Adorable Pics Of Michael Jackson At Home With Prince & Paris!


Michael Jackson and his two oldest kids Prince Michael I and Paris celebrated Prince’s 6th birthday in 2003 with a Spider-man themed party.

World Rights

1998, Prince became an older brother to Paris, seen here in this happy family photo with father Michael Jackson and mom Debbie Rowe.


In this picture, Prince, 4, and Paris Jackson, 3, play dress-up at Neverland in 2001.

They really are adorable kids! It is strange how they have suddenly appeared after all those years in hiding. I am at a complete loss as to who their biological parents actually are, but I guess it doesn’t really matter anyway! It is obvious that the three children are very close to eachother….a great team! And they will have eachother to lean on as they grow up.



  1. jaliyah says

    Leave them ALONE!! Prince is soooo HOT with blonde hair and anyway who cares who did what?? It’s HIS HAIR!!

  2. tiera says

    first i want to pay my respect to the family of their lost.
    micheal jackson was something magical i grew up on his music and it caused me great grief to hear of his passing there is no one in the world that could ever replace him because “he was a one of a kind”

  3. Kihia says

    What do u mean crazy behavior?Michael’s just being Michael.Abnormality is just in his nature.He can’t help it.He’s not being weird,he’s just being himself.Unfortunatly,some people can’t handle him being hisself,& want to make up lies about him.

  4. DINAROWE says

    WOW! THEY SO CUTE ( ** **MAYBE ONE DAY THEY WILL DO BIG THINGS TOO!….. INEVER knew MJwas married:they look like king-a princess:)It don’t matter what color they were or eyes they are the cutties kids.why it would matter if they were light or dark…..or mixs.I think the whole family should get togther help raise those kids.

  5. alisa says

    Can i just say i am tossing up to whether his hair was dyed.. My little man was almost white when he was between 6months and 4 but has recently started to have a real dirty blonde although lightens up in summer. I myself was the same and his dad was the same had very white hair and now has almost black hair SO U NEVA KNOW>>>>>>

  6. Quirky says

    lol, I thought I was the only one who thought Prince looked way creepy back then. He very much resembled the devilish little kids in the “Village of the Damned” (1995) with Christopher Reeve.

  7. mm says

    Prince’s hair was DEFINITELY DYED! His hair is so un-naturally platinum with dark roots. Look at the other photo with Michael holding Prince and he’s sucking his finger. In that photo, Prince’s hair is dyed a strange orageish-blonde. What’s going on here?

    Paris is a stunning young girl. She looks like Debbie but with middle-eastern blood mixed in. Definitely no African-American genes in either child.

  8. Me, that's who says

    who cares what u people think, about him and how he is, If everybody was the same, then this world would be truly boring! LET this man RIP! He might of did some things, but that is him, and all that matters is that He ttruly loved his children and they loved him! Janet, will get those kids!

  9. oriana says

    My comment was not allowed, and for no reason I might add. I guess the owner of this site isn’t a Michael Jackson fan!

  10. Mae says

    I agree with Amanda #33 about Prince Michael trying to imitate Gage. I also agree with her other statements as well. It was very obvious that he loved his children. Biological or not.

  11. Amanda says

    They were playing DRESS UP people!! Kids wear make up when they play dress up. I think he was trying to look like Gage from Pet Sematary. Who cares if he dyed his hair.
    I think Michael Jackson was an EXCELLENT father as well as a person. He was accused of things he didnt do because people wanted his money. I cannot imagine how hard life was for him. God Bless You Michael!! You will be missed!

  12. says

    these children are grieving over their dad’s absence. let us help them live a normal life by respecting their privacy. whatever people say about michael, to prince paris and blanket he is someone they miss and love. let us leave michael alone. after all he has done so much for the hungry, the grieving and the sick. let us stay at peace with one another.

  13. trudy says

    Michael jacksin was a great musican he did the best with his life and for people to take skeltons out of the closet look at O.J.and some of the other stars havent we all done things that we could ahve changed.Like some1 said earlier let him R.I.P.regardless of the skin or color of their hair he took real good care of them.Shouldnt that count for something.No matter what Michael your an icon.

