Madonna & Mercy Leaving The Kabbalah Center


Madonna, 50, and her newly adopted daughter, Mercy, 4, were snapped leaving the Kabbalah center over the weekend. Madonna carried Mercy on her back before heading back to her London home.

Mercy is adorable!

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  1. AnnieHoney says

    Traveler…. I friend of mine had her adoptive mother tell her to “go home” whenever they fought… home being the country where they picked her up. I think this is rare, but it happens. And it doesn’t even have to be spoken out loud to be felt.

    I agree with you fully that when things go right, everyone is benefited, but it is not easy.

    Thinking about your biological parents seem to occur almost universally. I even had a friend visit her mum and sisters in Sri Lankan…

    I’m all for adoption, and would consider it myself, especially as I’m currently working in a developing nation. I just think people need to stop seeing it as saving kids. They save their parents, often. It’s like a mutually beneficial deal, but with big questions attached to it.

    There’s a fantastic French movie called HOLY LOLA about families meeting in a hotel in Vietnam (I think), all on the verge of adopting and about how childlessness affected their marriages, how they cope with their new children. It’s beautiful. Highly recommended.

  2. says

    sssooooo…MY question is, why did she have to adopt from another country? so she could look like the saving grace to these ‘poor, underpriviledged, mistreated african children’??
    PLEASE. Like it was said before, Madonna is doing this for publicity, she is trying to gain the same media hype that Angelina recieved when her and Brad adopted.
    Get a life, Madonna. It’s over. No matter how many kids you ‘save’, no matter how music videos you make, and no matter how far you gap your legs open, you will never reclaim your 80’s glamour.
    There are plenty of AMERICAN children without homes and famlies. LOTS of foster kids floating around out there, EVEN BLACK ONES (since that seems to be her flavor-of-the-decade)…why did she feel the need to travel abroad, and create such a frenzy?
    I’ll tell you why:
    She wants to be as popular as Angelina with this kid collecting thing, that’s why!

  3. Josephina says

    The hair comment is incredibly stupid. Her hair is already taken care of and if that’s that’s really the only thing she needs to worry about, then she has a fabulous life.

  4. Josephina says

    Oh please, people claiming she is only doing it for attention. She’s gotten the worse attention of her life and all her good work has been mocked and undermined. She has been practically portrayed as a monster in the media. And you don’t bring someone into your life and that of your children for the next couple decades simply for attention. She fought for that girl for years. I pity all the cynics that need to justify their hatred for someone.

    The little girl looks healthier than the girl Lola was holding hands with in Malawi because she was taken care of by Madonna’s friends for the past few months while waiting for an adoption decision. Mercy won’t have to live in an orphanage for the rest of her life and will have many opportunities. I applaud those who decide to adopt or sponsor children.

  5. Analise says

    Some stupid comments here. Of course Madonna did it for attention. That’s who she is and always has been. Hopefully the children will be loved, obviously they will be provided and cared for.

    To the person referencing her hair, look out the door. There’s a whole world out there and maybe you should explore it and get off of the internet. Poor kid with a new white Mommy and hair you don’t approve of.

    As for the religious comments. I would think Madonna would be spending time with ALL of her children during this period of adjustment and not bothering with the center. Then again, I would think that about anyone with a new child. Even those pesky Christians.

  6. traveler says


    Adoption is never a mercy mission. I’ve never seen any adoptive parent view it as such (including my parents who adopted a sibling group when I was a kid). Any parent you talk to will say that a child brings just as much to you as you do to that child (adopted, biological, or foster).

    We do need to do something about the horrible poverty in this world that puts families at disadvantages and breaks them up. Unfortunately, even if things started getting better today, it would take a long time to reverse an eternity of destitution. In the meantime, there are children who need homes and adults who would love to have them in their families. So, I think all countries (including those in the West) need to make it easier to get through the adoption process. Many people would love to adopt, but are discouraged by the horror stories of failed adoptions and the arduous process to bring a child into their family. It’s ridiculous that governments make it so hard for children to find homes.

  7. Amy says

    I don’t think that the little girl that Lourdes was holding hands with in the other picture is Mercy. She is much thinner and her skin is darker.

