David Duchovny & Family Spend Father's Day At The Beach


David Duchovny, 48, and Tea Leoni, 43, spent Father’s Day on the beach in Malibu with their children Madelaine, 10, and Kyd, 7.

Tea is in amazing shape and very muscular!

The couple had announced their separation last fall after David entered rehab for sex addiction, but the couple have apparently reconciled and may even be renewing their wedding vows in November.

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  1. Nicki says

    Deb, I am sure they were seen together before he entered rehab, they were shooting a movie together. And I did mean while he was in rehab she was seen at a club with him. His band was playing.
    I don’t believe she was the problem or any part of it. David has a kinky side and it hasn’t been a secret for a long long time now. Well before he married Tea. Whatever heat he is getting it has been a long time coming, and he has finally owned up to it.
    I wish them luck and hope they will be happy.

  2. Deb says

    Sorry Nicki but she was seen with BBT before and DURING the time David was in rehab. I have a feeling that she has a lot more to do with their problems than people think, David is just taking all the heat for it.

  3. Nicki says

    No Marie, she was complaining because he was addicted to sex with anyone and everyone. Her hanging around Billy Bob Thorton was after he was in Rehab for sex addiction.
    So maybe she blew off a little steam, maybe they were just friends ( they do have a movie coming out.)

    Thier girl looks just like David. Glad they are trying to work things out. Best wishes to the family.

  4. Dnice says

    It was probably a combination of his sex addiction and the dirty text messages he allegedly found in Tea’s phone. We all have our demons, I am glad that they are trying to work it out. I’ve always like them as a couple.

  5. angela says

    It is a bit confusing…it was said that the reason for breaking up was Tea’s affair with Bob Thornton??

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