Michael Jackson's Daughter Paris Speaks: "I Love Him So Much"


So sad…


  1. MFGiRl says

    the comment random gave was unacceptable to me. it is true, we should stop speculating, but if people want to question MJ, then they can.

  2. MFGiRl says

    I would like to state 2 points here.
    First, it might not be Mj’s fault that his life was shortened,. I’m not saying that he didn’t do drugs, and he didn’t really shorten his life,. but when he has kids, he really adored them and maybe he fathered them to not make mistakes that he did. The kids might have changed him.

    Second, the kids who said that MJ molested them, nobody really knows if or if not they were really molested. Its between the kids and MJ. But, you don’t see him before he died when he had his kids molesting other kids. Which means that the kids helped him change, knowing, or not knowing.

    RIP MJ

  3. Nicki says

    Tia’s comment made perfect sense. You smmom are trying to make something out of it, that frankly, wasn’t there.
    If anyone can say honestly they weren’t “touched” by what Paris said straight from her heart, I myself, was brought to tears, then you have ice water running through your veins.
    That young girl and her 2 brothers know him better than 95% of those speakers at his service.
    (this is JMO……………I think she decided to speak, from her heart, at the last minute…..thinking, I haven’t ever seen ANY of these people at our house, EVER……I will say something about my Dad,who I’ve know for the last 11 or 12 years. Not strangers who have never been in our life.) I wish nothing but the best for those kids.
    RIP Michael Jackson.

  4. lisa says

    Wow. I think MJ was an amazing artist and a good father from the little we are permitted to see. There are many kinds of lifestyles that are different from what we are used to, it doesn’t make them “wrong” or “bad”… I don’t think the average person can understand what the immensely rich have to do to protect their children from the stalking and harassment of the paps. I know some people won’t want to hear this, but I kind of wondered if MJ was a transgendered person, a woman trapped in a man’s body… but way before a time where it could be accepted. He tried with his plastic surgery to look like a woman, actually he looked so much like Latoya it was amazing. Either way, I do respect him and hope that the family will really love those kids and raise them in a healthy way.

  5. smmom says

    Random…your comments fit your name. I don’t need you or anyone else telling me when to stop. If you don’t like what I have written…then don’t read it. Simple as that. It doesn’t surprise me that my comments didn’t make sense to you either. I’ll just leave it at that. As for me…I do have a life (and one I share with my husband and daughter). Unlike the drug addict that you are trying to defend as being a good father. You are absolutely right that I don’t know Michael Jackson nor would I have ever wanted to…I don’t associate with people that take drugs nor would I expose my daughter to someone like him. I have better values and more sense than that. You may think it is wise for a young child to think well of her deceased father now, but I doubt you would suggest her following in his self destructive footsteps later on and ultimately committing suicide. Let us hope that she learns that her father made some seriously poor choices and she lives a long and healthy life.

  6. Random says

    Seriously smmom!! Just STOP!! you don’t make sense and need a life! Paris chose to tell everyone from her heart that her dad “is the best father you can imagine” If that’s how she feels then leave her comment alone. It’s her dad! She’s the one that knows him. NOT you! That’s all there is to it. End of story. Stop telling us he wasn’t a good father b/c u don’t know him from Adam. So we don’t care what your opinion is. Let the poor man RIP and his family grieve how they choose fitting for them. GAHHH!!

  7. smmom says

    Tia – The comment you made that didn’t make sense (and still doesn’t) is that “children do not lie”. The other comment that you made that didn’t make sense (and still doesn’t) is that the “habit he formed obviously didn’t get in the way of his love for his children”. Of course it did. He ended up dying…therefore NO LONGER able to be with (or love) his children. That sounds like it did get in the way a bit.
    As for letting him rest in peace…I seriously doubt he is going to care about this blog at all.
    No one said being a drug addict is easy…what I did say is that if you love your children you do everything you can to be there for them. My daughter does not have to worry that I have enablers hanging around me supplying me with drugs, because I have made a choice for that not to happen. My daughter also doesn’t have to worry that I will be on any drugs or will have consumed anything that would cause me harm or death. I am a mom that wants to be here for my kid and that is the EASIEST decision in the world. One that Michael Jackson didn’t make.
    As for what his daughter said…as I mentioned I think that is her truth now, but I doubt is will be as she grows up and realizes what a good father truly is… or let us hope she grows up and understands that being on drugs, dying before your time and leaving your kids at a young age isn’t what a father should do.

