An Expectant Camila Alves & Son out Shopping


An expectant Camila Alves and son Levi, 1, were snapped out shopping in Los Angeles on Saturday for a barbeque grill for dad.

During one stop Camila purchased a barbeque grill and some mesquite chips for boyfriend Matthew McConaughey, 39. Camila was wearing what appeared to be a wedding band on her left ring finger. It has recently been reported that the couple have been discussing getting married before Camila gives birth to their second child.

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  1. lulucee says

    That lil baby looks like his mama in everyway that counts…facial,his beautiful coloring, and haircolor maybe the next child will take after matthew more but he looks like his mom to me! (and she does look mix a lil african in there i see it)………………..she is cute

  2. Antonia says

    What are you talking about? She is a Pardo from Brazil and they are the largest group of people in the country according to the latest Brasilian census. Do you know anything at all about Brasil and its people and its history and its culture? The mulattoes are the predominate population in Brasil. Brasil is like America, it is a multi-ethnic, multi-racial, multi cultural country. The model Giselle Bundchen is ethnic German, Ambrosio is ethnic Italian, but they are still Brazilian.

  3. Romeo Blue says

    Antonia – you’re a complete moron. How do you know she’s mixed race? Do you know her? All the sites I’ve seen say she’s Brazilian. That means she’s not white or black.

  4. Anna says

    I can never see children’s resemblances to a parent, and even I can tell that this child looks exactly like his mother. I feel bad for Camila though, Matthew seems to be a party boy and I don’t think he’ll ever grow up. They probably won’t last. (Although it’d be great if they did! They have cute kids!)

  5. Alex says

    I personally think levi looks like Matthew but with Camilla coloring and he is such a gorgeous little boy omg, he will be even cuter than daddy when he gets older

  6. Antonia says

    Camilia is not Hispanic. She is a mixed race Pardo woman from Brazil and the Brazilians are not Hispanic so why do you read a book to learn the truth about the Portuguese speaking people of Brazil. The Pardo people are mixed race african and European and they now make up the largest group of people in Brazil. Levi looks nothing like his Nordic looking father Matthew.

  7. ? says

    Lauren, he looks nothing like Matthew. He looks hispanic just like his hispanic mother – in fact, he’s the spitting image of her.

  8. Sassy says

    It’s you…she dresses cute…different it fits her, she can get away with it, I on the other hand can’t.

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