  14. Anna says

    Pretty sure dying of the hair isn’t the worst thing he ever did to those poor children. Michael may have been a music legend, but he always got away with molesting children. That is not ok……

    The memorial service was blown way out of proportion. The man’s life was sad, and his death was as well, (I wouldn’t wish death upon anyone!) but he still should not have been honored like that. He didn’t deserve it.

    I honestly think those kids would have been seriously messed up whether he died or not.

    Prayers go out to them.

  15. Lurker says

    I guess I’m MAJORLY in the minority here..but honestly, with the exception of the haircolor, I do think Prince resembles Michael Jackson.
    Are they biologically his? I don’t know, and frankly, I don’t care. Obviously he loved those kids and they loved him. If that’s not being a parent, then I don’t know what is.
    People get so ticked when someone points out a celeb child is what is the difference here?

    I have no idea if that little boy had dyed/bleached hair. It does look a little “odd” to me, but really, I can’t see the point to doing it if he wanted everyone to know it was his child anyway.
    Like my husband was white-blonde haired as a little kid, and you can see in pictures of him that his hair darkened up as the years went by. Now his hair is dark anything is possible.

    And did I find it a bit strange that Michael got whiter and whiter over the years? Maybe.
    But if there’s any truth to that vitalago (??)or whatever it was called, I read it would lighten the skin in patches. Maybe he lightened his skin to match it up to the patches. Would you blame him? I can’t say I would.

    But I’m with all those who say to let him rest in as much peace as possible..and keep in mind he has three (okay, at least two of them are old enough) kids out there that are plenty old enough to understand all the horrible things that are being said about their father. I just wish all the people stirring up all the hate and discontent about a wonderful (albeit a little “eccentric”) entertainer would keep that in mind, if nothing else.

  16. oriana says

    I like what #25, someone, wrote. Michael treasured his children and they in return adored him. These are Jacksons and will be embraced as Jacksons. Let it Be! They are grieving the loss of their Daddy, I watched the memorial service, cried all the way thru it and even taped it. I have not been a big fan of the Jacksons but did like Michael, he was a Genius. Yes, he had his faults, and I sure more dirty laundry will come out, but I think many celebs, and normal people, like me, have had some faults too. He gave over $300 million dollars to charities. How many of you on here have given even $300.00? Please, pray for Michael’s children and let him rest in peace. I feel he is definitely, gone to soon and I am very sad over his loss.

  17. Jadie says

    I don’t believe these kids are Micheal’s, but only because they don’t look like him. Not because of the color of their skin. Like many African Americans Michael Jackson wasn’t pure African. It’s not unheard of for a half black/half white person to come out looking completely white. It’s rare, but it happens.

    Genes aren’t as simple and direct as 1 + 1 = 2.

  18. tyler TANABE says

    What I don’t understand is why YESTERYEARS AND NOT TODAY.


  19. someone says

    Lets not forget that Gwen Stefani just recently not only dyed her son’s hair, but shaved it into a mohawk. Make sure to call her a weirdo and freak every chance you get. There is no doubt that she dyed and shaved his. Micheal may or may not have died his son’s hair. I know several people who were born with white hair and now have naturally dark hair. All that matters is that he loved his kids and they loved him. RIP

  20. L.Lodhi says

    yes he was a great entertainer etc etc BUT he obviously wasnt right in the head. He did so much to himself and someone that dye’s their skin white must be nuts but to do it to a child to seek some perfection is not normal. Everyone knows deep down he was an odd bod but so many people dont want to see that side to him as he brought us such great music.
    wake up and open ur eyes he shoudl have had counselling. He’s dyed his sons hair for godsake and none of them look like him its so obvious!

  21. Accalia says

    As usal, babyrazzi has to be the site with all the stupid comments. The man died, give it a rest.

    Beautiful kids!

  22. tyler TANABE says

    My nephews hair went from brown , white blonde, red, and now
    dark brown again.. and he is 14 years old now.. What I can’t get
    over is the fact that people can’t let him rest …THERE WAS NO

  23. says

    i still cant beleive that michael is with the angels.

    leave the poor guy alone you judged him when he was alive dont judge him when he is resting in peace michael jackson was a good father to his children who cares if the kids are wearing make up or thier hair is dyed just leave them alone gosh let the jackson family greive in private..
    you people are low lifes who have nothing to do but judge michael gosh just let the king of pop rest in peace

    rest in peace michael jackson 1958-2009

  24. carleigh says

    I watched the memorial service and honestly felt like it was not something MJ would have wanted. He tried his best to keep himself hidden away and the lives of his children private. I can hardly believe he would have wanted them thrust onto a stage in such a large and public forum.

