Michael Jackson's Children Staying With Their Grandmother And "Doing Fine"


( In the above pic Michael was snapped with son, Prince, and daughter, Paris, in LA earlier this month)

After Michael Jackson’s sudden passing, his three children “are doing fine,” says Brian Oxman, the Jackson family attorney for 20 years.

“They are in the care of a nanny,” he told Us magazine, adding that they’re staying with their grandmother, Katherine. “Ms. Jackson will care for them and I’m sure there will be all kinds of discussions that will take place about the kids.”

The children – Blanket, 7, Paris, 11, and Prince Michael, 12 – are “just beautiful,” Oxman said. “They’re well-trained, well educated and extraordinarily talented. They get to play with their cousins and their nieces and their nephews. They are just smarter than smart can be.”

(Paris and Prince Michael were born through artificial insemination when Michael was briefly wed to Debbie Rowe. Prince Michael Jackson II’s mother’s identity was never released.)

Oxmon told Us magazine that Jackson family members are still struggling to cope with the shocking loss.

“They are stunned,” Oxman said. “They are barely even able to speak about it.”

Oxman was with the family at the hospital (mother Katherine, brothers Randy and Jermaine, and sister LaToya, arrived separately at the hospital for vigil).

“They were silent, they were crying, they weren’t really able to say anything,” he said. “They just were stunned by this whole experience.”

Added Oxman, “I know that they are now all together.”

Thoughts and prayers to Michael’s family.

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  1. Family friend of the Jacksons says

    And God Bless the ENTIRE Jackson Family I know it’s sad whe you lose an uncle, cousin, friend, and my deepest regaurds go to Katherine and Joe who just lost their own SON famous or not

  2. Family friend of the Jacksons says

    And leave his kids ALONE too!!!! And for yalls information they are NOT staying with Joe Jackson, Joe and Katherine don’t even live together anymore. And besides custudy went to Katherine, NOT Joe. His kids love and adore Katherine, as did Michael and there NO other person they want to be with. And so what if Katherine is old they have alot of other family like all of Michael brothers and sisters. And what could katherine do back then she was getting abuse too. But she did leave him and katherine love and adores ALL her family adn would do ANYTHING for them.

  3. Maria says

    Leave Micheal Jackson ALONE!!!! It’s bad enough yall talked about him like a dog all those years, and now yall wanna talke about his own MOTHER, who just lost HER son. I don’t care who Michael Jackson was famous or not you still DON’T talk about nobody’s mother that he loved and adored, michael jackson must be turning in his grave with what yall are saying about him.

  4. dori says

    OHHH that Joie Jackson with the world knowing how he abused his children I am surprised any court would allow custody of the children to go the him and his wife Besides they are in their 80’s and way too old to be raising children. I wouldn’t trust Joe jackson around kids ever!!!

  5. dori says

    Debbie Rowe gave up her rights to the kids for very large settlements and that is common knowledge. Mishel didn’t want her in their lives and probbly enough people know it to be true that she will not get her hands on them ever. I am extremely sad at the loss of the greates talent of our time and how the media and certain people tried to destroy the wonderful humanitarian and loving man to so many chlidren because a few menatlly disabled people chose to go after Michaels money He won the case never founf guilty on any of the false charges made upon him He settled just to not have to deal with the mess. He had Neverland because of his love of children and his belief in Peter Pan He himself was a child at heart and would never have a abused a child . The media destroyed this man and his career. My heart breaks for the loss of him and sadness his children must feel having to lose a wonderful father that he was to them.

  6. oriana says

    Nicki, call me when you see this. I have missed you and think about what you are doing every day! This is very touching to me about the POW flag and the Vets. I am going to a friend’s house on the 4th, go every year, 5 homes go and lots of Special O athletes, about 30. I hope it isn’t over 100 for I can’t take the heat!

    Absolutely, God Bless You All Brave Soldiers!

    I am so hurt over Michael’s passing. I hope he is at peace and I feel so sad for his children. I detest Joe Jackson, he took a Michael lookalike to the BET awards with him, tacky as Hell! The old Coot!

  7. Nicki says

    Hey sweet oriana. How are you. I miss chatting with you. I hope you have a wonderful 4th of July.
    I can’t wait until I get to hang the POW flag at the PO. I have only been working once to hang it. We have at the (other PO I work at) many many VFW’s living in our town. It is an honor to see them come in, many teary eyed, and salute at our flags and decorations. Such wonderful, brave and couragious men and women we have to thank for all our good fourtune, and I do that everytime they come in.
    God Bless our Soliders Everyday!!! Thank You.

    oriana~I hope to talk to you soon–maybe next week, I hope. Miss you and hope all is going good I will chat or talk with you soon. Best wishes, and am always thinking
    about you. XO

  8. oriana says

    Georgia, thank you for your comment my Dear! I think the family will rail around the kids and I think they will be well loved and cared for. No one will ever replace Michael with them and I truely believe he gave them unconditional love, and they to him. It wouldn’t surprise me if Janet doesn’t play a strong role with them, she has no children of her own and I see her definitely stepping up to the plate.

