Brooke Burke & Daughter Share Hair Beauty Secret


Brooke’s daughter is so adorable and cooperative!


  1. anónimo says

    Brooke’s hair is really curly, the trouble is that so many fancy and style changes eventually dry it out. Brooke should leave their natural hair at least one good season or you will fall. Rain is certainly beautiful, like David.

  2. KrystyMarie says

    I LOVE Brooke Burke, but her hair is never shiny, its more of a dry matte brown. I wouldn’t advise trying this hair beauty secret! Just go to a professional hair stylist and have them deep condition your hair, it will give faster results and probably last longer!

  3. mooon says

    awww little rain is such a cutie! and brooke looks like such a good mom =)
    i agree…..brooke’s hair does look kind of dry here, makes me not even wanna try this LOL

  4. Faith, Hope, and Love says

    Allie, her other girls are older and have a different father. Quite possibly, they were visiting their father at this time or were out with friends. Rain is still very young, and spends most of her time around the house/with mom.

    This video was very cute! Also, a very good idea. I might have to try it out!

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