An Expectant Gisele Bundchen Out Shopping


An expectant Gisele was snapped out shopping yeserday in LA with some friends. She is starting to show a little bit!

Splash News Online


  1. says

    HOW, on God’s green earth, did this monstrosity EVER become a ‘Model’???
    She looks like the witch in the gingerbread house, warming up the oven for hansel and gretel!

  2. miapocca says

    She is in a a big hurry to have a baby to show bridget something,w hatever it is..he brady guy lacks a lot of brain cells and needs a pushy nazi to make his decisions, thats been pretty obvious for while…teh next stop is divorceville when another pushier lady comes along to claim him./
    What a pathetic sow

  3. June says

    I agree! Gisele seems clingy and controlling! I bet Bridget can’t stand her! Once Gisele has her baby she’ll be one wicked stepmom!

  4. mooon says

    it would be great to see KARMA take a part of this, after she HOMEWRECKED with his first babymomma. HAHA what goes around comes around..its inevitable. She is stupid not too think that if he did it to Bridget, why wouldnt he do it to her? i dont see what everybody sees in this broad anyway, i personally think shes ugly, nothing compared to beautiful Bridget who is classy 🙂 not trashy like her.

  5. Em says

    yuck, I can’t stand her after seeing how strangely possessive and inappropriate she was w/ her husband’s child w/ another woman. I normally don’t comment on celebs that I don’t care for, but I couldn’t help myself this time hahah 😉

  6. SbK says

    Ooo, she is starting to show, still looks like she’s just eaten a big lunch though, has it actually been confirmed that she’s expecting yet? I love that colour purple

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