Katie & Suri On The Set Of Katie's New Film


Katie Holmes, 30, was snapped with Suri, 3, on the set of her new film ‘Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark’ in Victoria, Australia today.

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  1. Wow! says


    I totally can see your point. But maybe she interacts with other kids from the neirborhood? Maybe the nanny is taking her to other places to play and we only see pictures of her when she is out with mom and dad? She just can’t be alone the whole day, I’m sure, they’re taking care of that… I don’t know, it’s just a thought.

    And Katie looks tired yes, i agree, too. Who know if it’s due to some odd filming timings or if she is tired of everything else…

  2. Lindsay Freeman says

    I’ve seen plenty of pictures of Katie and/or Tom taking Suri to dance classes and art classes. I’m sure Suri gets plenty of contact with other kids at those places, besides the fact that we have no idea what their life is like besides pap. pictures- for all we know, kids come to her house all the time. I don’t understand why people can’t leave Katie alone- at least she spends plenty of time with her child and can go for a walk with Suri without having several nannies next to her.

  3. Debbie says

    Why is it that everyone finds fault with this woman who seems to me to be a dedicated mom with a happy, healthy three year old. You see one or two pictures out of her life, how can you judge her child’s development, her marriage or anything else about her by a couple of photos?

  4. BeccaJane says

    I was just thinking…..I wonder how Suri is doing with her social development. My 3 yr old son had his checkup yesterday, and the doctor was asking about how he interacts with other children. I think it’s SO important for children to interact and play with other kids….it’s part of a healthy childhood! So I’m wondering if Suri ever has the chance to be with other kids. She seems completely attached to her mom’s hip ALL the time. I guess that’s the price children have to pay when their parents are celebrities!

  5. Cocoa says

    I was just thinking the same thing, that it’s been awhile since we’ve see these two. She is a pretty little thing. I like Katie’s hair long.

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