  8. Tia :) says

    Holy geeze…some of you people need to get a life. Let the man rest in peace. I stand by my comment…which DID make sense by the way…he LOVED his children. Everyone makes it sound so easy ” if he loved his children he should have gone to rehab” blah blah blah!!!!!!!! If it was so easy, don’t you think he would have?? When you’re an addict, the hardest thing is being able to admit it, but when you have enablers everywhere you turn…when it is so easy to get it…it isnt that easy now it is?!?
    Something this passionate doesnt come out of a child who didnt feel loved by her father…which is what i meant. Children don’t lie about this. If he was a horrible father, do you think she would have stood up there and said her little speech?

  9. tyler christopher says

    Michael is like Heath Ledger never thought of his off spring…

    Heath died same way drug over dose..leaving a daughter behind
    who loved him very much too.. Drug addicts do not think of anyone
    but themselves..not thinking that they have the responsibility of
    their kids..

  10. Renee says

    People can debate the life of MJ all they want. The good and the bad. One awful fact remains, all else aside, these children lost thier father. To them he was the best. Their feelings are no different than any other child or children who would loose their father. No matter what he did or didn’t do, those kids are heartbroken, alone and probably very lonely without their father.

  11. b says

    It’s very sad that he lost his life so senselessly & prematurely and very sad that the children have lost their father. One of the comments made is to the point, a really good parent would do the best they can to not indulge in risky behaviours that could rob the children of that parent.
    I think MJ was a very talented man but a sad man who never overcame the damage done in childhood, from not being allowed to BE a child & having to endure abuse from his father. I think he ended up being a tragic figure who, to me, appeared to be an essentially lonely, isolated person.
    It is clear he loved these children and that they loved their father but to me it does seem selfish to realize his wish of being a parent at the expense of these children being robbed of a NORMAL childhood. Isn’t that what happened to him? They may not have suffered abuse but to me it is a form of abuse to take these children and force them to live a cloistered life, because their father is a person who cannot have a normal life due to his celebrity/notoriety.
    It seems sad these children missed out on the things that children in normal families have ie a MOTHER, interactions with other children, being able to go out into the world without masks or bodyguards, having swarms of paps following their every sighting. Being able to go play in a park playground with their mom, to kindergarten, go to school (the happy life of Violet Affleck comes to mind), go to summer camp, etc. Very sad to be forced to live as a prisoner in a luxurious prison. Sad.
    Yeah, sure, they have a loving family but that does not really compensate for the loss of freedom.

  12. dori says

    Michael would never have abused children.. he loved them too much I didn’t believe it then and I don’t believe it now…he was innocent.

  13. miapocca says

    Thats an interesting perspective,..it sounds more like someone blaming a dead person for dying. I believe death will get you whether you like it or not. He could have died that same day with or without drugs. I am sincerely glad that during his time on earth the children enjoyed him and they dont harbour such anger towards him for dying. Anger is part of the grieving process so they will go through that eventually , but the important thing is not to get stuck. They have a lot of family love and resources that will see them through a difficult time

    The Jacksons have always come across as polite and particularly respectful of thier fans. And the children came across as equally polite and well brought up…

  14. smmom says

    as for #30…my point is that Tia (#27) said “children do not lie” and if she truly believes that statement then she would also believe that the children who accused MJ of molestation weren’t lying either. I wasn’t trying to make a comment on whether I think he was a pedophile just that her comment made absolutely no sense.
    But, just because he was not convicted doesn’t mean they didn’t have anything on him or that he was completely innocent. He settled with the first kid for somewhere near 23 million…that is A LOT of money for an innocent man to give anyone and I highly doubt anyone would give that amount if there wasn’t something that they wanted not to come out (but, that is just my opinion). As for the other charges that he was acquitted of by a jury…I hope a innocent man went free (although, some of the jury later changed there opinion on that matter).

