Sharon Stone & Sons In Beverly Hills


Sharon Stone, 51, a male friend and sons, Laird, 4, and Quinn, 3, were snapped making a trip to a medical building in Beverly Hills.

Sharon also has a 9-year-old son named Roan. All of her sons are adopted.

Splash News Online


  1. Jules says

    Google the details about the recent custody case. This woman is a complete nutjob. Always was, she just hid it better back in the day. Google the part about how she wanted to give son Roan botox shots in his feet because she said they were too stinky. That was just one part of it. The chick is whacked.

  2. Jade says

    Is it required for you to mention the children are adopted? Regardless whether they are or not they are still her children.

  3. mslewis says

    And Roan’s daddy has sole custody of him because he proved Sharon Stone is crazy as a loon and should not be around children. It’s too bad the other two boys have no father to fight for custody of them!!! Roan is a very lucky little boy.

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