Josh Duhamel Hoping For Two Sets Of Twins With Fergie


“We’re thinking about kids. I don’t know when. She said that she’d be pregnant twice. So I said, ‘Great, we’ll have two sets of twins!'”

-Josh Duhamel, 36, on the next step in his marriage to Fergie, 34.


  1. Ronnie says

    i think fergie is a far better role-model and an example of how you can turn your life around.
    nicole richie did drugs ’cause she was a famous rich kid and it was part of her hedonsistic lifestyle, fergie was addicted to drugs due to a rough childhood and the streets that were a big part in her young life, she has done so much better than nicole and should be truly proud, well done fergie; you deserve this happiness.

  2. says

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  3. Tam says

    LOL.. she only wants to be pregnant twice.. and josh apparently wants 4 kids.. soooo maybe they should have discussed that before marriage :p lol

  4. Fergie the homely says

    She’d better squeeze a few kids out now…she’s not getting any younger, or more attractive!

  5. Trisha says

    Gosh, what a GREAT photo…I LOVE these two and can’t wait to continue to see their marriage thrive and kids will be beautiful I’m sure. He is one HOT dude…yowzaa!

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