Family Photos Of David Charvet With His Children


David Charvet and wife, Brooke Burke, have two children together.

“Most people go back and forth between whether Rain looks more like me or like Brooke,” David, 37, said of Rain, 2. “She makes my heart melt and skip a beat.”


David loves spending time with son Shaya, 1, and the two often head to the beach to look at all the different birds by the ocean. “Little does he know I learn more from him,” he said.


David and Shaya spend warm days bounding in the swimming pool. “When he came into my life, I found my new best friend,” David said of his self-proclaimed co-pilot. “I really hope to be his best friend one day.”

Awww….that’s really sweet!



  1. Brenna says

    Rain looks like her mother, she’s just light complected like her dad. Look at that blonde hair! But she looks like Brooke. The boy, Shaya, he’s the opposite. He has David’s features, looks a lot like him, but he’s more tanned. Shaya has his daddy’s face, but his mom’s coloring.

  2. Dee says

    The kids are gorgeous as are the parents. Brooke will not marry her self-proclaimed soul mate because she would lose her alimony from her ex plastic surgeon hubby. Sounds a bit crummy to me. I’m sure David is thrilled at this. She is beautiful no doubt but is pretty self absorbed and impressed with herself. David seems nice.

  3. katty says

    I can’t believe how old he looks 🙁 I was just watching baywatch the other day, with him playing a mere 17 year old. How fast time flies! I can’t believe this lucky bugger was dating Pamela at the time. She was so gorgeous back then and he downgraded with Brooke. But I guess she downgraded even worse with Tommy!

  4. Kelly says

    Ugh, I hate this guy. He seems like such a phoney. Did I spell that right? Sorry, but how do these two afford their lifestyle? Are they not married because she wouldn’t get money from her plastic surgeon hubby anymore? Sweet children and I am sure he is a good father.

  5. Sam says

    rains is pretty shaya is just cute but there parents are gorgeous i bet they will be gorgeous when they grow older

  6. joueala says

    very CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTEEEEEEEEEE babies..for me, its okie for rain to be naked since she’s still two..but yeah, i have also that comment before

  7. Toni says

    Please get your facts straight, he is Not her husband, but her fiance. She stated that several times on Dancing With The Stars.

  8. Jessica says

    I think these pictures are adorable. Suuuuuch gorgeous children! But I am just waiting for everyone to start saying the one where his daughter is naked is innappropriate.


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