Christina Aguilera & Max At Color Me Mine


Christina Aguilera, 28, was snapped taking Max, 1, to Color Me Mine to make a Father’s Day gift.


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  1. says

    He is a cute baby, that’s for sure. It’s obviousl that he doesn’t have anything resembling Down Syndrome. He’s got some baby fat on his face, but hello, he’s a baby! Some people are just too much. First off, to throw around accusations of Down Syndrome like it’s a relevant insult is just stupid. Second, if you’re going to try and make an armchair diagnosis of a genetic disorder like Down Syndrome from a photograph, then it would help to familiarize yourself with the actual symptoms that would allow you to do so accurately. He’s an adorable child, and I hope he and his mother got a great present for the Dad of honor!

    Donald from Down’s Syndrome

  2. daddy's boy says

    Funny how all these kids with the pretty moms (Christina, Denise R, Christy B) look more like their unattractive dads… Guess its nature’s way of making sure daddy knows who he is! But how unfortunate!

  3. gwenn says

    Christinaa looks gorgeouss. like usually. Max is cutee but i wish he looked more like his mamma. i dont think that whats his face.. jordan is all that attractive.

  4. LadyOne says

    I was always told if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. Therefore I will be quiet.

  5. Daniella says

    I personally think he’s adorable. And man, does he ever look like his daddy. I see some of Christina in him, but overall, Max is all daddy.

    And speaking as someone who has an older cousin with Down syndrome: no one on here has the right to go around & diagnose an innocent child. I’m positive that none of those people who made such rude, thoughtless comments are doctors, so shut up & leave the diagnosing to the people who actually know what they’re talking about. Besides, how would you feel if you were not used to a lot of attention & then suddenly had a bunch of flashing cameras thrust into your face? Quite stunned, I would think.

    Little Max is adorable & his parents should be very proud to have such a sweet little boy. That’s all I have to say.

  6. lupe says

    not only people say mean things about innocent kid but i’m sure they even wish there’s something wrong with them. saying this kid has down syndrome is awful and disgusting. it’s just like people who said suri has no friends, shiloh is not loved, jayden has FAS, denise richards’ girls are not happy…….
    it sounds like it makes some people feel better to think celebrities have big problem!

  7. Sarah says

    Whoa, some of these comments are hateful. Well, I think he’s a gorgeous little boy along with his gorgeous parents. All out gorgeous family!

  8. Jenna says

    Chris you are an idiot! Max does not have Down Syndrome! You’re obviously starving for attention!!!

  9. says

    i work at that color me mine. and i was there when she came in.
    her son is cute. sometimes people look waaaay different in photos.
    i was on another website to see if i possibly got some camera time. but people are talking so much crap about her 17 months old son!
    hes a cutie, i was playing with im at the paint counter he was helping me with the paint!

    if your in LA come to COLOR ME MINE STUDIO CITY!

  10. joueala says

    yeah!. .he’s a Jordan Bratman Jr.. .but he also has features from christina. .wait a minute, i seldom see this lil guy. .thats y im surprised to see how big he is now

  11. Alex says

    hes cute he looks like bolth parents and i think he got pretty good features from each hes adorable:)

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