man to learn to be a man, so I really hope Cat and Jennifer have some strong male role models for their boys.

  21. Niloofar says

    Cindyo, when I leave a comment it means that I write what I think, it’s not nessecary to write the sentence “I think…” at the begining of your comment…anyway you said you think I’m wrong, and this is you’re right to say your opinion, and I MUST respect it. maybe I’m not very mature cause I’m young, but I THINK it’s not a good reason to not be here, I’m here for about one year, I joy this site alot, I use to say my idea, whether it’s right or not right…and about my cousin, I’m NOT so disaprove of him, I’m sure they have a nice life,specially now with their child 🙂 I just said that a family with a GOOD dad and mom would be more perfect, and it’s my idea.
    I KNOW you have nothing against my name and country I just told the meaning of my name because I like that you know it, and don’t forget you called my country close-minded, which is completely WRONG, I think you were so judgmental at that moment!
    I’m not VERY defensive, as I told I don’t impose my opinion anymore and I respect all ideas.
    by the way forgive me if I was alittle rude and maybe defensive… you sound such a nice woman 🙂

  22. OK, then says

    #42. Nicksti, are you saying that it is a guarentee a single parent can create a loving home but not two lesbians? I sure hope not because that would not be an intelligent statement coming from someone who is so desperately trying to sound smart.

  23. Cindyo says

    Niloofar – I have nothing against your name or whatever country you are from. When people practise “freedom of speech” they must also deal with opposing opinions…something you seems to be having a hard time dealing with, you are very defensive. That may be your age though…

  24. Cindyo says

    Niloofar – I said I THINK you are wrong – I AM qualified to say what I think and so are you. I have seen you going on about your age more than once here, perhaps you aren’t mature enough to be here. I wonder how your cousin would feel if he/she knew that you so disaprove of his.her lifestyle…I bet they would be hurt.

    I agree there are natural ways to reproduce and that this is not it. However, I thought what was in question was what was a natural family. There are a lot of way we let science step in to help us with life, like medication for illness and so on. Should we not accept this help because it is not natural? I think not.

  25. Nicksti says

    Having 2 moms is better than 1 parent is a silly argument. So your baseline is you are better than a disadvantageous situation? And can you really prove that having 2 moms is indeed better? The reason cited is love, but that is a bad assumption because a single parent can create a loving household, and it is not guaranteed that 2 lesbians can create a loving household.

    What is natural? Well I can tell you a baby cannot be created without a man and a woman unless science intervenes. So here is the problem with being gay:

    If 100% of the population were gay what would happen?
    If 100% of the population were straight what would happen?

    Such is the crazy world we are in now. If you want to be happy then do what makes you happy, but do not justify it beyond being a hedonist.

  26. Daze says

    I’m confused, but not by what Cat and Jennifer are doing, but by the article. Are you saying that Jennifer gave birth to Thatcher in April, and is now pregnant again with another boy? Or, did you goof up by saying Jennifer is expecting a boy as well, but forgot that she had the baby already and the boy you said she is expecting is Thatcher, whom you forgot about?

  27. Niloofar says

    Cindyo-and you aren’t qualified to say that I’m WRONG, I just told my IDEA, is “freedom of speech” against the law in your country!!?? I think ya should open your mind, I’m from a OPEN-MINDED country where homosexuality is NOT against the law AT ALL, one of my cousins is a gay and he has a beautiful life with his partner,they adopted a child the other day,too…. if you read my comment in #3 you’ll find out that I’m happy for them, I told “congrats”… but totally ” I ” think a family with father would be nicer, this is my OWN idea and I don’t impose it…….I’m a “16” yr old girl who thinks that a family with a good mother and a good father would be PERFECT.
    P.S:”Niloofar” is a name of a flower, maybe morning glory or water lili in English =)

  28. carleigh says

    I meant to say being raised by a lesbian couple vs. being raised by a traditional mom-dad home….

