Alessandra Ambrosio & Daughter At Malibu Cross Creek


The gorgeous Alessandra Ambrosio, 28, was snapped enjoying some time with her daughter, Anja, at Malibu Cross Creek on Thursday. Anja will celebrate her first birthday on August 24th! Alessandra and Anja were also snapped playing at the beach on the same day.

Alessandra’s fiance, Jamie Mazur, was also with them.

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  1. Chelle says

    for the record–Gillian made the monster comment—I am Chelle, not Gillian–I use my real name on this site–and do not appreciate my comments being moderated–I didn’t say anything about the child being a monster–and agree that is too far

  2. miapocca says

    This child looks like Jessica Alba’s kid.

    I am sorry but these so called beautfiul women in celeb land always come out with some regular faced babies, nothing extraordinary to look at…just a BLAH…

    makes you wonder if they had their features altered and if they plan on doing the same with thier kids…ahhahaha

  3. says

    happy birthday anja you are adorable and alessandra is gorgeous they are a happy healthy family and to whoever said that the baby or any baby looks like a monster you should be ashamed of yourself do you have kids what do they look like mmmmmm i wonder you are a monster for saying that god takes care of people like you and do you really think alessandra really cares what you say while she living in her gorgeous mansion with her gorgeous family while modeling all over the world and all those checks coming in you go ale

  4. Amy says

    Having your own opinion is fine. But to say a baby looks like a monster….come on now, thats downright ignorant!!!

  5. Dnice says

    @ Sue – I always echo that same sentiment on this site but some people are really sensitive. I think the baby actually looks just like her mom, she just hasn’t grown into her looks. When my nephew was born, me, my sister and my mom we’re like Whoa…he was not cute…but right around 5 months he started getting cute and now at 1 he is simply adorable.

  6. Cocoa says

    I don’t think she is that cute either but as stated above, that could change as she grows. Sarah, get a grip – Why can’t people say what they think? It’s not like they will never read this! I am sure that no one here would actually be mean enough to hurt their feelings and say this to their faces. This is a gossip site for goodness sake!

  7. sue says

    I don’t think that she is the most attractive looking baby, but sometimes babies need time to grow into their looks. And people have the right to think that a certain baby is not attractive, this whole, “All babies and brides are attractive” thing is ridiculous. There are unattractive adults, so logic dictates that there are unattractive babies as well! A person does not need a psyche evaluation because they do not think that a baby is cute! All this PC stuff needs to stop!

  8. gillian says

    shes the ugliest baby i have ever seen she resembles a monster

    at least she looks happy and healthy:) happy birthday every baby is a blessing in there on way

  9. sarah says

    ok, honestly….i think sometimes anja looks pretty cute…and no – she’s not as gorgeous as her mama – but so what? they love her, she’s healthy and happy, and look at those chubby legs and cheeks…aww! i agree with claire – why would you pick on somebody who cannot defend herself? she’s not even a year old….does it make anyone feel good to insult a child? an infant? GOD! I would feel horrible if someone said something like that about my baby, true or not.

  10. Chelle says

    Claire, I’m not drop-dead attractive and that does not negate my right to have an opinion. Anja is not a pretty child and this sight is for opinions. I couldn’t care less what you think of my opinion, but I certainly stand for my right and everyone else to have an opinion that differs from mine or from yours. Grow up!

  11. sue says

    I never have understood why people think that models have the best bodies. Her legs are very unattractive.

  12. joueala says

    i wonder why alessandra and her baby is always snapped recently..before, its almost never that we see her baby..anja was already 9 months when i first saw her snapped by the paparazzi…

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