An Expectant Adriana Lima At The American Museum Of Natural History


(An expectant Adriana joined Louis Vuitton at a salute to the 40th Anniversary of the Lunar Landing at the American Museum of Natural History in the Rose Center for Earth and Space, NYC)

The supermodel, who is four months pregnant with her first child, cheerfully displayed her baby joy in a clingy blue silk chiffon dress on Monday evening.

Adriana, 28, is expecting her first child with Serbian basketball player husband Marko Jaric, 30, in December.

Adriana became pregnant within weeks of marrying Marko in a small ceremony in Wyoming on Valentine’s Day.

The Victoria’s Secret model spoke recently of her family plans, “I never saw myself being married and having a child. Not because I did not want to. But it’s tough to find somebody. (But after meeting Marko) everything changed. I knew he was the one and I could see myself married with him and with a big family. We are so excited. We wanted this. We were ready. My mom is doing everything and getting things ready.”

Awww…she looks amazing!

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Celebrities join Louis Vuitton as they celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Lunar Landing, NYC
Date of Picture: 07/13/2009
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Caption: Celebrities arrive on the black “red” carpet as Louis Vuitton celebrates the greatest journal of all time, with a salute to the 40th Anniversary of the Lunar Landing at the American Museum of Natural History in the Rose Center for Earth and Space, NYC.


  1. AR says

    Maybe she’s more than 4 months pregnant? she did have a very quick wedding, and I heard she is rather religious. I bet the baby will be a couple months “early”

  2. Liz is right says

    Interesting concept. She could very well be lying about how far along she is.


  3. Liz says

    She looks really cute. Everyone is different, but wow that is a big stomach. I didn’t even start to show till about 5 months on the 1st.
    Small women sometimes barely show. Maybe she’s lying about the time of conception bc she had a whole virgin wait till marriage thing then out of no where got married.

  4. Gbaby says

    wow gettin big fast…i think her pregnancy’s gonna be like milla jovovich where she doubles her body weight during pregnancy

  5. Sarah says

    Yeah she does seem a little big for four months. I’m thinking maybe twins as well or a really big baby boy.

    Anyways, she looks great and I lovelovelove the dress!! 🙂

  6. Krystal says

    Yeah, I thought she looked further along than 4 months as well. I was thinking maybe she’s having twins?? She looks gorgeous though! Congrats!

  7. nicole in paris says

    I am glad other commenters thought she looked more than 4 months… because I am almost 4 months and I am not that big.

    I would have thought that someone of her stature (ah hem, weight) would have a small belly… but what do I know, this is my first pregnancy.

  8. Trisha says

    Faith, Hope and Love-That’s exactly what I thought as well…big baby on the way I’m guessing! She’s very pretty. Good for them.

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