Gisele Bundchen Joyfully Preparing For Baby


Expectant supermodel Gisele Bündchen is enjoying focusing on family and home life these days.

“I am crazy about children … I am an adoptive mother … I’ve already had this experience for two years,” she shared in a recent TV interview with Brazil’s Fantastico, of her relationship with husband Tom Brady’s 21-month-old son John Brady, whose mother is actress Bridget Moynahan.

She also raves about getting married this past Spring. “I think I’ve met the right person, my partner, my companion,” she says. “I already knew that we would get married a year and a half before we got married. We felt it. The heart spoke louder.”

Consequently, her priorities have changed. “Before … I had to go out, had to work. Now I think about it twice, three times, four times. So I only do the things that I really want to do,” Gisele said. “I prefer to stay at home. The big husband wins. Because of this relationship, what is most important to me is the family. Now I am creating my other family.”

And, in addition to preparing for her new baby, she wants to prepare … dinner. Said Gisele, who turns 29 in July, “I am Cancer. I want to stay at home, cooking, relaxing. You have to follow the heart.”

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  1. Mady says

    @Bonitto … I’m aware than John is Tom’s (and Bridget’s) son and that Gisele is Tom’s wife. Thanks for the clarification… I guess. Where in that family tree do you see that Gisele is the “adoptive” mother?

    And what does that have to do w/my opinion on Gisele? Sounds to me like you are the idiot.

  2. Bonitto says

    You are the damm idiot Mady, not Gisele. And you can talk all you want because everything that comes out of your is rubbish and nonsense, John is Tom Brady son and Gisele is his wife.

  3. Mady says

    @#15 – Dnice:

    I may be a bit cynical but honey I’m not the reason for step parent issues – It’s people like Gisele who overstep their boundaries that cause issues…

    My best friend has helped raise her step son since he was 3 yrs old and she deserves a 50/50 mother title since his birth mom pretty much abandoned him as a baby. The mom does get visitations but in this case the birth mom has no right to criticize the way my friend is raising the son she didn’t have time for. So you see – I think I have an open opinion on the subject depending on the matter. I think Gisele is an idiot!

  4. Liz says

    also, why would she regret not giving her son his last name? She’s the one living with him, raising him and taking care of all his paperwork (school, dr’s, bills) It’s much easier for him to have her name. It’s not done out of spite. It’s bc she is his main caregiver. Brady wasn’t her husband.

  5. Liz says

    I’m sorry, but your a STEP-MOTHER dumbass. Not an adoptive mother. He has a mother that takes care of him!!!! Unless, it’s your confusion on the english language shut up.

  6. Dnice says

    I don’t think she regrets not giving him Tom’s last name. It was purposely done out of spite.

  7. Maybe says

    #17 Nicki, why would Briget regret not giving her son Tom’s last name? They were never married and no longer together. I don’t think she regrets it at all. He’s a Moynihan and that’s the way it is.

  8. Nicki says

    I think Bridget will someday regret, if she doesn’t already, not giving John Toms’ last name. It was her choice as a single mother to do that. For whatever reason she did it, it is done.
    Most quotes from overseas interviews don’t translate well.
    Giselle is exicted about her baby and loves John. Sounds like a win win situation for the children involved. Any mother who loves her son and puts his needs first, as Bridget appears to be doing, would be thrilled that that his step mommy loves him.
    Sounds like John is very much loved and will be a great big brother. Best wishes to all.

  9. Dnice says

    @ # 13 Mady – With your attitude about your child being yours and your exes, your husband probably doesn’t refer to your son as anything but your kid. Do they have a bond? Who cares what Gisele calls him. It’s obvious that she adores him and that’s all that matters. My “step” dad has been in my life since I was 2, but I call him Dad and that’s all he has ever been to me. You saying a step-mom should know their role is the reason so many blended families have turmoil. The love and bond is the important thing, not the title. Bridget Moynihan gave her so much crap about having Brady in pictures and her saying it felt like he was hers, that maybe she chose her wording carefully to avoid more bad press. She’s been in Brady’s life his entire life and even if she isn’t his mother she is a mother figure to him.

  10. kinny says

    Gizelle is a beauty with a bad attitude. Maybe she’ll loose her figure over this??? (Kinny is envious and hopeful for this) hehehe…

  11. Mady says

    #12 – if my friend call my son her “adoptive son” that’s one thing. If my ex’s new wife called my son her “adoptive son” I’d be upset! I think a step mom should know her role unless the father has the custody the majority of the time and the birth mom gets visitations.

    I don’t care what anyone thinks – my child is MINE and MY EX’s child. My husband does not refer to my child as his “adoptive son”.

  12. Dnice says

    tsk tsk tsk. Some of you are so technical. I call my best friend’s son my adoptive because he is like a son to me too. She loves Tom and his son and I don’t understand why she gets so much flack for it. It’s her first baby and her first marriage and if you ask me she has the right attitude about it. The baby will be gorgeous and I can’t wait to see it.

  13. mslewis says

    This interview was done in Brazil and translated into english. I’m sure Gisele meant “stepson” not “adoptive son.” People need to chill. Obviously Gisele is a very happy woman who loves her husband and loves her husband’s son. What’s wrong with that. Tom gets custody of Jack for one week out of each month. I have a feeling Bridgett is very glad that Gisele loves him so much. He’s a very lucky little boy.

  14. KMS says

    How is this gross? A woman is excited about her first child. And she happens to love her step-son as her own. What is wrong with that?

  15. val says

    I dont see anything wrong in how Gisele words things.All that matters is she loves Tom and loves his son.Wouldnt most of you women/men who have gone thru a divorce be thrilled to have the”other’women love your children as much as Gisele does.

  16. KMS says

    Who cares if she says that about her step-son? At least she embraces him as her own, I see nothing wrong with that. I would much rather have my children’s step-mom say things like that than to not treat them well.

    Congrats to this couple!

  17. sue says

    I REALLY dislike her. I am not sure if it is a HUGE language barrier. But her quotes are sooooo annoying. “Adoptive mother” have to say home because “big husband wins”. Something is wrong with her.

  18. nosoupforyou says

    Step-mother not “adoptive mother” and she was nothing but daddy’s girfriend until recently.

  19. DMITZ says

    Adoptive Mother? I don’t get it… This girl doesn’t seem to know how to word things! More like ADAPTIVE mother Gisele…

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