An Expectant Heidi Klum Out & About In Soho


An expectant Heidi Klum, 36, was snapped walking through Soho in Downtown Manhattan after having dinner at Cipriani with her children on Thursday.

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  1. Dnice says

    I like Heidi, but have noticed the increase in nanny handlers. And it’s her money so it’s her perogative, but I don’t even think I have ever even seen Angelina with so much help. And maybe she is more hands on at home. Oh and about Leni in the stroller – if they were anywhere but NYC I would say that could be an issue, but it’s ridiculous out there. My godson hates to go to NY because of what he says is “too much walking involved”, lol. And he’s 12.

  2. Cocoa says

    PS – not a big deal but Leni is too big to be in the stroller. With big kids we hold their hand so we don’t lose them in the crowd.

  3. Cocoa says

    I agree with you #13. I also agree with you Nicole – Gbaby is a hypocrite…and can’t spell either I might add. flys = flies.

  4. S**** says

    Judgemental or not. Normal moms also work, get pregnant again ets, but still manage the kids they already have. I dont think there is anything wrong with having nannies, but if you chose that option you are not a hands on mom and shouldnt talk like you are.

  5. Nicole says

    Gbaby- and you are judgemental saying that she has long ass legs, and also for claiming us to be judgemental. So get off of your high horse and quit thinking that you’re not judgemental because that’s exactly what you are, just like the rest of us.

  6. Gbaby says

    i dont blame her at all, if i had money like her, i would hire an army of nannies too, it def doesnt hurt..a very big help! leni does look funny with her long ass legs in that little stroller but hey! the poor thing was probably exhausted! people lighten up you all are so judgemental on EVERY little spec of dust that flys through the photographs!

  7. Sarah says

    anyone know what those jeans are that she’s wearing? they’re so fantastically skinny! i want them!

  8. joueala says

    even when heidi isn’t pregnant, nannies are always still her sidekicks…

    but let’s not deny that heidi was also snapped carrying one of her children and holding the hand of the other one..i dont know about the other one, because she has 3, ryt??

  9. JC says

    I honestly don’t blame her. She is a working, pregnant mom and if she can afford to have the extra help, good for her! About Leni being in a stroller; I don’t know if any of you have ever been in NYC with a small child, but they could VERY easily be lost in the crowds there. Also, a ton of people walk every where. If they were going to be walking for a while, I don’t see the problem with having a 5 year old in a carriage. It can get very tiring and confusing walking around in those big New York crowds.

  10. s says

    I have to agree with everyone else… I always laugh when I read “great hands-on mom” and “Heidi Klum” in the same sentence…She has more nannies than kids!
    I mean, good for her but normal moms don’t have an army of nannies with them everytime they leave the house.

  11. oasis says

    everyone just said what i was about to comment!
    heidi annoys me in the sense she gets all this good press for being such a “great hands-on mum” despite the fact Nanny is always there in the background…

  12. S**** says

    Why can she never keep tack of her children by herself? Even when Seal is wwith her they always have several nannies following them. Pathetic.

  13. denise says

    come on, what is a 5 year old doing in a stroller.
    there is absolutely no reason why this kid can´t walk.

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