  15. dori says

    #28 he wasn’t convicted because they had nothing on him.. he was innocent.. the parents put the kid up to it they were after his money because they knew he didn’t have the stomach for the fight. He loved children…

  16. dori says

    I agree with you Miapocca … like his family said “maybe now they’ll leave you alone Michael.”…
    The Memorial was great and very touching… Michael was a great humanitarian… always donated annymously unlike some of the actors out there today who publish every cent they donate so they can get POINTS

  17. smmom says

    I disagree. If he was the “best father you could ever imagine” I don’t think he would have made the decisions of using (and abusing) ANY type of drugs that would have cost him his life and years with his children. I don’t think, no matter how great a person could be, you can put the words drug addict and best father in the same sentence or description.
    The other thing is that children DO lie. And if you want to try and disagree with that statement then you must be one of the people that believed MJ was a pedophile, too, because children did accuse him of that (or did they lie?)…can’t have it both ways.
    Now, I am not saying that in the eyes of his daughter he wasn’t a good father. That might be her truth now, because that was all she has ever known. He might have been a nurturing dad in the 11 years that she spent with him, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that he ended his own life and left her at a young age. How you can say that a drug habit that would end up costing his life “didn’t get in the way of his love for his children” makes no sense. Of course it did. It cost him his life. I think that was a pretty selfish act on his part and not at all one that rings out ‘greatest or ideal father’. If he LOVED his children he would have gone to rehab. If he LOVED his children he would have done whatever it takes to be around for them and to be healthy for them. Her truth of what makes a great father might change when she grows up and realizes that her father isn’t around, he isn’t there for all the major milestones in her life, he isn’t there to protect her, teach her, help and support her, offer advice, walk her down the aisle when she gets married, etc….he left her a long time ago. It is very sad.
    I am not arguing the fact that he was a great entertainer or that he wasn’t talented. That is a given. I just disagree with the idea that he is a great father – he should have stuck around long enough (in a healthy capacity) for that role.

  18. Tia :) says

    Well said Mia!
    #24- Children do not lie…he WAS the most amazing father to her….what was pushed upon him, or what habit he formed obviously didn’t get in the way of his love for his children!.

  19. miapocca says

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion about Micheal.
    What I know is that he was an entertainer like no other and I feel like a chapter of my life came to an end with him.

    Do you know whats its like when a new Micheal Jackson video came out….boy it was the excitement of knowing that he will not disappoint with the new material and you were in a for video treat way beyond what was in the mainstream.

    I do not think Micheal is a pedophile. I simply think he was different from what society wanted him to be. In my culture children sleep with adults everyday, so I am surprised how they make a big deal out of it here. We live in a culture where parents are now afraid to give their children baths or see them naked.
    Sometimes society cannot believe that people are that different from them but rather judge others according to what they are likely to do. The wickedness in a mans heart taints their perception and decisions

    Drugs ,..I believe Micheal used prescription dope as a way of avoiding the real dope. It was his decision and he had a lot of money to pay for it. I think Micheal was someone who was so empathetic that he suffered from depression and anxiety from the pressures in his life. He used the drugs to take away the feeling. In his mind it worked to make him feel better and finally get some sleep. I do not know what kind of physical pain will require such constant use and abuse of these anesthetics.

    There are Licensed pimps and pushers in Hollywood and the celebrity world and they need to held accountable ..health ledger, ana nicole. Micheal …..when are these doctors going to learn not to take the millions shoved at them for drugs. Its the same as a coke dealer and they should be doing hard time!

  20. Chez says

    MIchael Jackson is certainly no paedophile, he was the victim of abuse and never deserved the crap that gor flung at him from his own father and later the media. I think the state of that little girl is a testament to the father that he was. Never forgotten RIP Michael Jackson, one of the best fathers the world seen.

