Kevin Federline & Girlfriend Take The Boys To See 'Ice Age 3'


Kevin Federline, 31, and his girlfriend, Victoria Prince, were snapped leaving the theater with Kevin’s sons, Jayden James, 2, and Sean Preston, 3, after the movie ‘Ice Age 3’ in the Bercy District, Paris, France.

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  1. morvicaud says

    Wondering how you can find Kevin sexy with that belly and four kids without all the money that goes with him. He is SO NOT a catch!

  2. Patricia says

    These boys seem to be happier when with kevin. Every shot of Britney with them they have their soother in their mouths. At least with Kevin they look like are having a great time.

  3. D says

    Gbaby, that’s Sean Preston. But they sure do look a lot alike. I can only tell them apart by their hair colour most of the time.

  4. Dnice says

    The fact that he has moved on wasn’t my point. My point was he wouldn’t have the posh lifestyle he does without Britney. And starbucks and water aside..Um duh it’s a free trip to Europe–hardly anything to scoff at and they are probably not staying at some rundown give it up yourself.

  5. Gbaby says

    its so funny how jayden james neatly places his two hands on her shoulder like hes professional or somthing lol

  6. tyler christopher says

    Tight prenup what going to public places like the water ,starbucks
    and walking around Paris it is not like they are going to Gucci
    or expensive clothing… give it up please


    Yes and the same can be said about Tom Cruise and Nicole who both have new spouses.. So be it.. For pete sakes people move
    on with their lives..and if Brit decides to have a boyfriend does
    that give the public the right to say get rid of him… They are
    GIRLFRIEND has been in the kids lives for awhile now and they
    like her so what is the problem nothig..

  8. Dnice says

    Um yes. This is what happens when you don’t have a tight pre-nup. Your ex-husband and his new girlfriend get to live it up in Europe while you’re working. And Yes June K-Fed sure has packed on the pounds!

  9. June says

    Britney’s not going to like this! Not trying to start something but I’ve been reading everywhere that Brit banned K-Fed’s g/f from the tour among other things. It was supposedly part of their agreement since she is paying him ALOT of money to let the boys tour with her and is paying for K-Fed’s touring costs as well.

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