Denise Richards & Daughters Enjoy Walk Along The Beach In Hawaii


Denise Richards, 38, was snapped walking along the beach in Hawaii with daughters Sam, 5, and Lola, 4. 

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  1. DMITZ says

    I think Denise seems like she’s come a long way from her fame wh@ring days and bitter husband stealing ways. I think she realized that she needed to make some changes and from what I can tell they seem to be doing her some good. Her girls are hardly on the show so I don’t think she’s taking advantage of the situation.

  2. Liza says

    Bootsie,are you serious? If anyone,ANYONE in hollywood needs a fashion consultant, it’s Denise.

  3. Bootsie K says

    I think Denise is a gorgeous mom and the girls are adorable! Does anybody know the designer of the lemon suit? It’s so cute!

  4. Amanda says

    Those girls need therapy. The whole family does. But they are very beautiful just like thier mother.

  5. denise says

    i do feel very sad for these kids, especially sam.

    i´ve watched denise´s show and even on the show, this girl hardly ever smiled, never heard her laughing.
    lola seems to be a bit happier.

    i hope that charlie and denise can get their act together for the sake of these beautiful girls.

  6. Alex says

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  7. Lauren says

    Sam is just a little girl. I wouldn’t be smiling if paparazzi cameras are always going off in my face either.

  8. sophia says

    or it may be that the paparazzi is constantly around calling to them so they can get pictures! fyi there are plenty of celebrity children who still smile/happy Kingston Violet Eden Savannah Harlow Bluebell Sean and Jayden, many more Sam is a miserable little girl. Use some other excuse.

  9. JG says

    I LOVE the fact that she has put one-piece swimsuits on her girls. There’s nothing I can’t stand more than bikinis on little girls.

  10. KMS says

    Enough of the “Sam is so sad” comments. She might just not be one of those kids who is constantly giggling out in public. give her a break.

  11. K says

    The little girl is never happy because she has more sense then both her parents put together.I will give you Charlie is a crappy father to her,but Denise has told sold those girls out,she is notorius for calling the paparazzi and telling them where she is taking the girls,and then putting them on her stupid reality show,she isn’t a very good mother either.
    Isnt that tie supposed to be tied on the back on her swimsuit?? it looks really weird.

  12. Gbaby says

    wow sam is a very pretty little girl

    her father act like we are living back in the days where the man wants nothin but a male heir from the wife

    u never see charlie with his girls…that would be a miracle
    the only time u see him is when hes on a magazine talking about how his newborn boys made him a changed man….what about sam and lola not to mention he has another daughter someplace else we never see her around.

    thats probably why these girls never smile cuz miss thier dad.

  13. addison says

    Sam rarely smiles. I only seen like 2 pictures of the little girl smiling. Such a shame she’s always have the same miserable look.

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