First Duggar Grandchild Will Be A Girl


Joshua, 21 – the oldest of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s 18 children of Tontitown, Ark. – and his wife, Anna, 20, are having a girl.

They learned the news on Monday’s Today show after Joshua cut into a cake that revealed pink layers. (Today’s Meredith Vieira was the only person — besides Anna’s doctor and the baker of the cake — to know the baby’s sex before airtime.)

“I’ve had a feeling this whole time it was going to be a girl,” Joshua said before learning the baby’s sex. “So that now I’m for sure it’s a boy.” Added Anna (who wed Joshua in September 2008), “I think it’s a boy, but a girl would be great.”

Joshua said they “don’t know” about any names yet but admitted, “We’ve talked about M’s.”

As for whether they’ll have a large brood, he said, “We’d be happy with two or three; I think children are a blessing, though. So we’re just thankful for the one that God has given us, and we’ll take ’em one at a time.”

“I’m feeling great,” Anna, who is due in October, said on the Today show. “We’ve been able to feel the baby move and kick, so that’s been a lot of fun.”

Being father is “different than just being an older brother,” Joshua said, adding that it comes with “a lot more responsibility.”

“I think you can prepare only in so many ways, but really just realizing that you’re going to be a role model for that child, and be able to be prepared as you can be to be able to take on that,” he said. “It’s an interesting experience, but I have great parents to look to.”

When the baby is born, Jim Bob and Michelle’s youngest girl Jordon won’t even be a 1-year old. So are they really ready to be grandparents?

“We’re really excited,” patriarch Jim Bob said, via satellite.

Added Michelle, “We’ve been dreaming about having grandbabies and now it doesn’t even seem possible that we’re at this point. It’s so exciting, and we are thrilled for Josh and Anna. They’re going to be great parents.”



  1. says

    The youngest Duggar baby is Jordyn-Grace Makiya….just thought it looked silly to write her name as Jordon with an “o” as printed above. It’ll be interesting if Michelle keeps having children even after she has grandchildren.

  2. Chantel says

    I watched part of their wedding special. Their vows included having “as many children as God sees fit to give them” (just like Josh’s parents say they are doing) so unless they are untrue to those vows and use birth control, they will have more than the 2 or 3 that they mentioned on the Today show.

  3. traveler says

    Not one of the Duggar kids have gone to college. The two oldest run a used car dealership and the older girls just stay at the house and help with the kids as far as I can tell. It’s kind of sad, but true. Hopefully, the younger ones will want to further their education, but so far, the parents haven’t had to shell out money for tuition.

    I’m glad that both mother and baby are healthy and that they’re excited, but was it necessary to waste air time on this drivel? They have a reality show. Couldn’t they have made this announcement on one of their episodes instead of horning in on the Today show? Not everyone who watches the Today show is a fan of their show or cares about the gender of their kid.

  4. LaLa says

    The father has real estate properties and of course now they have a reality show. The kids are home schooled so there is no tuition. Congrats to Josh and his wife.

  5. emma says

    If they want M they could call her

    Megan Michelle Duggar
    Matilda Michelle Duggar
    Madeline Michelle Duggar
    Mellisa Michelle Duggar
    Molly Michelle Duggar
    Maisey Michelle Duggar

  6. N says

    They have other business ventures besides the reality show. The kids are homeschooled. Also, Not all parents pay for their kids college tuition….

  7. Karen Browning says

    I’m not familar with with their story, just the basic detail. What kind of job does Jim Bob have that he can support 20 people and pay all of the school fees and college tutition for 18 children?

    I’m happy for Josua, but I wouldn’t recommend he follow in his parents footsteps.

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