  29. carleigh says

    The world we live in constantly changes. People, life is too short the way it is, grabbing happiness where you can find it should not be a crime. If these ladies love each other and find love and joy in being together and raising a family with each other than so be it…it is their life and they are entitled to live it as they see fit. They aren’t like Octomom and went into a situation without the monetary means and forethought as to how they will support their family, they work and are successful at what they do and aren’t burdening anyone else with their choices.

    If you don’t like lesbians, look the other way or don’t read about them and leave comments if it bothers you so much. As far as having a two-parent “traditional” family home having a negative and detrimental impact on these children, I’d like to ask to those who made these comments one thing…where is your proof? Show me scientific evidence that states without question that these children will suffer at all???? You can’t so it’s a moot point.

    I don’t think anyone can honestly say their life is perfect enough to where they can stand in judgment of others. Some people feel compelled because of some self-inflated sense of self-rightousness, to those I say this….get real and grow up.

    In closing, I hope they have happy, healthy, beautiful babies and wish them all the best.

  30. Cindyo says

    #35 Niloofar – you aren’t qualified to say #33 IS right, none of us are. You can only say what you think…and I think you are COMPLETELY wrong! From your name I am guessing you are from some closed minded country where homosexuality is probably against the law. Your attitude, along with so many here, is what breeds hate. Open your mind people! And really, who cares who someone sleeps with, it’s so private and should not even be up for discussion.

  31. Niloofar says

    #33 is COMPLETELY right… actually they have alot of love, but it was better if they were a NATURAL family with alot of LOVE.

  32. Cindyo says

    Who deems what is natural or not? Certainly not you #33 M. Love is natural and this family has a lot of it!

  33. JC says

    Jennifer gave birth to Thatcher in April and Cat gave birth to Nash. They wanted to have another child but didn’t know when they would be able to get pregnant, so they both tried and wound up both getting pregnant. Now 4 boys- wow!

  34. Julie says

    Wait…I’m confused. They had a baby in April of this year and now they have this one as well, just 3 months later?

  35. nicole in paris says

    What a fun family. I wish I was born in it.

    Incidentally, I often wished I was a lesbian. Especially now that gay people are more able to enjoy family life like straight people (regardless of what some here may think).

    I always liked living with female roommates in college and certainly enjoy closer relationships with women than men…. unfortunately, I am just not physically attracted to women.

    So, I am married to a (really great) man instead. We are happy, even if he is a man and I am a woman.

  36. cb says

    I agree w/ #25 completley!!!! I dont have a father figure , a was rsised by a women and wouldn`t change a thing. Rather have my mother then a man that beat on his kids then ran away. you dont need and man and a women to raise u. u need love. which im sure they get.

  37. SuziPII says

    You know what!?! I had a “so-called” father or should I say sperm donor- this man could care less if I lived or breathed. I would have been happy to have TWO loving parents (be it male/female, male/male, or female/female). All in all, I turned out to be a good person despite the fact that I did not have any males, not even a father-figure in my life. Then again, I was raised by not one but three females, my mom, her sister and my grandmother! With their love, I didn’t need a worthless male in my life!

  38. 3caratdiamond says

    I can not even believe what I am reading…so you’re saying it is ok not to have 2 people (wow 2 parents, more than what a lot of kids in this world have today) in their lives that nurture, love, provide them with a roof over their heads, show them how to love, live life laugh, have feelings and be happy?? 2 people that happen to be moms that love each other and show kids how to love.
    LaurenofWestlake NO..all parents do not need a father in their life to be normal…I am a single mother to a boy and he does not need to have a dad especially the ‘sperm donor’ I had that is a abusive conartisit and a addict( I found out after I got pregnant so no shots needed please on this one, hence the conartist title).
    I raise my son with love, respect, trust care and everything I wrote above in the other situation.. that say the stereo type union of man and woman do for kids…yet, I do it all on my own. He is a wonderful little boy. The same as any kid raised in a family with a mom and dad.