    While I may have thought having them at a pubilc memorial, I also have mixed feelings because of how the children acted while they were there. Prince and Paris were singing and dancing along with the others and appeared while sad, to truly revel in being there. Blanket on the other hand, this little boy broke my heart when I saw him peeking out from behind the funeral program clutching an MJ doll.

    What truly brought home the heartache these children are experiencing is when Paris got up and spoke. I couldn’t help but feel so utterly saddened for her and her siblings. Whatever people thought of MJ whether it is good or bad, to these children he was all they had and from all outward accounts, they are balanced, normal, well-spoken, intelligent children, which is a bit surprising to me considering how MJ lived his life.

    His children will have a hard road and a period of adjustment to go through, I am just hoping Joseph Jackson is kept as far away from them as possible. The man turns my stomach, he didn’t shed a tear for his son but rather used the pubic grief to emote about his record label…JMHO, very bad taste. He was known to be a tyrannical, abusive, dictator to his own children and I am sure now that MJ is gone, Joe is just looking for a chance to exploit his children!!

    I wish them peace and love during this most difficult of times, they have been sheltered and you can tell just how close they are to one another because they have a limited circle of exposure and acquaintances. They need protection and guidance to help them cope and come through this rough time in life.

  25. carleigh says

    The world has lost a consumate entertainer, few can ever match the magic that was Michael Jackson. That being said, it is truly sad that his memory will always be tainted becasue of the past scandals and stories he generated in the press. (We all know what each of us believes, and it is never good to speak ill of the dead.)

    What is much more sad is the fact that his death has left three truly beautiful and remarkable children without a father and they have no mother figure to speak of, which makes it even sadder still.

  26. carleigh says

    After reading through the past 2 weeks of media coverage and speculation, I felt more than ready to leave my comments on this tragic situation.

  27. Jaxon says

    They are handsome children but that dress-up picture is scary. Like Children of the Corn.

    I feel sorry for them, they will surely miss their father. Though how attentive he could have been if he was taking so many strong drugs…..

    The whole thing is just sad.

  28. shelley says

    the boy looks like one of those kids in that film village of the damned with his hair like that. CREEPY!

  29. angela says

    so what he did dye hair…big deal…I think Americans like to exaggerate about anything….he was a good father…

  30. DMITZ says

    I think the children look happy and healthy. They seem to be intelligent and well mannered. I think it’s premature to judge as to whether or not these kids are “messed up” by Michael’s parenting. Only time will tell. Eventually the kids will come out with a “Growing up a Jackson” biography but until then I’m giving them all the benefit of the doubt. I respect Michael as an entertainer and am saddened by his loss and the fact that he leaves his children behind. If later, there comes to be some crazy stories about him as a father then I will eat my words but until then I’m sticking w/my “these children are so beautiful, happy, and healthy!”

  31. Sharrie says

    Prince Michael really looks odd in the ‘groom’ picture. He does not even look real.
    I think Paris looks like a younger attractive version Debbie Rowe.Still, she sold those kids to MJ and therefore should not have custody of them, they don’t even know her.

  32. anonymous says

    That first picture… jesus, the kid looks like a clown with all that makeup!

    Cute kids, but how disturbing is that with the dyed hair and makeup. Given Michael’s obsession with plastic surgery, it’s no wonder he did that to those kids.


  33. says

    The kid’s hair has been definitely dyed by MJ weirdo.
    Why the kids were so hidden in public?Does anyone know?
    The father really seems to be the Dermatologyst by
    their face and ear resemblance.

  34. Krystal says

    I agree, it looks like Prince’s hair was dyed, especially after looking at the second picture you can tell that that’s not his natural color. And in the first picture, Prince looks like he’s wearing lipstick as well. That’s pretty strange…

  35. scarlet says

    I am sorry but is the child s hair dyed platium blonde? It looks like it..The childs roots show dark..How weird is that? If you look at the child now he has dark bown hair. I would not put it pass Jackson to do something like that to his kid. Considering the crazy behavior he has shown in the past..

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