Christie Brinkley & Daughter At The 6th Annual Starlight Benefit Gala


Christie Brinkley, 55, and daughter Alexa Ray Joel, 23, were snapped at the 6th Annual Club Starlight benefit gala at Ross School in East Hampton on June 20th. Alexa performed at the event. Though Christie was at the event, father Billy Joel chose to stay home. It was said he didn’t want his presence to take away from her special night.

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  1. marti says

    They certainly are beautiful, but Alexa looks nothing like her Mom .. she got all of her Daddys’ genes for sure.

  2. RachieSac says

    Please tell me (because I can’t seem to figure out) how does Christie walk with that dress on??

    It looks too gathered at the bottom for her to even be able to walk…


    Now that Billy has ended his marriage maybe he can get back with
    Christie since she seems to be in contact with him a lot these days..

  4. Me, that's who says

    I love this picture, she is definitley Billy Joel’s daughter!

    It just seems that once christie shed herelf a loser, she looks more stunning! GO GIRL!

  5. SbK says

    I don’t know who they are, but I had trouble telling which was the mother and which was the daughter. Both very pretty though

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