Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick Introduce Their Twin Daughters!


Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick have introduced their twin daughters Marion Loretta Elwell and Tabitha Hodge Broderick with this adorable family photo.

Sarah, 44, and Matthew, 47, welcomed the twin girls, born via surrogate, on Monday, June 22nd in Ohio.

Marion Loretta and Tabitha Hodge join big brother, James Wilkie, 6.

Sarah is due to start filming the Sex And The City sequel in September.



  1. Liza says

    Aw. I’m so happy for them. ..and, Annalise + Alicia, I never liked the character SJP played on her series (SATC),but Sarah herself is such a kind,articulate,intelligent ,engaging,gracious,caring, lovely woman,

    She’s a good example of how pretty on the inside can make you attractive.

  2. dori says

    such cruel cattie remarks now I know why I don’t come in here too often anymore. What a bunch of miserable women .. shame on you!!!
    Congratulations to the happy couple and their beautiful girls Wishing them all the best.

  3. LaLa says

    Yeah, I’m wondering why she didn’t use her eggs if in fact that’s what happened. If they used someone else’s then there’s a chance the kids won’t look like her – then again that’s not a bad thing.

  4. says

    why did she have to use a surrogate? is something WRONG with her reproductive organs? is she TOO OLD to carry them herself? or was she worried about shedding the PREGNANCY WEIGHT?
    oh well, who cares. she still looks like a wolf.

  5. kay says

    Eli, I ‘ve heard that it was the surrogate’s egg+M Broderick’s sperm …………………….

  6. bambamswife7 says

    What a cute family. I wish them all the happiness in the world. How refreshing to know that there are still decent people in the world of show business who don’t sell their baby pictures for money, even if it does go to charity.

  7. traveler says


    SJP said in an interview that they tried for years after James to have another child and it just didn’t happen. So, they decided to go the surrogate route since it was apparent they weren’t going to conceive.

  8. marie says

    The bitchy side of me wants to say the surrogate was so she wouldn’t get fat.. she seems awfully keen on staying semi-skeletal. I’ll bet it was fertility problems though

  9. Aimee says

    The only thing I don’t understand is why did she have a surrogate if her first child was from the natural way? Hmm..there must be fertility problems between them. To have more children, whatever way it is, is an absolute blessing. So I guess, congrats and I wish ya’ll the best of luck!

  10. Faith, Hope, and Love says

    Aww would you look at those two adorable little girls! This is a fantastic picture- so intimate and relaxed. I wish the best for SJP, Matthew, James Wilkie, Tabitha, and Marion (LOVE THE NAMES!) They are the cutest family!

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