    I bet their dinner table at nite is a happy filled table of ‘awesomeness’ than the typical table of mom and dad and child. I would love to be invited over for dinner to meet their children and then ask them if they would have it any different..I doubt this.

  39. Cindyo says

    Ditto Piper. I am surprised at how ignorant people still are on this subject and you spell it out perfectly.

  40. Piper says

    Ok let’s just be clear. A child is better off having a single, non-lesbian mother rather than having two parents that love him/her. Got it.
    Dead beat dads and single moms are a better combination than two loving parents. Got it.
    It’s only ok to have children if you are straight. Got it.
    We should feel sorry for children who have two parents that love them. Ok then!
    Thank you authors of comments on this site. If I have any questions as to what the Golden Rule for who can procreate and by what measure/standard must be met in order to achieve said standard, I will defer to comments on

  41. Jen says

    Congrats to them!!

    I can’t believe there are so many people on here who are expressing their shallow-minded opinion that children can’t thrive unless they have two parents, and of different sexes. Many, many people only have one parent, or have shitty parents and manage to do just fine in life. They love their kids and that is all that matters.

  42. LaurenofWestlake says

    How unfortunate. All boys need a father, and these 5 boys are going to have nothing to look up to but some confused lesbians. There is reason that children take a man and a woman to create, it’s because they need both parents to nurture and teach them. If anything else was acceptable than humans would be producing asexually in nature or homosexually, but that’s not the case. Years and years worth of research and statistics back it up- children need fathers!!!

  43. 3caratdiamond says

    Just Me..I was sitting here trying to do the math in my head on this..So THEY are wrong!?!? Cause wow..I was confused with it!! Know whey she is preggers again if she had boy in April and would know the sex already.

  44. Just me says

    To each their own … the only thing confusing about the post is the post. I think the Webmistress has it wrong. Since Jennifer just had Thatcher in April, I kinda doubt she is expecting already, and it’s definitely not enough time to know it’s a boy.

  45. Tam says

    so 5 boys and only two girl parents… damn thats alot of boys…… at least they all have the same dad? maybe he is involved slightly.. as a male figure

  46. JustMe says

    Cat Cora is an Iron Chef on the Food Network 🙂
    Congratulations to them, they’re going to be very busy.
    The only thing I find peculiar is how similar they look, to me anyway

  47. Lurker says

    Okay..first off, congratulations to them both!
    No matter the family ties, a loved baby is a wonderful thing.

    But secondly..I have no idea who these people are..but in reading this article, doesn’t it almost sound more like litters of puppies rather than babies?
    And that is NOT meant in disrespect to the babies or their parents..but good grief, it sounds like all these two DO is have children! Like one has one, the other gets pregnant, they have another one. That one has the baby, the other one gets pregnant..and it goes on and on and just reminds me of litters from a pet breeder!

    I’m sure the kids are well loved and these two are very happy together, and that’s great!
    And I would question the same of a straight family.
    But isn’t it a bit extreme to have another child every time they turn around??

    Maybe they’re trying for a girl..? :o/

  48. babyrazzi junkie says

    sue, i’m pretty sure i understand what kids need and what healthy family situations are…. i have three happy children and am married to my wonderful husband for 11 1/2 years. i’m pretty sure that i’m not the only person who feels like i do about situations like this one.

  49. Niloofar says

    Well I have a question too…how do they become pregnant!!??
    I agree with #4… you know their babies won’t even know what is the meaning of the word “DAD”!!!

  50. sue says

    A lot of heat because it is a typical idiotic and moronic comment that just demonstrates your inability to understand the reality of situations, family life, and what kids actually need.

  51. babyrazzi junkie says

    I have a question…. how fair is it for all these boys to have two moms? There’s a reason a family unit was originally having a mom and a DAD.
    I know I’m going to take lots of heat for this comment but I don’t care!

  52. sue says

    Wow! Now that is a lot of kids! Congrats to them! Soon they will have 3 under 3! Yikes!

    @RubyJackson: Confused? Ummm….they are both women, they are both in love with each other, and these are their children……Any questions?