  21. smmom says

    Unfortunately, for MJ’s kids their Dad was not the “best father you could ever imagine.” It appears he was a drug addict that caused him to cut short his own life (and time he with his children). I hope they now live with some normalcy with people that love them and protect them and not try and profit from them.

  22. nicole says

    I truly believe MJ is a good father

    Because kid’s heart is pure,they just say what they want to say !

    P.S Paris and prince looks like Debbie

  23. Keira says

    What that little girl said was straight from her heart. I highly doubt they “made her speak” He was her father and she loved him and she spoke out about that.

  24. Tia :) says

    Anna, I’ve said all along that Janet would be a great mother to these kids…it’s kind of sad that she wont get custody instead of Katherine..not that Katherine wont do a good job, it’s just her age that worries me.

  25. Tia :) says

    There were pictures of the kids with Michael i think 4 weeks or something like that, before he died WITHOUT masks or veils. He said in an interview one time that when they were old enough, he would ask them if they wanted to wear a mark or veil…if they said they didnt want to, then they didn’t have to.

  26. theresa says

    that kid was not lying. it’s nice to know that they were so loved. it looks like michael’s family will be there for the kids.

  27. Anna says

    It looked very much to me that it was completely her decision. After all, it was not planned.

    I’ve never really been a huge Michael fan (It’s not that I hate him, I just don’t pop music very much), so watching the memorial service wasn’t TOO hard for me. It was sad, believe me, but I didn’t cry.

    But once Paris started speaking, I cried and cried for her and her siblings. It’s tragic. I loved how wonderful Janet was to Paris up on stage, I think Janet would make a great mother to these kids. And she’s much younger than Katherine obviously, so that way they wouldn’t have to lose another ‘parent’ for a long time…..

    ^what do you all think of that???

  28. las says

    I feel for the kids too. That was difficult to watch.

    violetsky- i think you mean a 180 degree, not a 360.

  29. Jennie says

    I got the impression that she wanted to say something, it didn’t look like they were forcing her. Now is the time for the children to be with Michael’s family and for the public to leave them alone.

  30. Lauren says

    This whole memorial was sad and tragic but once Paris Jackson hit the stage, my eyes welled up! These poor children losing the only parent they’ve known! I hope Katherine and the rest of the family shower them with love and attention. They’ll need it to get through the coming months.

  31. violetsky says

    The irony is not lost on me that, for 10 years the poor little girl always had to wear a mask on her face and was kept as far away from the public eye as possible. But TWO weeks after her fathers death and the Jackson family thinks she can give a speach … talk about a 360 turn around.

  32. Faith, Hope, and Love says

    Paris just broke my heart with that! The whole service was awrfully sad but when she got up to speak it brought me to tears. While I might not have been a huge Michael Jackson fan, I feel for those kids losing their father so young.

  33. says

    aimee-i was just about to say that i mean she never really cared for those children she just handed the to michael i hope that the jackson family takes care of paris michael jr and blanket these kids need their fathers family because thats all they have left of their father and those children also need to stay together rest in peace micahael jackson king of pop

    we love you and miss you watch over your beautiful children michael

  34. miapocca says

    The first child looked exactly like Debbie rowe when he was younger…and the picture of blanket and latoya…that kid blanket has micheals eyes. He is the one not much seen, but I looked at hima nd I just could see micheals eyes adn that mop of black hair needs to be controlled…he might join the klum family with that hair style..ahahahha

    The kids are cute and I wish them the best

    RIP Micheal, the world was not ready for everything you had to offer…RIP

  35. Jes says

    That was heartbreaking. I’m not a Michael Fan, but Paris Speech brought tears in my eyes. Poor kids, hope the Jackson Family will take care of them, give them love and safety.
    Rest in Peace Michael, Jes from Germany.

  36. denise says

    aww that is so sad. it feels so weird to see all of jackos kids without their masks. i wish these children all the best.

  37. Johanna says

    The whole Memorial was sad But that was very sad Im sure everyone misses him I know i do 🙁

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