Peter Andre Cares For The Kids While Katie Parties In Ibiza


Peter Andre, 36, was snapped out with his children, Harvey, 7, Junior, 4, and Princess Tiaami (Princess Tiaami will celebrate her second birthday on June 29th!) for lunch at Viale Restaurant before taking them to a nearby playground in Cyprus. (Harvey is Katie’s son with footballer Dwight Yorke)

Peter and Jordan, 31, (Katie Price) recently split after three and a half years of marriage.

Katie recently shared: “I’m doing really well, focusing on the kids, my work, keeping fit and moving forward – and after four years I’m no longer taking my anti-depressants. I’m in a really good place.”

Although Katie is feeling healthy, Peter has lost over 14lbs since the breakdown of the relationship. He said: “I am still reeling from everything that’s happening in my personal life, but I have to focus and stay really strong for the children. “My appetite is pretty small at the moment and I still weigh 14lbs less than I did a month ago. But I’m trying my very best to eat well and to exercise regularly.”

While Peter has been caring for the children, Katie has been indulging in a drinking and partying binge on the island of Ibiza.

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  1. onatear says

    I didn’t know they were breaking up! Is it true?? Harvey looks great, and has grown so much! It certainly looks as if Peter has turned out to be the better parent, but some of you always thought she was a great mother! What happened?

  2. L.Lodhi says

    I guess all people deal with breakups in their own way and it seems Katie is going out there and showing Pete that men still find her attractive. Maybe shes trying to make him jealous who knows. But I dont think lifting up ur dress showing ur pants and tits is the best way to do it. Ive watched their show and its showed Katie on her days off getting her hair and nails done while Pete would spend time with the kids. It portrays Katie as a selfish person and she puts alot of things above her children. Its a shame they are getting divorced but Im hoping Pete ends up getting custody of them rather then her.

  3. katie says

    I like this couple so much and hope they get back together. You people need to watch their show on YouTube.

  4. Daniella says

    I tip my hat off to this man. Not only is he making time to care for & spend valuable time with his own two children, but also Harvey whom he has no legal obligation to. Quite obviously, in Pete’s eyes, Harvey is like his own child. I commend him & the fact that he’s putting the children first. Bravo!

  5. DMITZ says

    Oh… and Katie is obviously so insecure about her looks which is why she is constantly fixing something. I think her partying is a way of showing Pete that even though she’s had 3 kids she can still get someone else. I think she wants Pete to see that her life goes on with or without him and that she can get someone faster than he can. So sad that she would rather do that then spend time w/her kids.

  6. DMITZ says

    Katie’s goods are plastered all over the Internet at the moment… she’s really coming off as a terrible mom and if she doesn’t care then she’s doing a good job of making that known! She keeps saying she’s focused on her kids but I all I’ve seen are pictures of her pole dancing or wrapped around some guy! I hope Peter has support from family and friends and I hope he meets someone who is willing to help him and the children cope from KP being a deadbeat. Did Pete adopt Harvey? KP should be ashamed of her self. I always knew she was a wh@re at heart and everyone knows you can’t turn a h@e into a housewife!

  7. Adele (UK) says

    Denise ~ The 2 youngest children are Peter’s, only Harvey is not his biological son but he always calls him his son.

  8. denise says

    he is a so much better parent then katie is. i watched their show all the time, and he is not connected at all with these children.
    i hope he will stay very active in all 3 kids life.

  9. Lauren says

    I was never a fan of Katie and Peter but after seeing these pix, I’m liking Peter more and more. He’s taking care of the children, even Harvey, who is Katie’s son from a previous relationship, but Peter has no qualms about caring for them. Katie sure has showed her true colors. Partying comes before children. Gah!!

  10. foxy says

    Im really starting to like pete it’s all about his kids inculding Harvey were as Jordan seems to be out and about getting drunk and sun bathing!

    shame he has to carry junior tho hes 4 let him walk! Hes older then my youngest by a few weeks and she walks everywhere!

  11. Adele (UK) says

    Peter is such a great Dad. He adores his kids so much, even Harvey & he isn’t his biological son.
    He can do so much better than Katie.

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