An Expectant Nicole Richie & Harlow Enjoy Shopping Spree At Acorn


An expectant Nicole Richie enjoyed a toy shopping spree with 17-month-old daughter Harlow at Acorn in Santa Monica.

“Harlow was so adorable and excited about playing in the store,” shared an eyewitness. While Harlow was busy hugging stuffed animals, Nicole was on the lookout for educational toys. “Nicole was amazing with Harlow and very soft-spoken and attentive,” said the shopper.

The mother-daughter duo left with several toys, including a magnetic tabletop easel, a doll house, and a bassinet for Harlow’s doll. Later, Nicole Tweeted about their fun shopping excursion, saying, “I know Joel Madden is going to make fun of me, but I found the BEST toy store today!”

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  1. Jessica says

    i dont think anyones hating on harlow. she’s just not that cute. she has a kind of weird nose. it would be lying to say that every child is adorable. but she seems like a sweetie, is always well dressed and her parents seem to be doing a good job with her. besides some of the most un-cute babies i have seen ( i used to work in an infant-toddler room) have grown up to be the most stunningly, gorgeous children/teens. (havent seen any of them grow past teen years yet)

  2. joueala says

    see..nicole is a good mother..and i would say she’s also down to earth LIKE jennifer garner..but people didnt notice it..why? because nicole is a fashionista and she doesnt have any daughter to pick up in school..

  3. Amanda says

    Jealous down everyone!, she’s a beautiful healthy baby. If you dont like Nicole please dont blame the innocent, Nico is fabulous and so is her daughter

  4. jennifer says

    STOP saying harlow is ugly !!!!!she is not shes a cute baby and i believe every child is a blessing. its nice to see that nicole is a good mother

  5. Lauren says

    Aahh….the cuteness that is Harlow Madden. I love this family! Can’t wait to see the newest Madden. (:

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