Katie Holmes Takes A Break From Filming To Play With Suri


Katie Holmes, 30, was snapped playing with Suri, 3, and young actress Bailee Madison, 9, on the set of her new film ‘Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark’ in Macedon, Victoria, Australia today.

Reportedly, Katie recently treated Suri to  lavish shopping spree to stop Suri from feeling homesick.

Katie took Suri shopping at Melbourne’s Target home store and treated Suri to a bicycle, a ‘Dora the Explorer’ piano, a Barbie doll, luxury bed sheets, lavish home accessories and a selection of traditional board games.

A source said: “Suri is a very well-behaved and adorable young lady. She seemed really pleased with her purchases.”

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  1. Amanda says

    I think suri is resembling her mother very much now that she is older. I think we should blame the way suri’s being raised to S-C-I-E-N-T-O-L-O-G-Y

  2. Carol says

    Whenever I look at Suri I see a very old soul. She does no appear to be a young child. Even dressed in kids clothes she appears to be older. Maybe it is because of the way she is being raised but it would not surprise if this child becomes famous in her own right.

  3. Cindyo says

    In this case it’s ok that the papparazzi is there, they are on a movie set aren’t they? I do wish Katie would take her daughter and get the heck away from freaky Tom Cruise!

    #7 Alex, ever heard of punctuation and grammar? It would make reading your comments a lot easier.

  4. Sara says

    “Reportedly, Katie recently treated Suri to lavish shopping spree to stop Suri from feeling homesick.”

    Um, okay. “Here, kiddo, have some more things so I’ll feel better about dragging you halfway around the world all the time.” Yuck.
    Suri is such a cute child, but her parents make me sick sometimes.

  5. maya says

    Nope they are not divorcing soon. Katie is an adult and is where she wants to be. Suri looks super cute. Such a happy child. Must be fun for her hanging with Bailey.

    I am excited about Katie’s on SYTYCDperformance tonight.

  6. Alex says

    Shes gorgeous so is mommy guys stop katie even stated herself suri picks out her clothes my 5 year old cousin dresses the same way, don’t judge they both look like amazing parents

  7. Jade says

    This is the first time I have ever seen this little girl in sneakers, and Nike’s at that! Maybe they are finally realizing she isn’t made of porcelian and all fragile..one question why are her sneakers so big? The first picture they look almost a size (or 2) bigger. My daughter was born in March of 2006 and she wears a size 8 now..those sneakers look HUGE!

  8. Sam says

    Suri finally looks like a normal 3 year old. I’m sick of seeing her dressed so formally like a little doll ALL the time. Katie and Tom are so materialistic…all they seem to ever do is shop for things. Don’t they know there are other ways to play with your kids and educate them than to spend thousands and thousands of dollars? I get the feeling Suri doesn’t have regular play dates and spend much time with other kids like a normal 3 year old. Katie and Tom are such weird parents.

  9. Niloofar says

    Could just they leave them alone??? somebody should cut paparazzi off from their too much interference and audacity!

    P.S: Scarlett has a point, Suri should be much more with kids.

  10. scarlett says

    Finally Suri out playing in kids clothes. It is nice to see Suri out and frocking like other children…

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