    Joe Jackson wants the limelight I think and I feel that he does love his grandkids, all of them, I know I have heard it many times that grandparents do love them differently than their own so I am praying and trusting the children will be in good hands. He lives in Vegas now and not with Catherine. I think LaToya will stay with her mother also to help care for them.

  9. Aimee says

    Orianna and Shinyhappypeople ,you should read what debbie rowe said about her children …she is already selling her stories about micahel to the tabloids….she said she loaned Michael her womb and that she perfers her animals over her own children and that she does not want them…any parent that would have a baby with a man and terminate their parental rights for a few million dollars is unfit..I dont care how you try and sugar coat it .

    Let me ask you a question

    How much are your children worth and how much money would it take for you to terminate YOUR parental rights

  10. Georgia says

    # 22 – oriana – you hit the nail on the head! Katherine let her son be abused by her husband and i have no respect for her for allowing that. I dont think Michael would have wanted his children to be raised by his father, he is such a horrible horrible man! On the same note, i really hope Debbie Rowe will not get custody of the kids, anyone who has previously wanted to sign away their parental rights does NOT deserve those children! I want Jermaine or Janet to get the children!

  11. Wow! says

    Since he died, I read a lot of people agains Debbie Rowe… She was briefly married to Michael. Many people describe her as a b*ch that sold her kids. I don’t really know what happened. Nobody actually knows. And before he died everybody agreed about he was veeeery weird. Who knows what they agreed, who knows if she had to give up, who knows if she’s got scared due to some threat to her… who knows! And we’ll never will.

    I’m not telling I wish the kids were with her, now they barely know her I think. I only wish these kids find some support somewhere and find somebody that loves them and can give them some comfort, because they are not going to have it easy in the next few years with all those money problems…

  12. Nicki says

    RIP Michael Jackson. One, of the very few, greatest entertainers of all time. So very sad!
    I would love to see people wait until after his will was read to see what his wishes were. I would like to see if Joe and Kathrine would “jump” at the chance to take these kids (at 80+ yrs old if let’s say…..)if the children didn’t get a dime of whatever he left for them until they were 25 years old.
    I believe all that were part of the childrens life before his death happened should continue to be part of thier lives. I hope thier long time nanny is staying with them, I would think she spent the most time with them, after thier Dad of course.
    Best wishes to his sons and daughter.

  13. uk film critic says

    To me Jermaine seems the best person to look after these children, he’s kind and very close to them and has kids similar age to them and has remained close to Michael,. But l suppose if their over 12 years old, they can decide. l dont know how old ‘Blanket’ is.

  14. ... says

    I don’t hope, that Debbie gets full custody, she’s the mum of Prince and Paris, but what about Blanket? Please, don’t seperate those poor kids.

  15. Tanya says

    I am deeply saddened to hear of Michael Jacksons death a few days ago. About his Children Prince, Paris and Blanket – I`m not sure whos better at taking care of them: their mother Debbie Rowe, grandparents Katherine and Joe Jackson or their longtime live in nanny.
    Right now its probably best for them to stay with the Jackson family who obviously know and love those children very much during this difficult time.
    But I also think that Prince and Paris mother should step up to the plate and gain some of the custody for them or at least play a bigger part in her childrens life. Now shes got her chance to get to know the children she gave up for Michael many years ago.

  16. Claire says

    Actually, Michael himself said in that interview “Living With Michael” that they call him Blanket bc he considers a blanket a blessing and so that when you use the expression “to blanket someone” it is like you are blessing them…he also said that blankets represent love and security or something to that effect.

  17. oriana says

    Aimee, I have no respect for Catherine, she was his mother when he was younger and didn’t do what she could have to protect him from an abusive father, and believe me, 18 or 80, a man can still be abusive. I don’t think Debbie Rowe has any rights to the children, she sold those Rights long ago. I hope the whole family pulls together to give them the love and protection they need, but their lives will never be the same again. I think he was a wonderful loving father and I am glad they had a few years with him to remember a loving father. Joe Jackson makes me sick to my stomach and everyone in the music business knew what a despicable man he was. Hopefully he will be a better grandfather than the father that he was.

  18. Lauren says

    This is the most shocking celebrity death since Anna Nicole died. I hope that he’s at peace now. I pray that his children find the comfort and warmth they need. Rest in Paradise Michael. You are a legend and will always be remembered.

  19. ShinyHappyPeople says

    #17 Aimee, I’m sorry but unless you know Debbie Rowe personally you don’t know how much she has been in her kids’ lives or seen them.
    All we know is what has been reported, and that is Debbie Rowe tried to gain custody of her children two different times over the years and was unsuccessful. Eventually she filed to terminate parental rights but never followed through. Her rights are still intact. Nobody knows if there was a private agreement or settlement between her & Michael or not. But it is obvious that it would be almost impossible for her to win against Michael’s huge team of lawyers and of course his money.
    I hope she finally gets custody of her children now. They should be with their mom unless she is unfit, and there is no indication of that.

