Matthew Fox & Family On Holiday In Rome


Matthew Fox, 42, was snapped with his wife, Margherita, son, Byron, 8, and mother, Lory, on holiday in Rome, Italy.  The group left the luxury Westin Excelsior hotel to visit the Colosseum in the afternoon on Wednesday. (Matthew and Margherita also have a daughter, Kyle, 11.)

As evidenced by these photos, Matthew is still smoking. He once shared how ashamed he is of the terrible habit:

“During my crossover period, when I started studying acting and I was doing some of this modeling stuff, chewing tobacco was so totally outrageously not acceptable that I started smoking cigarettes. I kind of did this redneck-to-cosmopolitan changeover on my nicotine delivery system, and I’ve been doing that for over 15 years now. I have these two magnificently gorgeous and perfect children, and I hide it from them. It’s really terrible.”

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  1. says

    Stop smoking for the children and for your wife. I know
    the heartache that comes from smoking. I just buried
    a smoker after 24 years of marriage. A sad, sad thing.

  2. sue says

    He “hides it from them”??!! Yeah, okay. They cannot smell the STINK that is on your breath and clothes! Smokers are so clueless and selfish to what they are doing to others.

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