Denise Richards & Lola In Hawaii


Denise Richards, 38, and her daughter Lola, 4, were snapped out for a walk in Hawaii along a beach path. 

Splash News Online


  1. allison says

    you guys are so weird to be judgemental why sometimes these kids don’t smile. obviously if you all have kids I assume they are all smiley 24/7?? these are paprazzi shots…what would your kids do if they were stalked by strangers all the time??

  2. Mpule says

    1…2…..3 and she smiles! I thought a lot of people complained that lola never smiles and I said some situations cause most kinds to be sad BUT not all, now who’re puting their tails behind their backs?…ha ha ha!

  3. RubyJackson says

    ha ha, I was so happy to see her smiling, too… then I saw the scowl in the third pic! She’s pretty when she’s smiling.

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