  20. ShinyHappyPeople says

    #17 Aimee, I’m sorry but unless you know Debbie Rowe personally you don’t know how much she has been in her kids’ lives or seen them.
    All we know is what has been reported, and that is Debbie Rowe tried to gain custody of her children two different times over the years and was unsuccessful. Eventually she filed paperwork to terminate parental rights but never followed through. Her rights are still intact. Nobody knows if there was a private agreement or settlement between her & Michael or not. But it is obvious that it would be almost impossible for her to win against Michael’s huge team of lawyers and of course his money.
    I hope she finally gets custody of her children now. They should be with their mom unless she is unfit, and there is no indication of that.

  21. ShinyHappyPeople says

    To #7 Lurker,
    Yes it was Michael who gave his son the nickname of Blanket. He had the name Blanket before the dangling incident.
    I have seen it inaccurately reported that the nickname was bestowed on him by the media after the balcony incindent, which is why you probably believe it to be true. But it isnt.
    I saw the documentary which aired several years ago which showed michael feeding and nervously jiggling the baby, the reporter asked Michael why he calls the baby “Blanket”. Michael said that the name meant “blanketed with love”. And this interview occured before the baby was dangled.
    That said, I couldn’t have been more shocked when I learned of Michael Jacksons untimely death. He was obviously a troubled soul but no denying his legend and pure artistic genius.

  22. Aimee says

    Orianna Joe JAckson is 80 years old….IM highly dount that he is going to be able to harm the children ..PLus he and Katherine have not lived together for years SO Im sure the children will be fine.I just hope debbie rowe.She practically sold her children to Michael and has not been in their lives she barley knows them

  23. oriana says

    My concern is for the children now. Michael, whatever his flaws, was a Genius and I think, a very good person. I have doubts about his Mother with the children, after all, she didn’t do a very good job protecting him from his Dad did she? I believe he was beaten and never allowed to have a normal childhood, I blame her for a lot of that. I hope he is at peace now and I wish the best for his children.

  24. Nicole says

    ” I’m Peter Pan, and Peter Pan never dies! ” – Michael Jackson. Talented? Hell yeah. Weirdo? Hell yeah!!

  25. Tia :) says

    R.I.P. Michael…there are no words to express how SHOCKED I am. How devastating it is to his poor children

    You see, what makes me really, really mad is when people start on his childrens names. What most people don’t know is that the name “Prince” is a family name. Michael’s maternal grandfathers name was Prince, Prince was named after his grandfather. The children’s names are Michael Joseph jr., Paris Michael Katherine and Prince Michael….i dont exactly know why he called his first born Prince when it wasnt his name…anyone know why?

  26. RachieUK says

    This story is so sad, I’m still really shocked that it’s even happened! Those poor kids, as if it’s not hard enough the world they were growing up in, this happens =[ I also have to say that it’s such a shame people like Cecelia can’t even think of something constructive or remotely kind to say when those kids have just lost their dad. Grow up.

  27. karen and steve says

    dear jackson’s we will miss michael and his tallent danceing and most inportantiy his sence of humor

  28. denise says

    this is just such a sad story.
    i was never a fan of michael jacksons persona or music, but he was the elvis presley of my generation and it does feel that there is a part of this worl missing with his passing.

    my prayers go out to his children and his family who suffer so much with losing him.

    all the best to all of them.

    rip, michael, you were truly a legend.

  29. jennifer says

    it is obvious that micheal was one of the biggest entertainers and even though i didnt very much listen to his music i hope he i send my condolences to his family

  30. Lurker says

    I’m actually glad to see this snippet about this story on this site.

    I am almost without words about this loss. As a child of the 80s, it seems to leave an almost empty feeling in my stomach.
    Michael Jackson was by far one of THE biggest entertainers that has ever lived..and aside from all else, I hope people won’t forget he was also a father to three children that I’m sure he loved very much..and for however much the world is going to miss him, double, triple, QUADRUPLE that for his kids.

    I was wondering where they were during this time..and I hope that they are getting all the love and support they need during this horrendous time in their lives.

    Oh and #4..of course he didn’t actully NAME one of his sons “Blanket”.
    It is a nickname given to the baby from the infamous scene several years ago when he was at a hotel in (I think!) Germany and held the baby outside of his balcomy so the screaming fans below could “see his child”. (Prince Michael II, I believe, is the little boy’s given name.)
    May not have been one of the brightest things a person has ever done, and I know I couldn’t do it..but I also don’t doubt he had a pretty tight hold on that squirmy baby at the time. In any case, that’s why they call him “Blanket”.

    Overall, I echo the others in saying Rest In Peace Michael.. you will be missed by many.

  31. SbK says

    This is such a shame. Michael Jackson was a LEGEND, his music was awesome, I grew up listening to his albums. I am still so shocked that he is no longer! My thoughts are with hs family and his children, I know how terrible it is to lose a father. Rest in peace Mr Jackson

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