Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry Stroll Miami Beach With Nahla


Halle Berry, 42, and partner Gabriel Aubry were snapped strolling along Miami Beach on Tuesday morning with their extremely photogenic daughter, Nahla Ariela, 1.

Halle has been open about her hope to have another baby as quickly as possible and Gabriel recently told In Touch magazine, “I’d like Nahla to have a sibling in 2009.”

Hmmm…I wonder if a brother or sister for Nahla is on the way!

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  1. Liza says

    I think Halle and Gabriel should arrange some photo sessions.The only way to keep the paps away from this beautiful child is to put a lot of photos out themselves.

    Nahla is an exceptional beauty.

  2. says

    nahla is so beautiful she looks like her father but with her mothers skin and hair she is such adroable little angel god bless the aubry family and i hope they have my chidlren

  3. Kelly says

    This is the most beautiful child I have ever seen…she will be a knockout like her mom. Wow!

  4. Dnice says

    Halle clearly hates the paps. The life they lead is such a catch 22. You wanted the fame, but with that you have to accept all that comes with it and unfortunately that includes annoying photographers tracking your every move. I agree with Sharrie, I think the more discontent you show for them the more invasive they are. Gorgeous family though. Halle should smile . You can’t be frowned up all the time. This is going to go on for the rest of your life.

  5. Lurker says

    Wow..they do NOT look happy at all!
    I can totally see these two being the next couple to have a ‘scuffle’ with the paparazzi!!

    It’s unfortunate, because I can see both sides of it…when they’re out for the public to see, then by all means, snap away! But does that also mean they arent allowed to go out in public for a quiet family outing at all?

    I understand the “we pay your salary” side of it, I suppose..I just wish that the celebs and the paps could come to some kind of an agreement as to when it’s OK for them to bug them, and when you should back off and give them a little privacy.

    It seems like when you’re famous, you can really only be alone when you’re inside your house! (And not even then sometimes!)

  6. scarlet says

    My god if you didn’t want to be in the public eye don’t do movies. You live belongs to the people. Get over it.

  7. sharrie says

    wow! If looks could kill. Halle absolutely HATES the paparazzi…and I think thats what makes them come on even stronger.

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