Naomi Watts & Family Splash About In The Pool In Amalfi


Naomi Watts, 40, and husband Liev Schreiber, 41, were snapped having a blast splashing about in the pool with their sons Alexander Pete (who will celebrate his second birthday on July 25th!) and 7-month-old Samuel Kai while on holiday in Amalfi, Italy.

Such  a gorgeous family!

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  1. Niloofar says

    At first I should say that the pics are so cute:)
    In my book celebrities are accustomed to paparazzi’s deeds!!! surely at that time they knew that some paparazzi are around!!! but anyway it really sucks when you canNOT be relax even when you’re trying to have a relaxing vacation!

    #5 comment is abit weird, maybe he/she wanted to drew attention!!! but I think it means that he hopes her wife’s face was like naomi’s cause naomi is very pretty(in his own idea) or maybe it means that his wife looks like naomi and both are beautiful women…lol….but still, it’s weird!!!

  2. Cindyo says

    Nicki – If I had to guess I’d say that #5 is saying that he/she wishes Naomi Watts was their wife and that the baby/children have a beautiful face like their mother’s….but I really don’t know. I guess they don’t know english very well…

    I also don’t feel comfortable with these photos, quite intrusive. Even though the stars made a decision to be in the public when they became entertainers they still deserve some privacy. Even just a little while they vacation, geez. Beautiful family though…

  3. Nicki says

    The kids are adorable.
    I am not comfortable with seeing everyday pics of a family trying to have a relaxing vacation with thier very young children. This does not look like they know EVERY day pics are snapped of them. Unless they OKayed a photo session, I highly doubt it was for EVERY day, like when Liev was having a cigarette(on another website) on thier balcony, relaxing, so I do feel a bit uncomfortable seeing a family on vacation everytime they step outside thier suite.
    Again I think the 2 boys are simply adorable.
    Not sure what #5 is saying, but if I change the he, wife, to she, it makes a bit more sense…..but still not sure what #5 is hoping for. Anyone else have a clue?

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