Matthew McConaughey & Camila Alves Expecting Their Second Child!


Matthew McConaughey had an extra special Father’s Day! Matthew revealed on his Web site Sunday night that he and Camila are expecting their second child! The hew addition will join 11-month-old big brother, Levi.

“Happy Father’s Day. It’s my first, and the last 11 months with Levi and Camila have been the most rewarding adventure to date,” Matthew wrote. “We have more blessed news to celebrate this Father’s Day that [will] make this time next year double the fun. Levi is going to be a big brother… Yeah, we pulled off the greatest miracle in the world one more time, Camila and I are expecting our second child, bringing more life into the world, making more to live for. The future looks bright as the family grows…. just keep livin, Matthew and Camila.”

Matthew, 39, shared with People magazine in May that fatherhood “is a wild, wonderful adventure. It’s a great new chapter in life, for sure.”

Best Wishes!

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  1. Amanda says

    I am actually surprized they are still together much less having another child. They do make beautiful babies and are great parents though.

  2. DMITZ says

    Congrats to the expecting family!

    You know and this is just a thought… this is a good way to handle pregnany confirmations. Otherwise the paparrazzi will stalk the family with pregnancy speculations until they confirm it. This way it’s done and over with and they can be left alone. I know it’s no ones business and they shouldn’t have to explain themselves to anyone but I bet they’ll be less bothered by someone trying to get a “baby bump – is she/isn’t she” shot.

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