  8. AnnieHoney says

    There is of course, larger issues at stake, such as the question why so many parents in developing countries find they cannot care for their children. E.g. when both parents die o f HIVand a grandparent can’t care for all the children. So a parent popping out of the wood work isn’t necessarily false, they may have found themselves in too tough a situation to care for their child.

    So we need to vote for third world debt cancellation, for free trade, buy fair trade, educate ourselves about how our consumption influences other people. Give all parents a fighting chance to care for their children.

    Adoption is not a mercy mission (sorry, no pun intended). It has challenges. No child should feel indebted to their parent.

  9. traveler says

    Mercy was in an orphanage, not with family. If her family cared about her so much, they’d have taken her in and raised her. They were content to let the little girl languish in an orphanage so long as she was still in the area and they could see her in the future if they so chose. You only heard them complaining when someone wanted to give the child a home. I don’t take anything they say seriously nor do I give them my respect. I know a family that adopted from Africa and had the chance to meet the children’s father before they left the country. The father could not care for the children and was overjoyed that they would have a family that loved them. It was probably the most difficult thing he ever had to do, but he loved his children enough to put them first. He deserves my respect.

    As for Madonna, I think she’s genuine. I believe that she really did fall in love with David and wanted him to be a part of her family. I believe she loves this little girl. Raising a child is a lot of responsibility and it seems like Madonna takes parenting seriously. It’s not something entered into lightly, especially when adopting an older child that comes with a lot of baggage. I commend her for opening her life, home, and heart for two kids who really needed her.

    And to the poster that said if she were taking the child to a Christian church, no one would say a word, I say right on! That is so true. The only reason the comment about the Kabbalah center was made was because Madonna isn’t a Christian.

  10. Dnice says

    I agree with Lauren. I have state before that I don’t think Madonna’s motives are genuine but as long as the kids are taken care of that is what matters most. My only beef is she needs to do something with Mercy’s hair. I get so annoyed when white people adopt black children, particularly female and don’t know how to care for their hair.

  11. Gbaby says

    o and im glad madonna adopted cute pudgy little mercy…i know she will give her a better life than the one she was having… its a good thing that high profile people like madonna and angelina are adpoting these children because it will probably encourage the next person to adopt them too. thats what they need anyway, a home to go to. they dont want to stay where they’re at, they want to go home to a real family, weather they are celebrities or regular people.

  12. Gbaby says

    flo, “queen angelina”? youve got to be kidding me…what do you do say your prayers to “queen angelina” before u go to sleep or somthing?? What do you worship “Queen angelina”? lol aww man thats too halarious.

  13. Lauren says

    Mercy is a cutie! I do believe Madonna does these things for media attention but as long as Mercy or even David are well cared for, that’s all the matters. As well as Lourdes and Rocco too.

  14. Amy says

    I don’t think anyone should be judging Madonna, or any other celebrity for that matter for adopting a child who would otherwise grow up with no parents. There is nothing in this child’s face that would make me think that she is unhappy.
    In regards to her religion, I don’t think there is anything wrong with Madonna introducing her new daughter to her religion. No one would say anything if it was a Christian church that she was taking her to, so whats the difference. And why shouldn’t Madonna carry Mercy on her back? I do it with my children all the time. Its no big deal.
    I’m happy to see that this little girl has a new home and a mom and siblings to spoil and love her. Go Madonna!

  15. ShinyHappyPeople says

    Um, Flo. She was not living with her family, she was dumped in an orphanage for her whole life. “Family” started coming out of the woodwork only when the case became a media sensation. Why weren’t they there before, rescuing Mercy from life in an orphanage?
    She does look healthy though, I’ll give you that. Thank goodness she was well cared for in the orphanage.

  16. Flo says

    This was a perfectly healthy little girl living in her own country with her family and friends. She is plump and glowing with health not starving too death the way Madonna claimed. Madonna tore her away from her culture, language, village and country because she is selfish, bratty and thinks she runs the world and no one can say NO to her because she is Queen Of The World. I feel sorry for Mercy with this media hag for a mother. Madonna is copying The real Queen Angelina but she will never be as great as Angelina!

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