Madonna & Family At The Ritz In Paris


Madonna, 50, was snapped arriving at the Ritz in Paris on Wednesday with daughter, Lourdes, 13, son, David, 3, and her newly adopted daughter Mercy, 4.

Rocco was not with them.

Splash News Online


  1. Josephina says

    Can you shut up about the poor American kids? Seriously! It doesn’t matter where the kids come from as long as they are given a home. Children in third world countries have nothing, at least in the US the children have schooling, a roof over their heads, and nourishment while they stay with foster families.

    Also Madonna is over the age of 45 which can prevent her from adopting in many places and adoption laws in the US do not favor adoptive parents, but rather biological parents who can change their minds even after children have been adopted. And you know if Madonna is the one adopting, that it would be a scandal no matter where she adopts from. I can already see people claiming to want their “famous” kid back after the fact.

  2. Tanya says

    Mercy is such a beautiful little girl!
    I`m not sure why the judges changed their mind and let Madonna adopt this little girl after all, but I`m glad shes got a home with a mom and siblings, and not needing to be raised in a orphanage anymore. She and brother David will have lots of fun together, and two kids being of the same age, race and skincolor. But I wonder what the older two kids think of all the fuss being made of their mothers decicion to adopt this kids?

  3. LadyOne says

    Ok why why why was it so important for Madonna to go all the way to Africa, put up a big stink and fight to adopt this girl when there are sooo many right here in America?? Does it make her appear to be some sort of saint to adopt a poor orphaned black girl???? I think it makes her look like a celebrity trying to win brownie points!

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